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There is nothing that we love more than hearing the stories of incredible animal rescues, especially the stories that involve dogs. As Green Monsters, we are dog lovers through and through and know what it means to be a dog guardian. From the day we adopted our four-legged companions, they became our best friends, our most loyal listeners, and stead-fast play mate. We understand the unbreakable bond that exists between a dog and their guardian and we love to celebrate all the many ways that this bond shows itself.

Of all the incredible things that can come of the bond between dogs and their guardians (like awesome coordinated dance moves), one that we have noticed in many of our rescue stories is the amazing resilience of formerly abused dogs when they finally find their life-long guardians. No matter how deplorable their previous life circumstances may have been, dogs have the extraordinary ability to recover and to learn to trust and to love as if they’d never known fear or pain. Every dog deserves the chance to live a wonderful life filled with kisses and treats. To celebrate the many fantastic and kind humans who have rescued a dog and changed their lives, here are the before and after stories of 5 dogs that are sure to make your dog-loving heart happy.

1. Moxie

Moxie is a former puppy mill dog who spent 12 years used for breeding before he was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue. When Moxie was rescued his feet had been permanently damaged from standing on wire grates and he had lost all the teeth from his lower jaw. However, after being rescued and given the love and care he deserved he made a full recovery and is now an ambassador for National Mill Dog Rescue. Read Moxie’s entire story here.

Before/After Rescued Dogs

2. Samantha

This little dog was discovered chained to a post in the Bronx, abandoned and alone. Her rescuers were able to determine that Samantha had been used as a breeding dog and was greatly neglected by her former guardians. After being taken in by NYC’s Top Dog, Samantha was adopted into a forever home and is now happy as ever! Read Samantha’s entire story, here.

Before/After Rescued Dogs

3. Patrick

Patrick was rescued from a trash bag when he was just a small puppy. Completely emaciated and traumatized, Patrick’s road to recovery was long and hard. But Patrick’s story has an incredibly happy ending! After making a full recovery, Patrick was adopted into a forever home where he is now healthy and loving life. Read more about Patrick, here.

Before/After Rescued Dogs

4. Luke

Luke was abandoned by his family. When they decided they no longer wanted to care for this little dog, his family drove him far from home and left him. Thankfully, he was discovered by He’Art of Rescue. Luke was in terrible condition when he arrived at the sanctuary, but after a long rehabilitation period Luke made a full recovery. Just look at what a happy, strong dog he has become!

Before/After Rescued Dogs He’Art of Rescue/Facebook

5. Fraggle

When Mazie’s Mission Rescue Clinic got a call about a little dog who was brought into an animal shelter with an extreme case of mange, rescuers sprang into action to save this poor puppy. Mange, a skin infection, had caused all of the dogs fur to fall off, except for her fuzzy ears which lead her caretakers to name her Fraggle. With patience and the proper medication, all of Fraggle’s fur grew back and now she is leading a fabulous life with her forever family. Read more about Fraggle, here.

Before/After Rescued Dogs

So Green Monsters, have you rescued a dog? We want to see your before and after pictures! Post photos of your smiling pup in the comment section.

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