Diwali is a four or five day festival of lights that begins on October 27th this year! It is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists. People clean their houses, wear new clothes, decorate their homes, exchange gifts, and eat a lot of food (especially sweets!) If you’re looking for some vegan Indian recipes for Diwali or if you just want to try more Indian cuisine, we are here for you! This roundup is full of delicious vegan Indian foods from kheer to idlies. Whatever you’re craving this Diwali, we’ve got something for you!

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Check out these 15 vegan Indian recipes for Diwali!

1. Pumpkin Halwa Puff Pastry Tarts

Pumpkin Halwa Puff Pastry Tarts 3

Source: Pumpkin Halwa Puff Pastry Tarts

Pumpkin Halwa is a traditional Indian dessert that is essentially mashed pumpkin spiced with saffron and sugar. This recipe for takes this tasty pumpkin dessert and nestles it into a tiny puff pastry. These little Pumpkin Halwa Puff Pastry Tarts by Tina Dawson are perfect party treats.

2. Vedic Sesame Ladoos

ayurvedic sesame ladoos

Source: Vedic Sesame Ladoos


Sesame seeds are a big part in all the auspicious occasions, rituals, marriage ceremonies in India as they hold religious and mythological importance. Per Ayurveda, sesame seeds contain four of the six rasas (tastes): sweet, bitter, astringent and pungent. The biggest reward you get by including sesame seeds in your diet, it balances and pacifies your vata dosha. Eating raw sesame seeds increases pitta and kapha doshas, but if we dry roast the sesame seeds on a low flame it balances all three doshas! Try these Vedic Sesame Ladoos by Akshata Sheelvant––you’ll love them!

3. Samosa Pie

samosa pie

Source: Samosa Pie


Do you love samosas? Wait until you try this Samosa Pie by Tara Binder!

4. Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun 

Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun 


A rustic sweet from the Bengali kitchen, these are sweet potato doughnuts or gulab jamuns stuffed with a coconut, fried and soaked in cardamom scented syrup. This recipe for Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun by Rinku Bhattacharya is absolutely fantastic!

5. Cauliflower Pakora

Cauliflower Pakoras

Source: Cauliflower Pakora

These are crispy on the outside and the cauliflower is not too soft inside. Just pair these Cauliflower Pakoras by Maryke Wylde with some mango chutney and you have a wonderful side dish or appetizer!

6. Besan Barfi (Chickpea Flour Fudge) 

Besan Barfi (Chickpea Flour Fudge)

Source: Besan Barfi (Chickpea Flour Fudge) 

Besan, or chickpea flour, is such a favorite ingredient when it comes to sweets. But is always requires a lot of ghee to get that beautiful flavor. In this recipe for Besan Barfi (Chickpea Flour Fudge) by Namita Tiwari, ghee (clarified butter) was replaced by coconut oil. The Barfi sets well and is chewy and fudgy. It is definitely a keeper’s recipe as it is quick to make and ideal when sweet cravings are to be satiated or if you have guests over.

7. Mauritian Dholl Puri 

Mauritian Dholl Puri

Source: Mauritian Dholl Puri 


Dholl puri is Mauritian protein packed dish – lentil stuffed flatbread served with white bean curry and various other toppings is a very popular street food. You have to try this Mauritian Dholl Puri by Pavani Nandula!

8. Date and Peanut Laddu: Indian Date and Peanut Balls

Date and Peanut Laddu: Indian Date and Peanut Balls

Source: Date and Peanut Laddu: Indian Date and Peanut Balls

Laddus are small balls that are mildly sweet, buttery, and definitely addictive. These particular laddu are made with roasted peanuts, soft dates, and a splash of vegetable oil. These Date and Peanut Laddu: Indian Date and Peanut Balls by Namita Tiwari are amazing!

9. Instant Pot Idlis (Steamed Rice Lentil Cakes) with Coconut Chutney 

idlis: steamed rice lentil cakes with coconut chutney

Source: Instant Pot Idlis (Steamed Rice Lentil Cakes) with Coconut Chutney 

A traditional south Indian breakfast, idlis are a steamed rice lentil cake. They are traditionally made by fermenting rice and lentils. Once you have the batter made, these idlis can be on the table in 15 minutes! For this recipe you do need an instant pot and an idli stand, which you can find at an Indian grocery store or online. This recipe for Instant Pot Idlis (Steamed Rice Lentil Cakes) with Coconut Chutney by Vegetarian Indian Cooking with Your Instant Pot will make enough batter for two batches – you can store the batter in the fridge for three to four days!

