The holiday season is a time for french toast, pancakes, doughnuts, hash browns and filling our plates! There’s something about festive themed breakfasts that puts a little extra pep in our step. Need some ideas to get you into the spirit? We got you covered. We browsed the Food Monster App and found some breakfast dishes that will make it feel like the most wonderful time of the year. Set aside your avocado toast (just for a second, although we obviously love avocado) and gives this recipes a try!

1. Nut and Fruit Breakfast Loaf

Breakfast breads are easy to make and the ingredients can encompass anything you’re craving or have on hand! If you’re looking for an effortless morning go-to that’s packed with everything from nuts, oats, carrots, to cranberries, you need this Nut and Fruit Breakfast Loaf.


2. Fluffy Oil-Free Sweet Potato Pancakes

There is nothing like flapjacks in the morning, right? These Fluffy Oil-Free Sweet Potato Pancakes are definitely a recipe you’re going to fall in love with! Made from oat flour and sweet potato purée, this yummy breakfast is not only gluten-free and free from refined sugar, it’s also oil-free!

3. Eggless Chickpea and Kale Quiche

This Eggless Chickpea and Kale Quiche recipe is guaranteed to give you a perfect quiche and with no eggs at all. The light, flaky crust is complemented by the savory, moist, egg-like filling and to top it all off, you’ll throw in some other vegetables to make this breakfast as healthy as it is delicious.

4. Sweet Potato Cranberry Pancakes

The perfect brunch for a festive morning: Sweet Potato Cranberry Pancakes, topped with a generous drizzle of maple pecan syrup.

5. Cinnamon Pecan Pumpkin Butter

Cinnamon Pecan Pumpkin Butter is a cross between a nut and fruit butter, with a creamy texture and rich flavors of pecans and maple syrup, reminiscent of pumpkin pie filling.


6. Easy Banana and Nutella Puff Pastries

These Easy Banana and Nutella Puff Pastries are most definitely a treat you won’t want to miss making. Only three ingredients which are easily accessible. Who wouldn’t want a pastry parcel filled with hazelnut chocolate spread with slices of banana?

7. Hash Brown Omelet

This Hash Brown Omelette is going to change the way you think about breakfast. The crispy shredded potatoes are perfectly spiced with garlic and onion powder and then stuffed with tender mushrooms and wilted spinach. Sounds amazing, but there’s more – this omelet is incredibly affordable and takes almost no time to throw together.


8. Gingerbread Scones

These gorgeous, spicy Gingerbread Scones are perfect to enjoy with your afternoon tea, filled with jam, vegan cream or vegan yogurt. Even though it’s only fall, it’s never too early to start enjoying festive food and flavors like gingerbread! The scones are simple and easy-to-make and you can rustle up a batch within 30 minutes.

9. Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodle Waffles

These Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodle Waffles are so soft and perfectly sweet and spiced! Healthy, grain-free, and naturally sweet. The banana flour gives such a great thick, dense, almost chewy texture. So perfect for waffles.


10. Braided Breakfast Calzone

This Braided Breakfast Calzone is perfect for any carb craving tofu scramble lovers. When breakfast meets lunch you know you’re in for a treat!

11. Pumpkin French Toast Casserole With Maple Whiskey

Impress your family at brunch with this easy vegan Pumpkin French Toast Casserole With Maple Whiskey. Prepare everything the night before, pop in the oven, and have your family wake up to the smell of warm French toast and caramel. This recipe is the perfect holiday breakfast or brunch dish or for any fall or winter weekend when you want to start your day off with a treat.

12. Polenta Frittata with Mushroom, Tomato, and Basil

This vegan Polenta Frittata With Mushroom, Tomato, and Basil is here to answer your savory breakfast prayers! Polenta mixed with spices, fresh cherry tomatoes, and white mushrooms are baked in the oven until crisp on the outside, and indescribably “eggy” on the inside. The end result was savory bliss that resembles egg frittata bakes.

13. Smoky Maple Breakfast Sausages

These sweet and Smoky Maple Breakfast Sausages are infused with warm spices and maple syrup. They can be served alongside pancakes or stuffed inside a hearty breakfast sandwich. You can even freeze them for later! Then the links can be defrosted and pan-fried whenever you’re craving some smoky-sweet breakfast sausages.

14. Apple Cinnamon Bars

Thick, gooey, and vegan Apple Cinnamon Bars are the best way to use all of your sweet apples this fall! Healthy, grain-free, and naturally sweetened. These bars are too good for you to overlook in the tornado of pumpkin goodies going around.

15. Roasted Herb and Tomato Quiche

This Roasted Herb and Tomato Quiche is a little more hands on but totally worth it, especially if you’re making it to share with someone special. Feel free to substitute roasted sunflower seeds instead of the pine nuts for a nut-free option (though I have not tested this version out). Fresh herbs and tomatoes shine in this summery breakfast, brunch or anytime dish.


Enjoy the holidays, and don’t forget to wear your stretchy pants pretty much all season. In need of some holiday dinner ideas? We got you covered with this Ultimate Vegan Christmas Menu.

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Lead image source: Easy Banana and Nutella Puff Pastries