When you’re pulling all-nighters studying for finals (which we don’t recommend – get some sleep!) you’ll definitely need something to get you through the stress and tiredness that comes from these tests. Nutrition and making time for meals may be difficult, so we’ve looked to our awesome bloggers for some tips on how to make sure you get a good snack in, even when you’re busy and struggling to find the time. These snacks are also dorm-friendly, meaning you can make them even if you don’t have a full kitchen. Check these recipes out and more on our Food Monster App!

1. Making the Most of Your Microwave

Image Source: Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake


Most dorms are equipped with a microwave, and they’re good for more than just popcorn! You’d be amazed at the amount of things that you can make in your microwave, including these tasty treats. It’s not too good to be true: you really can make a Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake from Melanie Sorrentino in your microwave! Just a few minutes until you have a snack that feels like the ultimate luxury.

It doesn’t stop there though! Microwaves are the master of quick snacks, as you can see in this 2-Minute Fluffy Vanilla Mug Cake from Hayley Canning. We understand that you’re too busy to take a break that’s any longer than that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make something tasty and delicious! We also know that you may not have many groceries on hand, and you don’t want to make something that requires a too many ingredients, which is why this 5-Ingredient Microwave Brownie from Michele Elizabeth is going to be your best friend.

2. Have Homemade Hummus on Hand!

Chipotle and Pumpkin Spiced Hummus

Image Source: Chipotle and Pumpkin Spiced Hummus

If you want to make something at the beginning of the week to keep stocked in your minifridge to reach for when you’re hungry and everything is closed, hummus is the answer to your problem. It keeps well, doesn’t take up much space, and is delicious! Not to mention that you can make it in a variety of flavors. For example, you can include a little spice and some seasonal flavors with this Chipotle and Pumpkin Spiced Hummus from Holly Bertone. You can get a good amount of veggies in your hummus for added nutrition as well, like in this Sun-Dried Tomato Zucchini Hummus from Olivia Budgen.


If you have an oven to use and you want to go to the next level with your hummus, roasting ingredients is always a great way to go. It adds some extra depth of flavor, and also just lets you get creative with your recipes. How about Erin Druga‘s Sweet Potato Hummus With Roasted Chickpeas? Or this Roasted Carrot Hummus from Amarilis Moldes.

3. Chill Out With a Cup of Ice Cream!

Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream

Image Source: 3-Ingredient Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream


Sometimes when you’re stressed and tired, you just need some comfort food and maybe something a little sweet to perk you up for another couple hours of studying. You may think that you’ll either have to buy store bought ice cream or own an ice cream machine, but that’s not the case! These plant-based ice cream recipes just require a freezer. If you don’t have one in your minifridge and you’re using a shared kitchen, make sure to label these beauties so that no one steals them (because trust us, they’ll want to)! Just look at this 3-Ingredient Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream from Jodi Burke. Who could resist?

Is chocolate not your thing? No problem, we’ve got so many other options. That’s the other good thing about ice cream – any flavor really will work! This Raw Peach and Vanilla Ice Cream from Christina Leopold will remind you of summer and brighten up your night. For a low number of ingredients but a high level of flavor, whip up this 4-Ingredient Pistachio Nice Cream from Aryane Héroux-Blais!


4. Bust the Boredom With These Bites!

Vegan Trail Mix Energy Bites

Image Source: Trail Mix Energy Bites

While sugar and caffeine seem like good quick fixes, a great way to get energy for your study sessions is nutritious little protein packed bites of goodness! Make these at the start of the week and grab them whenever you need a boost. These Trail Mix Energy Bites from Kat Condon will keep you going, and are also delicious! Kat also brings us a great recipe that fits with the season: Pumpkin Pie Protein Bites to give you a little protein bump when you need it most.

Speaking of high protein, these High-Protein Chocolate Chip Date Balls from Kimmy Murphy pack a powerful punch in a tiny package – and they taste like little chocolate chip cookies! Cashews and dates are our go-to snack whenever we’re feeling low energy, so we recommend trying these 5-Ingredient Cashew Date Energy Bites from Namita Tiwari. And who doesn’t love peanut butter in their snack? These Peanut Butter Snack Balls by Clémence Moulaert will feel more like a study reward than a healthy snack.

For more delicious recipes, download our Food Monster App. There you’ll find over 15,000 vegan and allergy-friendly recipes, many of which are great for helping you get through your finals. You can also check out our Blogger Tips Archives for more tips and tricks. Happy studying!

Lead Image Source: Trail Mix Energy Bites