There’s a good reason the theme song to the beloved TV show “Friends” is called “I’ll Be There for You.” Good friends are people you can count on, people who are there for you in good times and bad, people who make our days brighter just by being there. On the first Sunday of August, we get to celebrate our friends because it’s Friendship Day. Friendship Day is a day dedicated to friends and friendship and has been a holiday since the U.S. Congress declared it so in 1935.

Friendship Day is celebrated in many countries all across the world. People meet up with friends, give cards and gifts and just make sure they know how much they mean to each other. A great way to show your friends how much you care is by sharing some delicious food. After all, the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, right?


So on this Friendship Day, get together with your best friend or a bunch of friends and have fun in the kitchen making yummy dishes. Making the food is almost as much fun as eating it … almost. Turn it into a sleepover and spend all night chatting, laughing, and munching. Here are 15 recipes you’ll want to share with your besties.

1. BBQ Pulled Carrot Rolls

BBQ Pulled Carrot Rolls

The best comfort foods are simple, super-easy, and super hands-off, like these Pulled Carrot Rolls. Shredded carrots are the perfect whole foods based replacement for pulled pork. Drenched in a tangy, sticky barbecue sauce, these pulled carrot rolls are a guaranteed hit.

2. Whole Foods Loaded Nachos

Whole Foods Loaded Nachos 1

These Whole Foods Loaded Nachos are perfect for a sleepover with friends, a loungy Friday night movie marathon, or even a weeknight dinner. The combination of crunchy tortilla chips, lentil-walnut taco meat, and melty cheese sauce will leave you obsessed! You can use as many or as little add-ons as you want and it’ll be a vegan nacho party for your taste buds!

3. Zucchini Pepperoni Pizza

Zucchini Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza is a comfort food with flavors that hold a permanent spot in our hearts. But what can you do when you want it meatless and dairy-free? This Zucchini Pepperoni Pizza recreates that hot, spicy pepperoni flavor with crispy, thinly sliced zucchini marinated in a spicy and flavorful sauce. Top that with melty vegan cheese and you’re ready for pizza night.


4. Carolina BBQ Jackfruit Sliders With Apple Slaw

Caroline BBQ Jackfruit Sliders With Apple Slaw 4

Get ready for the explosion of flavor in these Carolina BBQ Jackfruit Sliders! Tenderized jackfruit is slathered in mustard-style BBQ sauce, topped with tangy-sweet apple slaw and avocado, and then neatly piled into soft buns. A little spicy, a little sweet, a whole lot of delicious.

5. Banana Ice Cream Bars

Paleo Banana Ice Cream Bars 4

Looking for a healthy frozen treat? These Banana Ice Cream Bars are topped with date caramel, sprinkled with walnuts, and coated with a crunchy chocolate shell. They’re absolutely delicious and the best treat to share with your friends.

6. Chipotle Cauliflower Buffalo Bites and Raw Cashew Ranch Dip

Vegan Chipotle Cauliflower Buffalo Bites and Raw Cashew Ranch Dip [Vegan]

Cheesy burger spreads, pizza crust, oven-roasted steaks, and now buffalo wings, it’s safe to say that with cauliflower, you can do it all. Cauliflower is a favorite ingredient to use because it is so versatile and has a power punch of nutrition. These Chipotle Cauliflower Buffalo Bites with Raw Cashew Ranch Dip are a spicy and delicious snack perfect for any occasion.

7. Cheesy Pull Bread

cheesy pull bread

Whether you’re hosting a party, movie night, or just hanging with friends, this Cheesy Pull Bread is a must-make. On a scale of one-to-ten, it’s a 10,000,000. Crispy sourdough bread is stuffed with herby, garlicky vegan cream cheese, spinach, and vegan mozzarella and then baked until melty and bubbly. This bread serves a small crowd, but you’ll want it all to yourself.


8. Jalapeño Cheddar Pretzels

Jalapeño Cheddar Pretzels

Whether or not you’re a pro at making bread, this recipe is fun to make — really, how can you get any better than Jalapeño Cheddar Pretzels? These are soft pretzels like you can get from the streets of New York City, but better, because they’re homemade, they’re cheesy, and they’re spicy. Break these up into bite-size portions for movie night with your friends and family!

9. Coconut Milkshakes and Cookies

Coconut Milk and Cookies

These Coconut Milkshakes and Cookies are a fun and indulgent treat that also nourishes your body with healthy and wholesome ingredients, like oats, coconut, and nuts. The milkshakes are made with only chilled coconut milk, liquid sweetener, and leftover cookie filling to pair perfectly with each cookie. This is the perfect summer treat to get kids involved in the kitchen or just to treat yourself.


10. Jalapeño Poppers With Smoked Tofu

Jalapeno Poppers with Smoked Tofu b

These Jalapeño Poppers With Smoked Tofu are the perfect mix of crunchy and creamy consistencies, together with the heat of the jalapeño and the complimentary cooling of the vegan cream cheese. Smoked tofu adds another layer of heat and a bacon-ish flavor to the mix. Is your mouth watering yet?

11. Cookie Dough Pops

Cookie Dough Pops

The only thing more fun than eating food on a stick is eating cookie dough. Now those two treats come together in these Cookie Dough Pops. Coated in a rich chocolate shell, these bite-sized treats are a great sweet-tooth-satisfier. These adorable little cookie dough pops would be the perfect favor at a party!

12. Pineapple Pizza Tacos

pineapple pizza tacos

In need of a shortcut to a perfectly crispy and thin pizza crust? Try tortillas! These Pineapple “Pizza” Tacos are so much fun and great for parties where everyone can make their own. These are topped with roasted chickpeas, corn, juicy pineapple, creamy avocado, and a drizzle of Sriracha.

13. Purple Mac and Cheese

Purple Mac and Cheese 1

When mixed with vegetable broth and a bit of nutritional yeast, potatoes and vegetables like carrots are able to create a deliciously creamy and cheesy sauce! In this Purple Mac and Cheese, the potatoes and carrots both have purple hues, creating a beautiful and uniquely colored dish when tossed with mac and cheese. Get a little more color on your table with this creative entrée.


14. Baked Potato Pizzas

Baked Potato Pizzas 5

Loaded potatoes and pepperoni pizza come together to make one amazing dish in these Baked Potato Pizzas. Tender baked potatoes filled with tomato sauce, bubbling cheese, and savory pepperoni … is there anything better? These baked potato pizzas have the crispy potato skin left on and are topped with oregano. Hearty and delicious!

15. Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cupcakes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cupcakes [Vegan]

These Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cupcakes bring together several favorite snack foods in one amazing treat. They are also made so much healthier. If you’re worried that the absence of white flour, refined sugar, and dairy will mean the absence of decadence, just take a look at these. Yes. You’re welcome.

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Having a great-tasting meal is fun but sharing it with your friends is priceless. Celebrate your friends with these fun, delicious, and easy-to-make recipes.

Lead image source: Baked Potato Pizzas