The perfect pairing of sour and sweet, tart lime desserts are packed full of flavor and sure to be a favorite! From classic key lime pie to lime popsicles and everything in between, these 15 sour and sweet lime dessert recipes that we found on our Food Monster App are totally incredible. If you don’t believe us, check them out for yourself!

1. Raw Pistachio, Coconut, and Lime Cheesecakes

Raw Pistachio Coconut and Lime Cheesecakes 2

Image Source: Raw Pistachio, Coconut, and Lime Cheesecakes


These Raw Pistachio, Coconut, and Lime Cheesecakes from Tiana Haines are simple to make but contain a delightfully complex flavor. The lime is citrusy sweet, the pistachio is salty, and the coconut adds a nice tropical flair. Enjoy these straight out of the freezer for an icy treat or allow them to soften a bit for a creamy dessert. Either way, they’re delicious!

2. Mango, Lime, and Coconut Tart

Image Source: Mango, Lime, and Coconut Tart

Picture this: the weather is good, the sun is shining and you’re biting into a light, tropical Mango, Lime, and Coconut Tart from Rosie Newton and Dillon Sivyour. What better option to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours with a slice of raw, delicious tart? This tart is light with its sweet mango filling and fluffy coconut whipped cream topping.

3. Key Lime Sparkle Cookies

Key Lime Sparkle Cookies

Image Source: Key Lime Sparkle Cookies


These beautiful, buttery Key Lime Sparkle Cookies from Lisa Lotts are sweet and tart — just like their namesake pie. Topped with a white glaze and sprinkled with sparkly sugar, they look like the perfect lovely cookie. Fresh limes make all the difference in the world, so if you can use them, you absolutely must!

4. Mini Margarita Cheesecakes

Mini Margarita Cheesecakes [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

Image Source: Mini Margarita Cheesecakes

Full disclaimer — these Mini Margarita Cheesecakes from Sophia DeSantis are family friendly. Think of them as more “margarita inspired” than actually full of margarita. They’re also vegan, gluten-free, raw and completely delicious. They’ll be the hit of your next party, if they last long enough for the guests to arrive!

5. Raw Key Lime Pie

Image Source: Raw Key Lime Pie


This Raw Key Lime Pie from Phoebe Douglas is the ultimate treat! It’s raw, contains few ingredients , healthy, and delicious!

6. Raw Oil-Free Avocado Lime Tart

Raw Oil-Free Avocado Lime Tart 3

Image Source: Raw Oil-Free Avocado Lime Tart


This Raw Oil-Free Avocado Lime Tart from Heidi Turunen only contains a handful of ingredients and is quick and easy to make. Just look at that color! It’s all from beautiful fresh avocado, no artificial coloring added. You can go easy on lime, or go all out if you like more zing! The walnut-date crust is a hearty touch. Garnish with edible flowers or fruit for some nice presentation.

7. Blueberry Lime Layer Cheesecake

Image Source: Blueberry Lime Layer Cheesecake

Blueberry and lime is a winning flavor combo in this Blueberry Lime Layer Cheesecake from Emily Spain — they’re so complementary and only enhance each other’s flavor. You can add as must zest as you lime to really make the lime flavor shine. The crust, made from dates and nuts, tastes like a chewy cookie and it serves as the base for creamy, decadent cashew-based layers.

8. Key Lime Pie Smoothie Bowl

Key Lime Pie Smoothie Bowl

Image Source: Key Lime Pie Smoothie Bowl


This raw Key Lime Pie Smoothie Bowl from Mariko Sakata makes a perfect breakfast. The combo of banana, avocado, and dates makes it quite filling too. You get a crunch from the granola, the sweet, tangy and nutritious avocado custard smoothie, and coconut whipped cream!

9. Raw Kiwi Lime Cheesecake

Image Source: Raw Kiwi Lime Cheesecake

This recipe for Raw Kiwi Lime Cheesecake from Meghna Purandare is so simple but packed with zesty flavor and creamy texture! There is the wonderful tanginess of the lime and the kiwi, richness from the coconut milk, and nutrition from the super greens powder and the vegan protein powder.

10. Key Lime Pie Parfaits With Aquafaba Whipped Cream

Image Source: Key Lime Pie Parfaits With Aquafaba Whipped Cream

What’s better than key lime pie? Key Lime Pie Parfaits With Aquafaba Whipped Cream from Mindful Avocado of course! Graham cracker crust, lime curd, and aquafaba whip cream make up the layers of this parfait. They are subtle on the sweetness and citrus side, but are packed with flavor. You won’t believe how easy this dessert recipe is to make not to mention how delicious it is!

11. Avocado Coconut Lime Tartlets in Shortbread Crust

Vegan Avocado Coconut Lime Tartlets in Shortbread Crust with toasted coconut topping

Image Source: Avocado Coconut Lime Tartlets in Shortbread Crust

A rich, buttery, soft, filling in an equally buttery sweet crust. These vibrant Avocado Coconut Lime Tartlets in Shortbread Crust from Joni Marie Newman are perfect to bring to a brunch, picnic, or even to eat on the couch!

12. Mini Key Lime Pies

Vegan Gluten-Free Mini Key Lime Pies with lime zest topping

Image Source: Mini Key Lime Pies

The flavor of these Mini Key Lime Pies from Azucena Noriega is pretty similar to the traditional dessert, and because they are frozen, they are amazing for a quick treat. These mini pies a super healthy snack or dessert and are super simple!

13. Raw Matcha Lime Cheesecake

Matcha Lime "Cheesecake"

Image Source: Raw Matcha Lime Cheesecake

This Raw Matcha Lime Cheesecake from Mitra Shirmohammadi may look impressive, but it’s incredibly easy to make – we won’t tell if you don’t. Its date and pistachio crust is topped with a luxurious matcha and lime cheesecake filling. Garnish with a few limes, if you’re feeling really fancy.

14. 5-Ingredient Avocado Key Lime Pie Popsicles

Image Source: 5-Ingredient Avocado Key Lime Pie Popsicles

These 5-Ingredient Avocado Key Lime Pie Popsicles from Tori Cooper are a fun treat to fix for a quick snack or a fun dessert that you can feel good about giving the little ones. What’s the secret behind their unmistakably ice cream-like texture? The lime and syrup makes the perfect flavor balance in these and you won’t even think about the fact that it’s avocado you’re eating. A touch of salt and vanilla as optional ingredients because it helps bring out the other flavors and make these just a little bit more like eating a frozen slice of key lime pie on a stick!

15. No-Bake Key Lime Cheesecake

Image Source: No-Bake Key Lime Cheesecake

Summer is here, so that means key lime is about to pop on the scene! Enjoy this spin on the seasonal classic key lime pie. Unlike many other vegan cheesecake recipes, this No-Bake Key Lime Cheesecake from Gretchen Price can be made nut free. Instead of a cashew base, this cheesecake uses vegan cream cheese and agar agar. Bursting with lime flavor, this refreshing, creamy dessert is not one you want to miss!

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