We love our pets. I mean, we really love our pets. We love them so much that we buy them their own specials beds, hire pet sitters while we work and even take them on vacation with us. In fact, 81 percent of people consider their pets to be part of the family, on the same level as their children, while 54 percent consider themselves “pet parents.” That’s over 50 percent, meaning that calling your pets your “fur babies” will either get you an eye roll or a conspiratorial nod depending on who you say it to. Don’t worry, if you fall into the “fur baby” category, we’re in the percentage who’re nodding.

Which is why it was so awesome, and pretty hilarious, when photographers Jan and Chase Renegar, along with their friend Jamie Clauss, decided to do the ever popular newborn photo shoot that has become so commonplace these days with their Jack Russell, Snuggles. Placing Snuggles into the frame where a human baby would be, swaddled in a blankie with a bow on her head, the photographers’ replications of the baby announcement photos you see on Pinterest were spot on and actually pretty heartwarming. With millions of homeless animals facing euthanasia each year, we’d love to see happy homecoming photo shoots for each and every one of them! Estimates place the number of dogs euthanized daily at a staggering 5,500, making it vital to spay and neuter your pets and adopt from your local shelter instead of a pet store. These are healthy, loving animals that deserve a spot cuddled up in your arms like Snuggles, not destruction. Once adopted, you may or may not feel compelled to send out professional “birth” announcements too, but that’s between you and your new canine kid.

Snuggles, for her part, seemed completely unfazed with being a model for the day. “As the shoot progressed, Snuggles was really enjoying it and actually kept falling asleep,” Jan said. “Of course, no dogs were harmed in this shoot, but she did get a cozy nap.” She obviously felt at ease around the people she loves and trusts most in the world, which got us thinking about what might have possibly been going through her head in the midst of all this. Snuggles is a dog after all and after hearing from all of the humans involved in the shoot, we couldn’t help but wonder what kind of awesome dog thoughts were behind these pics. Though we can’t confirm, here are our best guesses.


Nailed It.



Between 6 and 8 Million Cats and Dogs Enter the Shelter System Every Year, all Looking for a Forever Home.


When You’re a Dog, You Can Turn Any Spot Into a Holiday Inn.


The Future of the Entire Yard Depends on It!


When in Mid-Air, Always Swim or Run Preemptively. This is Dog 101.


I Know You Guys are Right Here With Me, but Who Turned Out the Lights?


Sometimes Dogs Just Have to Go on Faith That Their Humans Haven’t Lost Their Minds.


In a Year’s Time, One Unspayed Female Dog and Her Offspring Could Theoretically Produce 67,000 Additional Dogs. Spaying and Neutering is Essential to Lowering Pet Populations.



Like, OMG, Bows are SO Last Season. SMH!


Moms and Dads Don’t Kiss. That’s Icky.


Or That Little Wad of Bread, or That Dollop of Applesauce…


We few, We Happy few, We Band of Barkers.


Be They Flesh and Blood or Furry, Our Babies Love Us Unconditionally.

Image source: Jamie Clauss

What do YOU imagine Snuggles is thinking? Give us your own captions in the comments!