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Your dog is the most awesome dog there is. Yep, we’ve all said this about our lovable pooch. We brag about them, cover our Facebook with pictures of them, and talk about them like they’re one of our children. They are exceptionally loving, playful, loyal, and just downright wonderful. They are there for us in the morning to wake us up, greet us when we arrive home from a tough day, celebrate holidays and family gatherings with us, and jump onto bed when it’s time to sleep. They’re part of our lives as much as any other family member and they should be celebrated every day.

We all love our adorable pooches, and there are even those of us who are slightly obsessed. Take a look at these signs to see if you’re one of us. Be sure to share some of your obsessive traits with other Green Monsters and discuss which of these you find yourself doing:

1. You Talk to Them Like a Person


Sometimes, you may remind yourself of Ron Burgandy and his fabulously furry friend, Baxter, who ate the whole wheel of cheese. You wander around the house talking to him, sharing the ups and downs of your day, your triumphs and losses. He listens, cares, understands, and never judges. A true friend indeed.

2. You Pamper Them Like Your Child



Your pooch may not have these pretty fly Nike tennis shoes, but it has probably got a gorgeous collar, tons of toys to play with, excellent “schooling” and its own bed (if it doesn’t automatically climb into yours. Our dogs deserve the best, don’t they?)

3. You Happily Pay the Extra Security Deposits



Okay, so a few things may get ruined along the way during your pooch’s puppy years. But you’re happy to shell out the extra bucks to have him living with you in the great rental house near the dog park. I mean, it’s even got enough space for the two of you to wander around with enough space. Of course, that’ll never happen as your friend will most likely be on your heels the entire time you’re living there.

4. You Only Feed Them the Best Food



What your dog eats matters to you. It is important to you to keep him/her on a healthy diet, with minimal additives and plenty of vitamins, nutrients, and energy boosters so they can keep up with you when you’re out running, or when they’re chasing their tails. They both seem to be equally exciting for them. Who’s to judge?

5. You Include Them in Family Portraits



Your happy pooch is always in the family portrait. You may have gone so far as to ask a photography studio if you can bring them in for a solo portrait too! Why not include them in your portrait? They’re as much a part of your family as your parents. You care for them, they care for you. You’re always excited to see them, they are always excited to see you. You share your food, they…well, you probably shouldn’t share food.

6. You Spend More on Their Grooming Than Your Own



Your pooch is fabulous and you don’t care who knows it. They get the full treatment from the groomer or maybe you do it yourself. The sky is the limit when it comes to them. And who cares if their wash, trim, and blow out is more than yours? They’re worth it.

7. You Have Their Picture as Your Background



Not just the background on your phone. Oh no, we’ve far surpassed that. It’s the background on your home computer, work computer, phone, tablet, etc. They’re probably all different photos from awesome days you’ve spent with your companion. Just look at that face!

8. You Arrange Play Dates With Other Furry Friends



If you have kids, you set up play dates. So why not do it for your pooches? They need interaction as much as people do. They get to frolic and run around with their friends. They explore the dog park and get to flirt a little with the others, as well. It’s also a great chance for you to get to hang with some like-minded people and share fun stories about what your dog has been up to lately.

9. You Only Hire the Most Qualified Sitters When Out of Town



Okay, so maybe your nephew isn’t the top choice, but you want someone who will actively play and engage with your pooch while you’re out of town. Knowing they are well taken care of and loved is an important factor if you can’t be there. Plus, it’s one less thing to worry about during that business trip. You’ll nail it knowing your buddy is being looked after properly.

10. You Have Both Dog Treats and Human Treats on Your Counter



Guests see treats on your counter and go to reach for one…the wrong one. You’ve gotten so good at making dog treats for your buddy that they are starting to look like things your friends can eat. No matter how many times you’ve warned your friends, they still reach for the treats without thinking. (My grandfather made the mistake once, we still have a chuckle about it today.)

11. You Constantly Trip Over Toys



Balls, squeaky toys, ropes, and stuffed animals are everywhere. On the couch, next to it, under it, on the stairs, in your bed. The list goes on. Your pooch has so many toys, it’s starting to look like a toddler’s dream come true. Your dog probably gets even more when its’ birthday rolls around. It’s a small sacrifice to make knowing they’re without you while you’re at work. They need things to do! They need all the toys!

12. You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Weren’t Covered in Hair



Sweaters, Jeans, suits, dresses, and even socks are covered in hair. You wash and wash, but to no avail. There are probably even a few lint rollers in your car to try to tidy up a bit on your way to work. So you like to snuggle? All the time. It’s bound to happen. Just make sure to try to get most of it before a big presentation with your boss.

13. You Don’t Know How to Sleep Alone Anymore



That queen bed you bought last year sure doesn’t seem as big as it once did. In fact, you’re wondering what the difference is between that size and a tiny twin sized bed. Ohhh wait, yep. It’s because your pooch has taken over more than half of it. Sprawled out in all its glory. At first, it seemed a little cramped, but now, without the comfort of your little buddy next to you, it’s hard to catch a good night’s sleep.

14. You Can’t Remember Your Life Before Your Pooch



The days of coming home to an empty house are over. Now you’ve got a loving home with someone to greet you at the door and make you feel needed, responsible, loved, and cherished. Family is everything, and in this case, you’ve found it, waiting at the front door, tail wagging, and a sparkle in their eyes.

Lead image source: Britt Selvitelle/Flickr