Mice do not have easy lives. When found in homes, they’re chased by brooms and sometimes exterminated. They’re met with disgusted glances when they try to scurry from point A to point B. And of course, they are used frequently for animal testing in the research space, with 95 percent of lab animals actually being mice or rats.

There are many reasons scientists choose mice for lab tests. They are small and easy to handle, inexpensive and readily available, and they adapt to new surroundings seamlessly. They also reproduce very quickly, meaning that researchers can use several generations of mice within a short span of time.

While many of the tests performed on lab mice have helped propel medical advancements, at the end of the day we are exploiting these animals. Yes, we’ve been accustomed to treating rats and mice on the streets as if they carry the plague, but born in a sanitary lab, these mice are just as clean and affectionate as a gerbil, a cat, or even a dog. They can even learn how to play fetch! People have found mice on the streets and have kept them as pets and have proven that mice love to be pampered just as much as any other creature.

Just check out these lab mice who were recently rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project. With plenty of warm baths, an indoor play space, and an outdoor playground these guys are living it up! 

Mice may not be as beloved as dogs and cats in our society but at the end of the day, they are living beings just like everyone else. They don’t want to be tortured, tested on, or killed. They’re simply trying to get enough food to survive, live in peace, and if possible, find a bit of companionship. When we subject these sweet creatures to lab testing, we are robbing them of their lives. And that’s not okay, no matter what animal it is. To learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project and the wonderful work they’re doing to rescue lab animals, click here.

Image source: Beagle Freedom Project/Instagram