Aren’t vacations wonderful? They are a time for much needed relaxation, to get away from the rush of life and work, to explore interesting areas, and to create new memories. As loving pet parents, you want to have the best pet sitter or kennel there is to care for your pets while you are away from home. On the other hand, what should you do and how should you plan if you decide to bring your pet on a vacation with you?

With an increasing number of American households adopting furry family members, hospitality businesses have started to jump on the bandwagon of accommodating dogs, cats and other pets. If you still want to travel with your pet children while staying green you are in luck; there are a number of hotels and inns in the United States that are both pet-friendly and planet-friendly, welcoming all kinds of pets for a stay to remember.

1. The Stanford Inn By The Sea

Location: Mendocino, Ca.

How they are amazingly pet-friendly:

  • Dogs, cats, birds, pot belly pigs, and other non-human visitors welcome
  • No breed or weight restrictions, see basic “rules” for pet guests
  • Dogs greeted with handmade treats specially made to not mess with digestion
  • Some necessities supplied: stainless steel food and water bowls, poop pick up bags, dog beds
  • Pet-friendly rooms equipped with “dog sheets” to cover and protect hotel furniture
  • Pets can hangout with you on the bed and sitting areas with “sheets”
  • Pets welcomed to explore the Inn, its ten acres on leash, can meet other animals living on the property
  • Featured in Sunset Magazine (Sept. 2012) — The Stanford Inn tops list of Best Dog-Friendly Vacations

How they awesomely green:

  • Special dog treats are made using only organic sweet potatoes
  • Steamed vegetables are available for dogs on special diets
  • Vegetarian and vegan cuisine offered at their restaurant
  • Food is carefully selected to support sustainability
  • Has a California Certified Organic garden

Plan your visit at The Stanford Inn By The Sea!

2. W Scottsdale

Location: Scottsdale, Ariz.

How they are amazingly pet-friendly:

  • Has a Pets Are Welcome (P.A.W.) program for enjoyable pet visit
  • Offers doggie Zen with yoga classes for four-legged friends
  • Check in and receive dog and cat treats, pet toy, pet tag
  • Leashes, poop bags, litter boxes, pet first aid kits always available
  • In room food and water bowl plus nighttime treat
  • Dog walks, dog sit, have grooming services, pet birthday cake upon request

How they awesomely green:

  • Has reduced waste by 30 percent thanks to recycle efforts
  • Green style housekeeping procedures, follows green cleaning product guidelines
  • Towels and linens are washed with environmentally friendly detergents
  • Paperless checkout option

Plan your visit at W Scottsdale!

3. Hotel Monaco Alexandria

Location: Alexandria, Va.

How they are amazingly pet-friendly:

How they awesomely green:

  • Their restaurant, Jackson 20, serves sustainable and local food
  • Executive Chef, Brian McPherson has relationships with Alexandria Farmers’ Markets and local farmers
  • Supplied with disposable dog poop bags

Plan your visit at Hotel Monaco Alexandria!

4. The Benson

Location: Portland, Ore.

How they are amazingly pet-friendly:

  • Will suggest best room for number of pets staying with you
  • In room Tempur-Pedic pet beds
  • Pet friendly area guide provided for dog hangouts, sense enticing dog walk areas
  • Special pet amenity of a travel dog care package
  • Recommends Portland Pooch for Portland’s dog scene of events, parks and more

How they awesomely green:

  • Combines sustainability with luxury for a pleasant experience
  • Features bathrobes and slippers made from organic bamboo
  • Find vegan and vegetarian dining in nearby Downtown Portland, Pearl District, Pioneer Square

Plan your visit at The Benson!

5. XVBeacon

Location: Boston, Mass.

How they are amazingly pet-friendly:

  • Pride themselves on being an incredibly dog-friendly hotel
  • Special furry hotel guests are pampered with healthy homemade dog biscuits during stay
  • Offers a super plushy bed for doggie comfort
  • Housekeeping leaves turndown water and treats for your dog
  • Arrange ahead of time for hotel dog sitting and dog walking
  • $25 hotel pet donation is optional with 100 percent donated to the MSPCA-Angell

How they awesomely green:

  • Leaves eco-friendly choices in guests’ hands with in-room thermostats and water conservation options, such as third-day linen changes
  • Has air purifiers for hypo-allergenic rooms

Plan your visit at XVBeacon!

Lead image source: State Farm/Flickr