When it comes to Thanksgiving, there is a whole world of seasonal desserts options besides your typical pumpkin pie. This Thanksgiving, bring a dish that gets your family’s attention and is so delicious it will become a new tradition in your family.

We went through our archives on the Food Monster App so that you can steal the show when it’s dessert time at your Thanksgiving meal. You’ll be the hero for those who aren’t a fan of the classic Thanksgiving pie!


1. Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Source: Pumpkin Bread Pudding 

Enjoy a hefty scoop of warm Pumpkin Bread Pudding loaded up with fall spiced coconut whipped cream! Raisins are mixed into this recipe for a more classic bread pudding feel. Pumpkin has a way of complimenting so many different additions, so get creative and make this recipe by Grethen Price your own.

2. Red Velvet Brownies Beet-Free Red Velvet Brownies With a Three-Ingredient Frosting

Source: Red Velvet Brownies

If you’ve been dying for vegan red velvet but don’t like beets, this is your recipe. These Brownies by Jasmine Briones use dragon fruit for the red coloring and are moist, balanced, and delicious with some great chocolate icing to finish them off.


3. Ginger Orange Whoopie Pies 

Source: Ginger Orange Whoopie Pies 

Yippee for whoopie pies! This classic sandwich dessert just got a lot more interesting. The cakey cookies are infused with ginger and cinnamon. Spread generously between them is a rich, buttercream icing that has plenty of zesty orange flavor. Jessica Bose‘s Ginger Orange Whoopie Pies are a lighter, citrus-infused take on the gingersnap cookie.


4.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake Pops 

Source: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake Pops

Simple grain-free, egg-free, and vegan cookie dough made is dipped in dairy-free chocolate to make Kat Condon‘s delicious Cake Pops. The dough is made from a blend of almond and tapioca flour, making it paleo-friendly as well. Perfect for a bite-sized treat.


5. Spiced Pumpkin Caramel Brownie Bites 

Source: Spiced Pumpkin Caramel Brownie Bites

Pumpkin, pumpkin spice, spiced pumpkin… honestly, we can’t get enough of it! The oat and almond butter base is topped by a date and crunchy peanut layer and then a spiced pumpkin layer. This Spiced Pumpkin Caramel Brownie Bites recipe by Pamela Higgins is the perfect sweet treat for the fall and winter that has no refined sugars.

6. White Chocolate Pumpkin Bark

Source: White Chocolate Pumpkin Bark With Candied Pecans 

Gabrielle St. Claire‘s White Chocolate Pumpkin Bark With Candied Pecans recipe is so easy, involves a handful of ingredients, has multiple textures, aesthetic appeal, looks fancy but is far from complex. The candied pecans sweetened with coconut sugar and no butter are the perfect topping for this seasonal treat. If you’re searching for that ideal fall concept to indulge in or simply need a quick and easy gift for friends and love ones, this is it!

7. Date-Sweetened Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes 

Source: Date Sweetened Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes 

‘Tis the season for pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING. These Cupcakes by Logan Dunn and Lexus Osman are light, slightly sweet, warming, and perfectly spiced with everyone’s favorite fall blend. Topped with a cashew-based maple cream “cheese” frosting, these bite-sized treats are sure to be a hit this autumn.


8. Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts With Maple Glaze 

Source: Pumpkin Spice Doughnut With Maple Glaze 

A festive, vegan doughnut recipe great to dip in a warm cup of coffee after your heavy meal. Enjoy the seasonal flavors in Jessica Bose‘s Pumpkin Spice Doughnut With Maple Glaze without eating a single bite of pie.

9. Autumn Apple and Pear Hasselback Fruit Platter

Source: Auutumn Apple and Pear Hasselback Fruit Platter

Kristina Todini‘s Hasselback Fall Fruit Platter with baked apples and pears with homemade maple granola is a perfect seasonal autumn fruit pickable platter. If you’re not familiar with the culinary term “hasselback”, it means to thinly slice a vegetable or fruit about 75% of the way to keep it’s full form but also expose thin slices of its interior. It’s a culinary technique most commonly used for preparing potatoes but also can be used for other vegetables and fruit.

10. White Chocolate Pumpkin Cookie Dough Balls 

Source: White Chocolate Pumpkin Cookie Dough Balls

Gabrielle St. Claire‘s White Chocolate Pumpkin Cookie Dough Balls recipe screams fall, has aesthetic appeal, can be thrown together in no time, can easily be made in bulk, requires minimal ingredients, is non vegan approved, and is a game changer! A delicious, bite-sized snack full of your favorite fall flavors.

11. Chocolate Swiss Roll

Source: Chocolate Swiss Roll

This vegan, gluten-free Chocolate Swiss Roll by Kirsten Kaminski is not only much healthier than the original you might recall from your childhood, but also extremely tasty! It is refined sugar-free and naturally sweetened thanks to the use of dates and maple syrup. With a crunchy chocolate shell on the outside, a soft chocolate dough beneath, and a creamy coconut filling, it is the perfect combination for a heavenly treat!

12. Ginger-Spiced Pear Upside Down Cake Ginger-Spiced Pear Upsidedown Cake

Source: Ginger-Spiced Pear Upside Down Cake

Erin Beccia‘s Ginger-Spiced Pear Upside Down Cake is comforting with a touch of class. It is spicy, yet nourishing and the combination of ginger and pear is stellar. There’s no better way to impress your guests this than presenting them with an elegant pear upside down cake!

13. Salted Tahini Caramel 

Source: Salted Tahini Caramel

Melanie Sorrentino‘s Salted Tahini Caramel is a humble dessert and easy to make. Throw everything in a food processor and you’re 99 percent of the way done. The rest is just waiting for the caramel to set in the freezer. These have the best texture and richest flavors. Perfect to cut into bite-size pieces for when you’re craving something sweet!

14. Butterscotch Pudding With Candied WalnutsButterscotch Pudding

Source: Butterscotch Pudding With Candied Walnuts 

Fabio Gallo‘s Butterscotch Pudding is a simple, easy, and quick dessert that will look great at the end of a meal. The creamy butterscotch pudding is made from soy milk and brown sugar and then topped with some homemade candied walnuts.

15. Chai Cake With Cinnamon Buttercream Chai Cake

Source: Chai Cake With Cinnamon Buttercream

Jessica Bose‘s elegant Chai Cake is vibrantly spiced, simple, and delicious. The chai batter is airy, perfumed with just a hint of sweetness, and then topped with a luxuriously decadent cinnamon buttercream frosting and studded with roasted walnuts. This cake can be served with a casual cup of coffee or at the end of a formal dinner.

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