Ready, set, recipes! Here are our just published, fresh-out-the-mill recipes in one convenient place! These are the top vegan recipes of the day, and are now a part of the thousands of recipes on our Food Monster App! We have cake, drinks, and salad, so if you’re looking for something new and delicious, you are sure to find a new favorite!

1. Coconut Layer Cake 

Vegan Coconut Layer Cake

Source: Coconut Layer Cake 


The combination of moist coconut cake, orange scented buttercream and a light chocolate filling is just out of this world delicious! This Coconut Layer Cake  by Gretchen Price is simply delicious!

2. Basil Pesto 

Basil Pesto Vegan

Source: Basil Pesto

Traditionally, pesto is made with pine nuts and the flavor of it is amazing. However, pine nuts are simply too expensive, so walnuts make a good substitute for flavor and for the pocketbook! Try this Basil Pesto by Ashley Smyczek out and if you’ve got your own basil plant, this will definitely be a recipe you’ll want on hand!

3. Vinegar Slaw 

Vinegar Slaw  Vegan

Source: Vinegar Slaw


This Vinegar Slaw by Nita Ragoonanan is a simple recipe composed of basic ingredients you probably having around the house!

4. Wild Green Quinoa Salad 

Wild Green Quinoa Salad Vegan

Source: Wild Green Quinoa Salad

This Wild Green Quinoa Salad by Laine Rudolfa is highly adjustable. The base is made from quinoa, but you could also use bulgur or brown rice. As a staple green You can add any edible greens that you find in your garden or local area.

5. Fizzy Pink Grapefruit Lemonade 

Fizzy Pink Grapefruit Lemonade Vegan

Source: Fizzy Pink Grapefruit Lemonade


Just 3 ingredients: grapefruit, maple syrup and soda water. Yumm. So pleasant on a hot summer day. This Fizzy Pink Grapefruit Lemonade by Melissa Tedesco is simply delicious!

6. Ten-Minute Chia Jam 

Ten-Minute Chia Jam Vegan

Source: Ten-Minute Chia Jam


In this recipe for Ten-Minute Chia Jam by Julie Zimmer, the chia seeds and dates do all the work. They give your jam a naturally sweet taste and gelatinous texture. And, you can’t even taste the dates, only the fresh fruit. Be sure to use fruit that is ripe and sweet.

7. Grilled Corn Salad With Jalapeño and Avocado

Grilled Corn Salad With Jalapeno and Avocado Vegan

Source: Grilled Corn Salad With Jalapeno and Avocado

What’s fab about this Grilled Corn Salad With Jalapeno and Avocado by Gabrielle St. Claire is, everything! It’s quick, easy, affordable, packed with veggies, flavor, has texture, has heat, a little sweet, a lil smoky, is perf for any season, you can switch up the sauce base and use dairy free yogurt or sour cream, or omit altogether, it’s great for entertaining, amazing as a side dish or garnish on sandwiches or tacos, and is just an all around crowd pleaser!!

8. Flourless Chocolate Cookies

Source: Flourless Chocolate Cookies


If you’re craving a sweet treat, these Flourless Chocolate Cookies by Jessica Bose should be on your list to make! They’re easy and come together without much effort. They’re gluten-free, too!

9. Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins 

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins Vegan

Source: Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

These Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins by Taavi Moore are super fluffy and moist, and the perfect amount of lemon flavor that leaves you feeling refreshed and oh so satisfied.

10. Peanut Butter And Jelly Chia Pudding

Peanut Butter And Jelly Chia Pudding  Vegan

Source: Peanut Butter And Jelly Chia Pudding 

Who’s not a fan of the peanut butter and jelly combo right?! This Peanut Butter and Jelly Chia Pudding  by Vicky Coates is a healthy nutrient and protein packed chia seeds to make a powerhouse of a breakfast that is not only delicious but also vegan and gluten free. You can take this quick and easy recipe, whip it up in the evening and eat the chia pudding straight from the jar the next morning. You could even make a double batch and you’d have enough prepped for the whole week.

11. Strawberry Protein Pudding Breakfast Parfait 

Strawberry Protein Pudding Breakfast Parfait Vegan

Source: Strawberry Protein Pudding Breakfast Parfait

Strawberry Protein Pudding Breakfast Parfait by Kat Condon around with different flavors and ingredients and eventually settled on this super delicious strawberry version which is basically a blended chia pudding. to go with just the pudding until one morning I added the leftovers of one of the batches to my morning oats. BOOM! The once pudding recipe transformed into so much more.

12. Pineapple Scones 

Pineapple Scones Vegan

Source: Pineapple Scones

Start your day off with a breakfast that will make you feel classy and chic. Enjoy the summery flavor of these Pineapple Scones by Frugal Vegan along with some tea for optimal enjoyment. Getting a surprise chunk of pineapple in each crumbly bite adds the perfect jolt of sweetness!

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