Sweet potatoes can be enjoyed all year round! They’re healthy and filling, and you can cook them all sorts of ways! These recipes are perfect if you’re looking for some new ways to make sweet potato, or to try if you’re skeptical about sweet potatoes. As always, these recipes and many others can be found on our Food Monster App!

1. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll

Source: Sweet Potato Tempura Roll


Filled with delicious vegan cream cheese, crunchy veggies and sweet potato tempura, the creamy avocado layers on the outside is what’s really taking this Sweet Potato Tempura Roll  by Kirsten Kaminski to the next level. This Sweet Potato Tempura Roll is so easy to make and will quickly become one of your absolute favorites as it’s full of delicious flavor and texture.

2. Spicy Almond Butter Sweet Potato Noodle Bowls

Source: Spicy Almond Butter Sweet Potato Noodle Bowls

These Spicy Almond Butter Sweet Potato Noodle Bowls by Lauren Kirchmaier are perfect for a quick weeknight dinner, and leftovers heat up well for a warm lunch.

3. Sweet Potato Veggie Biryani

Source: Sweet Potato Veggie Biryani


Sweet potatoes can be used for every meal, from breakfast through to dinner, from snacks to desserts, plus they are low in fat, rich in fibre and high in vitamins A and E. This is a delicious Sweet Potato Veggie Biryani by Pamela Higgins is packed with flavour and various vegetables alongside sweet potato chunks, rice and chickpeas to result in a complete healthy meal in one dish.

4. Grilled Maple Tahini Sweet Potatoes

Source: Grilled Maple Tahini Sweet Potatoes


You just found the perfect side to your barbecue — these Grilled Maple Tahini Sweet Potatoes by Taylor Kiser. They’re soft and tender with caramelized edges and especially delicious when drizzled with a sweet-tart maple tahini dip with a squeeze of lemon juice. Top them with roasted, crushed cumin seeds and serve them at your next plant-based barbecue.

5. Sweet Potato Granola

Source: Sweet Potato Granola


Made with roasted sweet potato, loaded with fiber, nuts and seeds, this Sweet Potato Granola by Sara Oliveira is perfect to accompany coconut yogurt, plant-based milk or eat directly from the jar. Whenever baking sweet potatoes save 2 or 3 to make this granola, it will be a favorite!

6. Cinnamon Turmeric Sweet Potatoes

Source: Cinnamon Turmeric Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes can be dressed up with all sorts of delicious things from tangy cranberry sauce to fluffy marshmallows. This recipe, however, lets the natural flavor of sweet potato shine, elevating it with just a few select seasonings like cinnamon, turmeric, thyme, salt, and pepper. Just a quick toss, some time in the oven, and voila, you have these Cinnamon Turmeric Sweet Potatoes by Holly Bertone! A delectable side dish you will use time and time again.

7. Sweet Potato Mash With Dill Avocado Sauce

Source: Sweet Potato Mash With Dill Avocado Sauce

This Sweet Potato Mash With Dill Avocado Sauce by Michele Elizabeth is a super quick and easy week night meal to toss together, and leftovers are even better the next day for lunch!

8. Sweet Potato Cheddar

Source: Sweet Potato Cheddar


This vegan Sweet Potato Cheddar by Yana Chistyakova  is a delicious option to substitute cheese in your recipes. This cheddar is prepared using healthy ingredients: sweet potatoes, oats, roasted red pepper, condiments and agar agar to thicken and texture. You can use it to prepare sandwiches, sandwiches, veggie burgers or grate it to prepare pizzas, lasagna or pasta dishes.

9. Sweet Potato Brownies With Peanut Butter Swirl

Source: Sweet Potato Brownies With Peanut Butter Swirl

Apart from being a total deliciousness, these Sweet Potato Brownies With Peanut Butter Swirl by Laine Rudolfa are wholesome and gluten-free. Sweet potato is loaded with vitamin A, C, and manganese. Many nutritionists consider sweet potato as one of the best foods to eat. And cacao is filled with antioxidants and magnesium which will take care of your nervous system.

10. Sriracha Sweet Potato Chips

Source: Sriracha Sweet Potato Chips

Crispy, zesty, and just the right amount of spicy – these Sriracha Sweet Potato Chips by Cruelty Free Family are delicious! In this recipe, sweet potato is sliced into thin rounds, doused in coconut oil, drizzled in Sriracha, and then finally baked until crispy. Make a big batch, these are gonna go fast.

11. Sweet Potato Spiced Burger Patties

Source: Sweet Potato Spiced Burger Patties

So, what you see here is a giant burger with all wonderful fillings. The great thing about this burger is that it is 100% vegan and gluten free. Perfectly healthy, nourishing and full of amazing flavors. This Sweet Potato Spiced Burger Patties by Sirke Rei is delicious and can be part of your dinner rotation!

12. Sweet Potato and Salted Caramel French Toast

Source: Sweet Potato and Salted Caramel French Toast

Sweet Potatoes are so universal in food types, and they are a great addition to french toast recipes! This delightful Sweet Potato and Salted Caramel French Toast by Christine Wong calls for sweet potatoes and a delicious salted caramel topping for you early morning sugar craving!

13. Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Cilantro Burger

Source: Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Cilantro Burger

With sweet potato, quinoa, and gluten-free bread crumbs, these flavorful Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Cilantro Burger by Maria Koutsogiannis will leave you full and satisfied. They’re baked, then broiled to give them that extra crispiness that pairs perfectly with crunchy cabbage, guac, and greens. This recipe makes a large batch at around ten burgers, so it’s perfect for when you need to serve a crowd or for when you’re cooking for future meals.

14. Spicy Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos

Source: Spicy Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos

These veggie packed Spicy Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos are a delicious weeknight meal that can be easily meal prepped in advance. These Spicy Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos by Laura Nockett are seriously delicious and seriously addicting!

15. Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Source:  Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are incredible. They’re quick to do, with only a few ingredients and make a great side for most dishes, whether you are vegan, vegetarian, paleo or something in between. These Roasted Sweet Potatoes by Daniela Modesto are not an exception.

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