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Chances are high that if you exist, you love desserts. That’s just the way the world turns. And if you’re reading this, it’s probably because not only do you love desserts, but you love homemade desserts that don’t ask much of you — we understand that and that’s why we’ve pulled together this list. When it’s summertime and the weather is hot, the best desserts that we can think of are a few things. One, they’re refreshing or they don’t require turning on an oven. Two, they’re easy to make. We want desserts that won’t make you break a sweat while making them. Last, but not least, is a short list of ingredients. That way, there’s no driving back to the grocery store in a hot car when you realize that you’ve forgotten one from a sprawling list of ingredients. That’s not cool.

So, in honor of wanting dessert, but not wanting to put in that much effort, here are 15 cool summer desserts you can make with 5 ingredients or less. Oh yeah, you read that right — 15 desserts you can make with 5 ingredients or less. We hope you’re ready to drool.

1. Creamy Strawberry Basil Pops

creamy strawberry basil pops

Enjoy the longer, warmer days outdoors with one of these Creamy Strawberry Basil Pops in hand to help keep you cool. Fresh, sweet strawberries and cool basil make up these delicious frozen treats that require only four ingredients. If you have a farmer’s market nearby, you could probably find everything you need to make them, sans the coconut yogurt.

2. Raw Aloe Vera Brownies

raw aloe vera brownies

When it’s hot out, why turn on the oven? For a dessert that you don’t need to bake, try these Raw Aloe Vera Brownies! You would never suspect that they take only four ingredients to make. Happy snacking!

3. No-Churn Lemon Mint Ice Cream

no-churn lemon mint ice cream

This No-Churn Lemon Mint Ice Cream calls for five ingredients and there are even fewer steps involved. Lemon and fresh mint make a perfect flavor pair. It’s refreshing with just the right amount of zing. It’s extra perfect when it’s made into this creamy coconut milk-based ice cream. Summer food at its finest! This ice cream would also make a mean ice cream sandwich, maybe with some vanilla or strawberry cookies!

4. 2-Ingredient Cantaloupe Ice Cream

2-ingredient cantaloupe ice cream

Cantaloupe is in season in summer, so in addition to eating it plain, why not turn it into dessert? This 2-Ingredient Cantaloupe Ice Cream is creamy, refreshing, naturally sweet (no need for additional sweeteners) and amazing!

5. Lavender Chai Latte Popsicles

lavender chai latte ice cream

These sophisticated popsicles are perfumed with fragrant lavender, chai tea, and swirled with creamy coconut milk. Make these Lavender Chai Latte Popsicles and eat them with your pinkie popped. Obviously.

6. 5-Ingredient Lemon Cheesecake

5-ingredient lemon cheesecake

This 5-Ingredient Lemon Cheesecake puts the “lemon” in “easy peasy lemon squeezy.” It’s super easy to put together too. Blend the base, pack it in the dish. Blend the filling, pour it over the base. Freeze. Eat. Repeat — you’ll want this dessert all summer long.

7. Date Plum Sorbet

date plum sorbet

This Date Plum Sorbet is the perfect way to make something with those fresh, seasonal plums. Fresh, juicy, red plums blended smooth with flavorful, sweet, and nutritious dates churned into a delicious frozen treat! Instead of sugar or any other sweetener, dates take the center stage to sweeten this sorbet.

8. Healthy ‘Rafaello’ (Coconut Almond Truffles)

healthy raffaello

These Healthy Raffaello candy-inspired bites are made of wholesome, natural ingredients and will get you hooked before you can say “coconut.” The almonds wrapped in soft, creamy, and sweet coconut “dough” are crazy addictive! The best part is, they require only five ingredients and no oven at all.

9. Avocado Basil Ice Cream

avocado basil ice cream

We’ve all heard about the glory of ice cream makers when it comes to making a homemade version of the beloved frozen treat. This recipe makes the process even easier! This Avocado Basil Ice Cream requires no churning and results in a sweet, creamy, and super addicting dessert. The avocado is so creamy that no cream is even required!

10. No-Bake Strawberry Cream Pie

no-bake strawberry cream pie

Strawberries and coconut cream are a match made in heaven. It takes only five ingredients to throw together this beautiful No-Bake Strawberry Cream Pie. Super easy and super delicious. This is the beauty of raw desserts, they do not take long to make and they are also pretty darn good for you.

11. Pineapple Sorbet

pineapple sorbet

This Pineapple Sorbet will be your new favorite dessert and not just because it’s delicious. It’s creamy, refreshing, and satisfying and it’s bright, tropical flavor makes it absolutely perfect for those hot summer days. All the ingredients are easily found, so on top of calling for only four ingredients, that’s another bonus!

12. Raw Banana Caramel Cups

raw banana caramel cups

These bite-sized frozen, Raw Banana Caramel Cups are great to take to parties, snack on, or even to grab on the go. A creamy banana ice cream envelopes a sticky-sweet date caramel. A topping of blueberries or any berry you like adds the perfect finishing touch. You won’t have any hassle when you make this simple recipe.

13. Elderflower Ice Pops

elderflower ice pops

Nothing beats the warmer weather like a frozen dessert and these refreshing Elderflower Ice Pops are very easily made. Infused with fresh mint and lemon, they’re the perfect combination of flavors to help you beat the heat on even the warmest of days. Add fresh flowers into the ice pop forms to give them a pretty look that’s perfect for summer parties.

14. Mango Lassi Blueberry Smoothie

mango lassi blueberry smoothie

This refreshing smoothie combines a frothy layer of mango and coconut cream lassi with a sweet blueberry and almond milk smoothie. Since this Mango Lassi Blueberry Smoothie combines fruit components with creamy ones, the texture is similar to that of a milkshake. The result is a beautifully bright two-layered beverage that is perfect for welcoming in the Spring season! Enjoy!

15. Marzipan and Butterscotch Ice Cream

marzipan and butterscotch ice cream

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we have to miss out on rich, creamy, and decadent desserts. This Marzipan and Butterscotch Ice Cream is like frozen treat perfection. The only three ingredients you need to make this amazing ice cream are frozen bananas, almond butter, and carob syrup, and you don’t even need an ice cream maker — yes, it’s that easy.

If you try any of these desserts, be sure to take a picture and share it with us! Post it on Instagram or Twitter, use #EatForThePlanet, and tag @onegreenplanet!

Lead image source: No-Bake Strawberry Cream Pie

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