If you love country music and cowboy boots, you might have thought about taking a trip to Nashville. Luckily for you, Tennessee’s capital is a great destination to find delicious, plant-based food. Check out these 10 vegan-friendly restaurants the next time you visit Nashville.

1. The Wild CowRaw vegan peanut butter bars with chocolate topping

The Wild Cow/Facebook


The Wild Cow is a popular vegetarian restaurant in Nashville, with plenty of vegan options. The menu includes items like Vegan Queso, which is served with salsa and tortilla chips, Chickpea Salad, Veggie Bowl, Peanut Tempeh Tacos, Veggie Burger, The Philly, and more. The popular Wild Reuben sandwich has grilled tofu or tempeh, sauerkraut, shredded carrots, thousand island dressing, and spicy mustard, on marble rye. If you can’t make it to Wild Cow, try making this Tempeh Reuben Sandwich instead.

The Wild Cow is located at 1896 Eastland Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37206.

2. Graze Beet slaw and vegan butternut squash soup with cream

Graze Nashville/Instagram

Graze is a plant-based bistro and bar with a large variety of vegan options. The menu consists of small plates, entrees, salads, sandwiches, burritos, wraps, sides, juices, smoothies — there really is something for everyone! Try the Hot Tempeh Sandwich, which consists of tempeh tossed in hot chicken spices with ranch, spinach, cucumbers and red onion, and is served on a fresh baguette. If you’re looking for your own sandwich to try at home, take a look at this Tempeh Tomato Herb Sandwich.


Graze is located at 1888 Eastland Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee.

3. AvoVegan Salad with fruit

Avo Nashville/Style Blue Print

If you are looking for a plant-based eatery that uses locally sourced ingredients, try Avo! The menu has entrees like Smashed Avo Toast, Kale Cesar, Pad Thai, Squash Bowl, Mushroom Reuben and more. You can also try the Mushroom Tartare Toast, which is toast topped with portobello mushrooms, pickled mushroom seed, capers, and cashew spread. And if you’d like to get creative with toast at home, try making this Red Curry Mushroom Toast.

Avo is located at 3 City Boulevard #200, Nashville, Tennessee.


4. Coco GreensVegan Tuna Wrap & a bowl of Tortilla Soup

Coco Greens/Instagram

Coco Greens in Nashville serves a variety of options for plant-eaters to choose from. The menu includes a Kale and Avo Salad with kale, avocado, red onions, pecans, orange, and lemon basil vinaigrette. You can also order also the house guacamole, which comes with fresh carrots and cucumbers for dipping! You could always try one of their smoothies or cold-pressed juices, too! If you can’t make it to Coco Greens, try making this Mesquite-Avocado Kale Salad.

Coco Greens is located at 212 Louise Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37203.

5. The Southern VVegan chicken and waffles with maple syrup

The Southern V/Instagram

The Southern V is serving up 100 percent plant-based comfort food, in a casual setting. The menu has a variety of items, like a Hot Chicken Biscuit, waffles, cupcakes, donuts, macaroni and cheese, barbecue, and more! They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as delicious desserts! The Southern V is temporarily closed until March, so while you wait, try making these Biscuits and Sausage Gravy.

The new Southern V location will be at 1200 Buchanan Street, Nashville, Tennessee.


6. Woodlands


If you love Indian cuisine, check out Woodlands, which serves vegetarian Indian food. The menu includes popular Indian favorites like Sambar Soup, Samosas, Potato Bonda, Onion Pakora, Chili Pakora, Fried Rice, Hakka Noodle, and more. You could also order a Masala Dosa, a traditional South Indian crepe stuffed with spiced potatoes. If you’re looking for an Indian recipe to try at home, take a look at these Onion Pakoras With Avocado Dipping Sauce.

Woodlands is located at 3415 West End Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37203.

7. Two Boots Nashvillevegan pizza with vegetables

Two Boots Pizza/Instagram

For delicious vegan pizza head over to Two Boots! The menu has a number of vegan pizza options, like the Earth Mother, a variety of vegetables and marinara sauce on a whole wheat Sicilian crust. You could also order the V For Vegan, which has artichokes, red onions, shiitake mushrooms, sweet red pepper pesto, basil pesto, and vegan cheese. You could also create one of your own plant-based pizzas however you want it! If you can’t make it to Two Boots, try making this Spiralized Potato Crust Pizza With Kale Pesto.

Two Boots is located at 1925 Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee.

8. Grins Vegetarian CafeVegan fried food with purple cabbage

Grins Vegetarian Cafe/Instagram

Grins Vegetarian Cafe is a cute little cafe where almost everything on the menu can be made vegan! They have an abundance of options to choose from, including wraps, sandwiches, tacos, and paninis. Try the popular Superfood Wrap, with avocado, quinoa, edamame, spinach, carrot, tomoato, cucumber, and red cabbage, all stuffed inside of a wheat tortilla. You can also order the Breakfast Tacos, which are filled with scrambled tofu, veggie chorizo, pico de gallo, salsa verde, and cashew lime-crema. Even if you can’t make it to Grins Vegetarian Cafe, you can still try making these Tofu Scramble and Pulled Portobello Breakfast Tacos.

Grins Vegetarian Cafe is located at 2421 Vanderbilt Place, NashvilleTennessee 37212.

9. Lynne Loraine’s Vegan waffles with raspberries, maple syrup

Lynne Loraine’s/Instagram

Lynne Loraine’s serves fresh pressed juices, smoothies, salads, and plenty of plant-based foods for breakfast and lunch. If you love smoothies, order the Purple Heart, with dragonfruit, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, banana, coconut, cinnamon, and almond milk. You can also try an acai bowl, sweet or savory avocado toast, a baked tofu wrap, and more. For a tasty tofu meal at home, look at this Oil-Free Lemon Baked Tofu.

Lynne Loraine’s is located at 1100 Fatherland Street, Suite 102, Nashville, Tennessee 37206.

10. Koko’s Artisan Vegan Ice Cream

KOKO’s Artisan Vegan Ice Cream/FaceBook

Koko’s is serving 100 percent plant-based and nut-free ice cream in Nashville. The base of the ice cream is made with organic coconut milk, organic evaporated cane sugar, pink Himalayan salt, sour salt and organic Indian cluster bean. Koko’s is known for its unique and creative flavors like Orange Ginger Snap, Vanilla Cherry Bomb, and Cuban Dark Roast. If you’re looking for a plant-based ice cream fix at home, there’s always this Caramel Apple Nice Cream Sundae.

Koko’s Artisan Vegan Ice Cream is located at 729 Porter Road, Nashville, Tennessee.

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