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If you want to keep insects out of your home but don’t want to have to kill them, here are some useful tips for keeping your home insect-free the humane way.

Insects are gross and creepy when indoors and should be outside where they can’t bother you, and you can’t bother them!


Spiders are one of the most unpleasant houseguests you could have. This is why these humane repellents are a great way to keep them outside where they belong.

Remove Webs

One of the best ways to keep insects out of your home, like spiders, is to remove their webs. You don’t have to kill them to do this just remove their webs so that they know they aren’t welcome.

Repeatedly removing their homes will help them to eventually take the hint and move on to greener pastures.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly effective at repelling spiders without harming them. It is about as harmful as someone wearing perfume that you hate!

Spiders hate the smell of essential oils such as lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender essential oils. If they smell these oils, they will head for the hills and seek out new homes.

Make a combination of dish soap, water, and essential oils to spray around your home. Do this regularly to keep spiders away. 

Just be careful if you have pets because some essential oils can harm your pets!

Turn Off Outdoor Lights

Spiders are attracted to the bugs that come out towards outdoor light. As a species, they prefer to lurk in the shadows, but they do love those bugs that go towards lit-up objects.

Having your outdoor lights on will attract a host of assorted bugs, which will become a food source for spiders, who eventually make their way indoors. To prevent this from happening, keep your outdoor lights off.

Keep Your Home Clean

This tip goes hand in hand with cleaning up spider webs. The best way to keep insects out of your home is to keep a clean home. If you are constantly cleaning they will never even get a chance to weave their web and get comfortable.


Roaches are another creepy-crawly house guest that no one wants to invite over. They are very hard to get rid of especially if you want to avoid killing them. That is why prevention is the best course of action!

Keep a Clean Home

Roaches of all kinds are very attracted to messes, spills, sticky things, and crumbs. They love your dirty dishes and trash and will gladly feast on anything edible.

The best way to prevent these unwanted insects from ever coming into your home is to keep everything clean and tidy. Don’t leave out food and clean regularly to avoid crumbs and spills.

Use Essential Oils

Like spiders, roaches hate essential oils and will avoid places that smell like them. Create a solution that has either peppermint, cedarwood, or cypress oil to ward them away. Spray regularly in areas where they may be attracted.


Waterbugs can be very pesky and are one insect that you will want to keep away from your house. They can be hard to get rid of but preventing them is very easy!

Keep Things Dry

To keep insects out of your home, like water bugs, make sure to remove water that may be lying around. Keep your home dry and free of standing water, puddles, and water sources. Clean water out of sinks and tubs, pour out cups of water, and never let water pool on the floor or countertops.

Use Peppermint and Soap

Water Bugs hate peppermint and will steer clear of anything that has dish soap on it. You will want to be careful and not spray them directly as this can kill them. Make a solution of dish soap, water, and peppermint oil to spray in moist areas of your house to act as a repellent.


Ants are one of those insects that make us all go crazy when they show up indoors. They have a reputation for being hard to get rid of and can easily spread throughout your house.

That is why these ant repellents are a great way to humanely keep insects out of your house!

Spray Vinegar

Ants hate the smell of vinegar and will steer clear of it if they can. Use vinegar and water to spray around any areas of your home where they could be getting in.

You can do this weekly to prevent any from wandering inside uninvited.

Clean Your Home

Ants love crumbs, sweets, leftovers, and sticky stuff. You will want to keep a squeaky clean home to keep them out.

If there are no food sources in your home, the ants won’t have any reason to come in. You can even clean with vinegar to act as an extra protectant!

Use Essential Oils

Like many other insects, ants hate essential oils. Specifically oils like peppermint and lemon. Make a solution and spray this around your home on a weekly basis to keep these unwanted visitors away.


Flies are one extra nasty visitor that we do not want buzzing around our home and landing on our food. Here are some ways that you can keep flies out of your home permanently.

Clean Up

Like ants, flies over your food when it’s laying around. This includes garbage, crumbs, and spills.

Try to keep your home nice and clean, and don’t leave food out. If you have produce that is ripe, keep it in the fridge and keep all food covered.

Burn Citronella Candles

Flies hate citronella candles and will make a hasty exit if you burn them.

Try burning these candles throughout your house during the heaviest seasons of flies to keep them outside.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Speaking of outside, the best way to keep flies from making their way indoors is to not invite them into your yard!

Clean up dog poop and never leave food or garbage lying around outside. These all attract flies and will eventually lead them indoors.

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