Okay, we’ve said it before and we are proud to say it again, loud and proud: we’re obsessed with our dogs. In the best way possible of course! What is not to love about about dogs? They think the world is awesome, treat you like you’re the most important human in existence, and are never hesitate to run in for a big hug. And to thank them for making our lives oh so very much better, we tend to spoil our dogs. Really, we’ve seen it all. From people who have tiny campers made for their dog, to this couple who dedicated a whole photo shoot to announce their new adoption. While we might laugh at these examples for being ridiculous, you have to admit you’ve been there. There have been times late at night when you’re surfing the web that you’ve contemplated buying a dog-sized Snuggie to match your own … yes, we’ve considered it too.

But at the heart of all the crazy toys and outfits, is our true and undying love for our dogs. Because, our dogs are so much more than hairy roommates, they’re family. So in honor of all you Green Monsters who treat your dogs like more than just extended family, but, as if they were in fact your own child, here’s to these 15 hilarious humans and their dog “children.”


1. These dudes are revolutionizing the look for stay at home dads. Who says you can’t bring your baby everywhere?

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like Babiesvice.com

2. We all know that overprotective mother who slathers her child with SPF 100 on sunny days…this forward thinking mom won’t let UV burn her baby’s delicate pale skin.

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like Babiess3-ec.buzzfed.com

3. You taught your puppy to swim, holding their paw the entire time.

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like Babies

4. There is nothing like a long car ride to make a fussy baby take a nap. Dream on little yapper.

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like Babieshtenews.com

5. Every parent knows that healthy habits are learned. Teaching Goldie to brush is the only way to avoid a hefty orthodontic bill in the future.

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like Babiescutestpaw.com

6. You are overjoyed to share the news of your latest adoption with your friends. Also, this is a great excuse to open up a dog toy registry, right?

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like Babiesdgphotocenter.com

7. You make your dog get dressed for church, even though you know they’re just going to wrinkle their nice collars. The  bow-tie might last for a minute, but the photo will last a lifetime.

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like BabiesUnleashedWedding.com

8. You don’t believe in speciesism, so your dog and human baby are raised as equals. Which is which?!

15 Times Humans Treated Their Dogs Like Their Own Babies (PHOTOS)Timothy Clary/AFP Getty Images

9. The first day of school was more scary for you than it was for them.

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like BabiesIdressmydogs.com

10. But you got through it by making sure they were perfectly outfitted and ready to go.

11. People are still talking about how amazing your dog’s birthday party was. Kidchella got nothing on Scruffy. 

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like Babies


12. Watching your dog’s first steps was the most magical experience of your life. You have it recorded on your smart phone and have three back-up DVD hard copies. 

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like Babies

13. Before you know it, your little puppy will be all grown up and driving off to start their own lives *sniff.* Oh wait, no…that’s your human child, your canine child isn’t going anywhere!

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like Babies

14. For Mother’s Day or Father’s Day this is the go-to gift in your house.

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like BabiesLaughingwillowdesigns.blogspot.com

15. After years of treating your dog like your baby, don’t be too shocked if they’re not thrilled you’ve decided to add a little human to the mix. 

10 Humans Who Treat Their Dogs Like Babiesdogshaming.com

Lead image source: htekidsnews.com