If you are having a mice problem, you might be wondering how to humanely get rid of mice once and for all. There are a surprising amount of ways that you can keep mice away from your house. So many, that lethal measures never need to be taken.

If you are having a mouse problem in your home, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to address the problem without harming anyone.

How to Humanely Get Rid of Mice

Like any living creature, mice are just trying to stay warm, fed, and safe. This is why it is so sad that people have taken such a dislike to them. Between glue traps, lethal snap traps, and poisoned food, so many practices used to get rid of mice are terribly cruel and inhumane.

While there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about mice being in your home, there are so many effective ways to take care of mice without having to kill or harm them.

If you want to get rid of your unwelcome house guests but don’t want to harm them, here are some easy, safe, and effective options.

Use Peppermint Oil

If you want to get rid of mice in your home in a humane and nonlethal way, peppermint oil is a great route to take. Mice hate the smell of peppermint. It is just too strong for their sensitive noses and strong sense of smell. It works in much the same way as it does with insects by repelling them and sending them elsewhere.

Use a pure peppermint essential oil and dab it on cotton balls placed around your home. Alternatively, you can also wipe it along your baseboards and anywhere else where mice may enter.

Keep in mind that peppermint oil is not safe for pets in large quantities.

Use Clove Buds

Like peppermint, cloves are greatly disliked by mice and will send them looking for a home elsewhere.

The smell of clove buds is strong and will easily repel mice without having to harm them in any way.

You can place cloves or ground cloves in areas where mice may enter. You could even use clove essential oil instead and use it like peppermint oil. Just keep in mind that clove oil is very strong and can be irritating.

Use Ultrasonic Repellents

Ultrasonic repellents are a great way to get rid of mice that aren’t welcome in your home. It works by sending out ultrasonic waves that create a sound that only the mice can hear.

It doesn’t harm them but it does annoy them, causing them to leave and look for shelter elsewhere.

All you have to do is place the device where mice might come on and turn it on. This will get rid of any lingering mice in your home and deter any new mice from moving in.

Use Aluminum Foil

Interestingly enough, aluminum foil is another very effective way to keep mice out of your home.

Mice hate the sound and the feeling of aluminum foil so all you have to do is roll it up into balls or lay it around where mice enter your home. They will have to touch and step on it to get into your house, which will deter them from going any further.

This is an extremely easy and humane way to send mice to find shelter somewhere else. None are harmed, and you just have to use a simple kitchen to do it.

Use Live Traps

Using live traps is a great way to get rid of mice that are stubbornly hanging out in your home.

Unlike other mice traps, live traps are completely humane and do not harm the mice in any way. They might be a bit angry or scared, but other than that, they will make a full recovery once released.

There are all kinds of live traps that you can buy all will work much like any other kind of live trap. The mouse will go into a container of some kind and get locked in automatically.

Place these live traps in places where you have seen, heard, or seen mice droppings. Just make sure that you check these traps every day to see if you have caught anything. You don’t want the mouse to be trapped for more than a day without food or water.

Once they are trapped, you can release them outside – preferably a good distance from your home.

Use Mice Repellant

Many mice repellents are non-lethal and work like many other natural repellents by making the mice want to leave. Many of these repellents are also non-toxic and won’t harm the mice or other animals. Much like the cloves or peppermint, they leave an unpleasant odor or residue that the mice will want to avoid.

This is a great way to keep mice from returning to your house, as well as preventing any further issues with mice.

Spray the repellent in areas of your house that have seen mice traffic, as well as outside where they might be able to get inside.

Make House Repairs

One very simple and effective way to get rid of mice is to cut off their access to your house. Many mice get into your home through some access entry like a hole in the wall or a crack in the floorboards. Mice can stretch and squeeze themselves through surprisingly small places, which is why they get into homes so easily.

The best way to stop this problem is to make a few easy home repairs. If you are having mice problems, find out where they are coming from. Once you have found the access point, make the necessary repairs. This might mean filling in a large crack, repairing drywall, or covering a hole with wood.

No matter what you do, make sure that it is secure, then take precautionary measures by placing some kind of repellent near the area.

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