Cheese lovers, rejoice! Why? Because it’s National Cheese Lover’s Day! What better way to celebrate than with some of the most delicious, creamy, tangy cheeses you will ever taste. Enjoy all of your favorite cheeses, but without the dairy by making these plant-based recipes from the Food Monster App.

1. Baked Almond Feta

Crumbly topping, tangy spread. Opportunities abound with this Baked Almond Feta. The richness of almonds and refreshing taste of lemon add a nice finish to pastas, and salads, a flavourful base for sandwiches, or a topper for crackers and baguette slices. When this baked almond based feta is around you’ll find yourself adding it to everything. It has a way of making good things great. To top it all off, it’s easy to make!


2. Herbed Crusted Cashew Provolone Cheese

This mild Herbed Crusted Cashew Provolone Cheese has a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture. It’s easy to slice and also soft enough to spread. You don’t have to miss cheese on a plant-based diet!

3. Cashew Herb Cheese

This Cashew Herb Cheese is easy to make with only a few ingredients! In a lot of the cheeses you get in supermarkets, you have tons of oil and starch, but hardly any protein. But this spreadable vegan herb cheese has all the nutrients from cashews nuts and a lot of protein

4. American Cheese Slices

The same classic American Cheese taste you grew up with: mild, firm, and satisfying. This creamy, golden-hued cheese is perfect sliced on sandwiches and crackers.

5. Gorgonzola

The salty flavor and strong bite of the classic Italian blue cheese is captured beautifully in this superb tofu-based cheese. You’ll love the pungent, tangy flavor of this vegan variety. Impress your guests by serving this beauty as part of a cheese plate with fruit and crackers or crumbled on top of a pear and arugula salad.


6. Sliceable Potato Cheese

This incredible, Sliceable Potato Cheese is the perfect thing to put on your sandwiches, to serve with crackers, or just eat it on its own – it’s that tasty. The potatoes and carrots form the bulk of this cheese and they are blended smooth with a savory array of spices and then simmered with a bit of agar agar to give the cheese its firm texture.

7. Triple Peppercorn Cheese

Wake up your taste buds with this fragrant, spicy Triple Peppercorn Cheese. Creamy and delightful, it is delicious on its own, crumbled on a salad, or to add a gentle kick to your morning bagel.


8. Camembert

If you love creamy, earthy French cheese with a bloomy rind, you’ll love this vegan Camembert. Similar to Brie, Camembert is a nutty cheese but has deeper earthy undertones. Slice this fragrant cheese over a piece of crusty baguette or present it as part of your next cheese platter for ultimate enjoyment.

9. Sliceable Zucchini Cheese and Spreadable Nacho Cheese

This is a two-in-one recipe! First up we have a delicious Sliceable Zucchini Cheese. Yep, you heard right! It’s a beautiful pale green, and it tastes absolutely delicious on crackers. Then, we have a creamy, dreamy orange Spreadable Nacho Cheese that you can dip chips and veggies in, or use as a sauce for mac and cheese! The possibilities are endless!


10. Spicy Jalapeño Cheese

There’s only one thing better than cheese – spicy cheese. This Spicy Jalapeño Cheese recipe combines a fiery mixture of spices with various peppers and a bit of chickpea flour into a stunningly tasty cheese. Plus, this cheese is lighter (and cheaper) than your usual, nut-based vegan cheeses.

11. Sliceable Cashew Cheese

If you’re vegan and you’re craving cheese, you gotta try this easy Sliceable Cashew Cheese. Super simple, can be whisked under an hour. Set to perfection, you can slice this, grate it, melt this, there is no oil in this and made from all natural ingredients. 7 ingredients (without counting water in) Best part of all, completely soy-free.

12. Raw Creamy Cheese

If you have been to France, we don’t have to remind you about how much cheese there is – every menu, fridge, and supermarket shelf has the most unbelievable choice of cheeses…except the raw vegan variety. This Raw Creamy Cheese recipe has the creaminess of cream cheese and the tanginess of cottage cheese and is so divine it’s hard to believe there are only 3 simple ingredients!

13. Raw Spiced Cashew Cheese

Besides the cashew soaking process, this Raw Spiced Cashew Cheese is a breeze to make! Simply blend the ingredients, shape it, and wait a few hours until your cheese is dense and ready to be spread. Add some extra flavor (and color) by coating your cheese in your favorite spices, red pepper, rosemary, and turmeric all add a gorgeous color and taste.

14. Hazelnut Cheese

You’ve seen plenty of cashew cheeses and almond cheeses, but today we want to introduce you to Hazelnut Cheese! Sure, there are plenty of plant-based cheeses on the market, but they can be quite pricy and have additives or ingredients that you might want to steer clear of. You can easily make this “dairy” product at home using just 4 ingredients. It is creamy, soft, and super spreadable; you will want to put a layer of it on everything.

15. Naturally Fermented Cashew Herb Chevre

Cheese, cheese, cheese … It’s one of the things people miss the most when transitioning to a plant-based diet. Learning how to make your own vegan cheeses is a great skill to have up your sleeve! This Naturally Fermented Cashew Herb Chevre is easy to make, contains healthy probiotic strains of bacteria and is great with crackers. Here, it’s paired with chives and fresh herbs, plus a recipe for homemade apple pear compote!


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Lead image source: Raw Spiced Cashew Cheese