10. Quinoa Mango Kheer 

Quinoa Mango Kheer

Source: Quinoa Mango Kheer 

This Quinoa Mango Kheer by Nikki and Zuzana is a vegan take on a classic Indian pudding. Kheer is an Indian dessert, similar to rice pudding. Traditionally it’s made with rice that is cooked in milk that’s flavored with cardamon and saffron. It’s creamy, rich and a delight for the taste buds – however it’s a special treat. This Quinoa Mango Kheer, however, is a lot lighter and can be enjoyed as a breakfast or mid day snack. It’s made with quinoa, coconut milk, and traditional spices, then topped with fresh mango and shredded coconut. The awesome news is that it’s nutritious and healthy, while still maintaining is delicious taste and creamy texture. This Quinoa Mango Kheer doesn’t require any special cooking skills as it is simple and easy to make – plus it can be made in just few minutes. You have to try it!

11. Murmura Laddoo (Puffed Rice and Jaggery Balls)

Murmura Laddoo (Puffed Rice and Jaggery Balls)

Source: Murmura Laddoo (Puffed Rice and Jaggery Balls)

These Murmura Laddoo (Puffed Rice and Jaggery Balls) by Namita Tiwari are such a nice crunchy treat! Give these little balls a try and you may have a new favorite go to snack.

12. Paneer Tikka Masala

Paneer Tikka Masala

Source: Paneer Tikka Masala

This vegan Paneer Tikka Masala recipe by Pavithra Kannan is full of flavor. Tikka masala is a popular North Indian entrée that is usually served with naan and basmati rice. The most popular kind of tikka masala is chicken tikka masala, so much so it is the national dish of Britain. Vegans, you don’t have to feel left behind, here’s an equally tasty, healthy and authentic tofu tikka masala for you, I promise you won’t miss the chicken. Paneer is Indian cottage cheese which doesn’t melt at high temperatures and extra firm tofu replaces paneer beautifully in this vegan Paneer Tikka Masala recipe. Don’t get intimidated by the list of spices, the beauty and flavor of authentic Indian food is in the variety of fragrant spices. Also here’s a tip for beginners, buy the spices from the bulk section of your local grocery stores. Some of them even carry organic spices in bulk, it’s cheaper, fresher and is not going to clutter your pantry. Enjoy this Tofu tikka masala with a side of naan and fragrant basmati rice, make sure to stock on enough Malbec to wash it all down.

13. Sooji Halwa: Indian Semolina Dessert 

Sooji Halwa: Indian Semolina Dessert b

Source: Sooji Halwa: Indian Semolina Dessert 

Sooji halwa is a popular dessert across India, where it is also called rava sheera or rava kesari. It is made by combining sooji, or semolina, with clarified butter, sugar, nuts, and cardamom. Here, clarified butter is replaced with melted vegan butter and it’s topped with a mixture of raisins, almond, and walnuts. While it is often made for special occasions like Diwali, sooji halwa needs no reason to be made — it’s great for whenever you’re craving a quick, sweet treat. You have to try this Sooji Halwa: Indian Semolina Dessert by Yana Chistyakova!

14. Spicy Chipotle Onion Pakoras

Spicy Chipotle Onion Pakoras

Source: Spicy Chipotle Onion Pakoras

These Spicy Chipotle Onion Pakoras by Jenny Mustard are super yummy and yet ridiculously healthy. Breaded with chickpea flour, these only look heavy. They’re actually nice and light, and go wonderfully on top of salad. Alternatively, you can serve these as an appetizer with some vegan mayo to balance out the spice.

15. Gulab Jamun Cake

gulab jamun cake

Source: Gulab Jamun Cake

This cake is not just beautiful to look — it tastes amazing, too. It starts with a simple, moist base of vanilla cakes flavored with cardamom to give it Indian flair. Then, it is decorated with vegan gulab jamun, brushed with jamun syrup, and decorated with saffron and rose-flavored coconut whipped cream. This amazingly decadent Gulab Jamun Cake by Pavani Nandula is the perfect centerpiece at any festivity.

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