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This amazing rescuer has looked over the “college colony” for years which is a group of stray cats that live in an abandoned dorm. The woman, @ratchetrobin thinks that the colony started when maybe a college student or students had animals in their dorm but abandoned them when they moved out. @ratchetrobin has a camera set up in the abandoned space so she can keep an eye on the colony and help the kitties in need.

One day, she saw something in her footage. A baby and mom cat were in the shot, and the poor kitten was eating when Robin noticed something. The poor kitten was kitting her back leg. “You can tell that it is in pain because it is not putting that leg down, not even to rest it and eat,” Robin said. She knew that she needed to get the kitty and that they would likely have to get her leg amputated.


Reply to @goodpuppyxo Found a kitten missing a paw. No luck totwy trapping. Mom was taunting me and wouldnt bring her baby to eat. #kittensoftiktok #animalrescue #tnr #fyp

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According to Robin, the cat could have had an injury that caused this, but it could also be genetic from being inbred. Then, just the next day, when Robin checked the overnight footage, she saw something that shocked her.

There was another kitten who was also missing a leg, which led her to believe it was likely a genetic issue rather than an injury, but she was not going to rule anything out.


Reply to @izzybelle_1133 two babies both missing their paws! 😢😭 #kittensoftiktok #tnr #adopt #rescueanimals #fyp

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Now calling them ‘tripod kitties’, one of the trappers with For The Cats’ Sake rescue, where Robin also works, attempted to catch the kittens but was unsuccessful. That’s when Robin decided that she was going to try to trap the kitties the next day.


Reply to @ragazzairlandese update. Tomorrow I hope to have babies in hand! We are going to try every trap ans trick in the book. #kittensoftiktok #tnr #adopt #fyp

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When they got back to the college dorm, they found the mother and one tripod kitty but didn’t see the other. They decided to try to get the kitten, but they had to leave the mother so that they weren’t leaving the other disabled tripod kitty out there all alone.

Finally, the tripod kitten entered the trap where the food was, but she was too light for the automatic door trap so they had to manually close the door behind her. When they got her in the car and looked at her leg, they noticed that it caused her no pain, which made them feel much better.


Reply to @olaf.and.bestfriends.6 part 1 of today! So excited eith what we got so far! #kittensoftiktok #tnr #animalreacue #adopt #tnr

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In an update, Robin said that they went back every single day to try to get the other tripod kitten to get her help, but the mother would not let them anywhere near the kitten. Now with tripod kitten number one in their care, they thought they should name him. She is now named Hiccup, thanks to TikTok suggestions. Hiccup is getting care and getting milk to get her up to a healthy weight.


Reply to @i_no_friends___ part 2! See how tripod baby #1 is doing. #kittensoftiktok #animalrescue #tnr #adopt #fyp

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Finally, after lots of hard work and 62 rescues, the amazing workers were able to end the college cat colony and save them all. The last cat that was saved was the mommy to the tripod kittens. When she got to the shelter, she was reunited with one of them and seemed so happy to be back together.


Replying to @elfen.kitty That’s a wrap on our college colony! Thank you all who watched, supported, and donated. But don’t go anywhere becuase you all know we’re already on to our next place to save. #animalrescue #adopt #catsoftiktok #tnr #fyp

♬ Music In Your Heart (Instrumental) – BLVKSHP

Thanks to For The Cats’ Sake, all of the cats were rescued and will live happy and loving lives.

For the Cats’ Sake is a 501(c)3 organization based in Rappahannock County, Virginia. To Donate to the rescue for all of their hard work, click here.

According to national estimates, approximately 6.3 million companion animals are abandoned and enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. In the U.S. alone, over 5.4 million cats are killed on the side of the road. If you happen to notice a cat on the side of the road, whether or not the animal is injured, safely put on the hazard lights and pull your car completely off the road before attempting to rescue them, says the Humane Society.

Here are the full rescue tips that just may come in handy one day, and while you’re at it, sign this petition to demand all states make all animal abuse a felony now!

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