These vegan crisps and crumbles will be some of the best you’ve ever tried! Crisps and crumbles both consist of sweet baked fruits, but the difference between the two lies in their names. Crisps have a crispy topping and usually contain oats, while crumbles have a crumbly topping that consists of flour, sugar, and fat (in our case, oil or vegan butter). Cooked fruit is so delightful because it becomes sweet and caramelized. Combined with the crispy or crumbly sweet topping, vegan crisps and crumbles make such a fabulous dessert for the holidays. They are great for feeding a crowd and are not very complex to make, so you won’t need to stress over it too much. Your guests will adore these vegan crisps and crumbles!

1. Almond Peach Crisp

almond peach crisp

Source: Almond Peach Crisp


This Almond Peach Crisp by Tara Sunshine is super easy to make and tastes as delicious as it looks! It’s also gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and paleo! The grain-free topping is more dense than a traditional crumble. Part rolled oats could be used in place of the desiccated coconut and almond flour (e.g. omit the coconut and use 1 cup oats plus 1/2 cup almond flour plus 1/2 cup sliced almonds plus the remainder of the topping ingredients). It’s all up to you! Whatever you choose, you have to try making this almond peach crisp –– it will definitely be a crowd pleaser at any family holiday party!

2. Mixed Berry Crisp

vegan crisps and crumbles

Source: Mixed Berry Crisp

This vegan Mixed Berry Crisp by Kristina Humphreys could not be any easier to make, and it’s crazy delicious. When the berries are warmed, they become softened and extra juicy, and their tart flavor is glazed in a sweet sauce. This tasty berry mixture melds with a golden brown topping that is sweet and buttery with a slightly crumbly texture that melts in your mouth. The combination of tart, sweet, and salty flavors creates a delectable treat that can be quickly whipped up and baked with minimal ingredients.

3. Blueberry Crisp

vegan crisps and crumbles

Source: Blueberry Crisp


Looking for a fresh and easy summer dessert? Then look no further, this Blueberry Crisp by Harriet Porterfield is light, gluten free, easy to prepare and contains just 7 ingredients! Bursting with fresh blueberries and encased in a nutty and buttery pecan oat crust, it’s a magical combination of flavors. Serve with dairy free vanilla ice cream for a mouthwatering dessert, or enjoy with dairy free yoghurt for a yummy breakfast. A real crowd pleaser that will be gone before you know it!

4. Apple Crisp

vegan crisps and crumbles

Source: Apple Crisp

Mind-blowingly delicious and easy to make. Serve this tasty Apple Crisp dessert by Laine Rudolfa with warm with ice cream and all the hearts will be yours!!

5. Strawberry Shortcake Crisp

Strawberry Shortcake Crisp

Source: Strawberry Shortcake Crisp


In this recipe, strawberry shortcake is reinvented as a baked crisp with a crumbly date sugar topping and a warm, gooey strawberry center. Crisp-ifying this classic dessert means it takes less effort to build, less time to bake, and as such, there’s less time waiting before digging in. Try this Strawberry Shortcake Crisp by Shanna Laychuk!

6. Pear and Apple Crisp

Pear and Apple Crisp

Source: Pear and Apple Crisp

There’s nothing like a nice warm, crisp pie filled with deliciously sweet fruit. This Pear and Apple Crisp by Jessica Bose is great all year round, and it pairs perfectly with your favorite dairy-free ice cream!

7. Cinnamon Apple Crisp Muffins

Cinnamon Apple Crisp Muffins [Vegan]

Source: Cinnamon Apple Crisp Muffins

Cinnamon Apple Crisp Muffins by Ginny McMeans are a different way to serve up the classic crisp! They have a sweet cinnamon crunch topping that will remind you of streusel but they don’t need the extra work.

8. Chocolatey Pear Crisp

Chocolatey Pear Crisp [Vegan]

Source: Chocolatey Pear Crisp


This Chocolatey Pear Crisp by Charlie Rioux is sweet, juicy, chocolatey and full of flavor. It definitely hits the spot as an actual full-blown dessert. The cacao butter gives it a rich, chocolate flavor that makes even small portions very satisfying!

9. Protein Apple Berry Crumble

vegan crisps and crumbles

Source: Protein Apple Berry Crumble

Vegan Protein Apple Berry Crumble by Vicky Coates is the perfect Autumn or Winter dessert––it’s cozy, comforting, cinnamon-spiced & absolutely irresistible! This isn’t however a standard crumble recipe. This is a healthy, refined sugar and gluten free crumble with added protein. You are going to love it!

10. Berries and Plum Crumble

Vegan Berries and Plum Crumble with vanilla ice cream

Source: Berries and Plum Crumble

Crispy Berries and Plum Crumble by Kristina Jug & Mitja Bezenšek is an easy and delicious vegan dessert that makes excellent use of fruit you have rolling around. Now, if you don’t happen to have summer fruit at hand, this totally works with apples as well, or even frozen berries.

11. Strawberry Crumble Cookies With Vanilla Bean Glaze

Vegan Strawberry Crumble Cookies With Vanilla Bean Glaze

Source: Strawberry Crumble Cookies With Vanilla Bean Glaze

These Strawberry Crumble Cookies With Vanilla Bean Glaze by Angelina Papanikolaou have a buttery base and topping, fresh strawberries, and sweet vanilla bean glaze! So easy and so tasty!

12. Healthy Peach Jam Crumble Bars

Vegan Healthy Peach Jam Crumble Bars

Source: Healthy Peach Jam Crumble Bars

Healthy Peach Jam Crumble Bars by Hayley Canning with a Crumb Topping made with all vegan and gluten-free ingredients for an delicious fruity dessert! The texture of these is perfect, chewy but soft in the centre. They have an oaty base, a peach jam centre and a crumb topping. So delicious!

13. Blueberry Walnut Crumble Bars

Blueberry Walnut Crumble Bars [Vegan]

Source: Blueberry Walnut Crumble Bars

Wholesome Blueberry Walnut Crumble Bars by Caroline Doucet made with walnuts, oats, dates and a few other basic ingredients. Have them for a quick breakfast, snack or serve with ice cream for dessert.

14. Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Source: Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

This simple Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble by Mitra Shirmohammadi is sweet, tart, and wonderfully light. It’s also a great go-to for dinner parties or holidays. You can even make it a day or two before, store in the fridge, take it out a few hours before the guests arrive, and bake right before serving dinner. It’s always a crowd pleaser, especially when served warm with a scoop of dairy-free vanilla ice cream.

15. Apple and Sunflower Seed Crumble

vegan crisps and crumbles

Source: Apple and Sunflower Seed Crumble

Apple and cinnamon are a flavor match made in heaven! The tart sweetness of the apple compliments the intense aromatics of the cinnamon, leaving a sensation of a warm winters sun dancing on the taste buds. Try this Apple and Sunflower Seed Crumble by Taryn Fitz-Gerald!

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