We’ve already seen how much pit bulls love music – but did you know that they can be incredibly light on their feet too? If not, then check out the adorable pooch in this new YouTube video uploaded by Alex Zhardanovsky, as she demonstrates her fantastic sense of rhythm.

The dancer may be skilled, but her canine friend is equally graceful, and knows exactly what to do: whether that entails daintily prancing around the studio on her two back paws, rolling on the ground, or even placing her paws on top of her human’s feet as she moves them. And she certainly looks like she’s having fun showing off those moves – just check out her wagging tail!


No doubt about it: this pitbull could definitely be a contender for most elegant dog on the planet. Let’s hope she was amply paid for her dance services in treats and cuddles!

Image Source: Sheila Sund/Flickr