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All over the world, people celebrate burgers several times each year. It should come as no surprise that National Hamburger Month falls in May and that May 28th is National Hamburger Day, since the last weekend in May signals the beginning of summer and grilling season.

When it comes to veggie burger recipes, we have so many you could eat a different burger every day of the month (and maybe, the year) and never have the same burger twice. Take a look at these 10 Epic Veggie Burgers to Throw on the Grill Now, 25 Unique and Trendy Veggie Burgers, and go global by traveling Around the World in 10 Amazing Vegan Burgers without ever leaving your kitchen. Then get out a bunch of napkins because we have 20 of our most mouthwatering veggie burgers ever!

1. Vegetable Samosa Burger

Vegetable Samosa Burger

Fusion recipes bring the best of two culinary worlds into one amazing dish like this Vegetable Samosa Burger. This crisp and flavorful burger is inspired by the classic Indian samosa. It’s packed with potatoes, veggies and the warm spices Indian food is known for. Serve these burgers with chutney or ketchup on a toasty bun and a side of sweet potato fries.

2. Lentil Burger With Mustard Sauce

Lentil Burger With Mustard Sauce 1

These Lentil Burgers With Mustard Sauce are super tasty and only require four ingredients! The combination of earthy flavor from the lentils, the touch of sweetness from the raisins, and the nutty walnuts, make this a unique veggie burger you will fall in love with instantly. The zesty mustard sauce makes this burger even better!

3. Beet Falafel Burger


Everyone’s favorite street food gets turned into a burger. Made with juicy beets and chickpeas, these Beet Falafel Burgers are crispy on the outside and sweet and spicy on the inside. They’re crispy like falafel, but without all the oil because they’re baked, not fried. Top these with lots of guacamole and serve on toasted buns at your next cookout.

4. Veggie Sliders With Cashew Mustard Cheese Sauce

Veggie Sliders

Everyone loves sliders — they’re cute, delicious and you can have more than one. These Veggie Sliders With Cashew Mustard Cheese Sauce are small but they’re packed with lots of good ingredients. Brown rice, pinto beans, oats, mushrooms, and flavorful herbs and spices make up the perfect-tasting patty. A zesty mustard cashew cheese takes this burger from delicious to amazing.

5. Kimchi Mushroom Burgers

Kimchi Mushroom Burgers

If you want your mouth to water, think about sweet brioche burger buns, crunchy crumbed mushrooms, creamy kimchi mayonnaise, spicy kimchi, and cooling cucumber. These Kimchi Mushroom Burgers are meaty on the inside and crispy on the outside while the kimchi provides crunch and spice. It’s the perfect blend of flavors and textures that’ll be a hit with your family, friends — pretty much everyone.

6. Black Bean and Basil Burger

Black Bean and Basil Burgers

You can pile on all the toppings you want but what makes a veggie burger great is the actual burger. These flavorful Black Bean and Basil Burgers have green chiles, walnuts, oats, and lots of bold spices. They taste amazing and go great with so many different toppings. They’re also freezable, making these veggie burgers the perfect go-to meal on the days that you don’t feel like cooking.

7. Smoky Black Bean and Beet Burgers

Smoky Black Bean and Beet Burgers

These Smoky Black Bean and Beet Burgers are made from smoky barbecue sauce-covered shredded beets, meaty black beans, and rice. To contrast the smoky flavor of the beets, these burgers would be great served with a creamy hummus on a toasty bun, and piled high with greens. If you’re planning a cookout, you can save time by making big batches and freezing them for your big event, or any day that you’re pressed for time.

8. Cauliflower Steak Burger

Cauliflower Steak Burger

Is there anything cauliflower can’t do? We haven’t found it yet. This Cauliflower Steak Burger is thick, juicy, and absolutely delicious! The thick cauliflower “steak” is topped with lettuce, tomato, and a generous portion of guacamole. Simply delicious.

9. Herbed Edamame Chickpea Burgers

Herbed Edamame Chickpea Burgers

Go green with these Herbed Edamame Chickpea Burgers. The patties are made with edamame, chickpeas, tart lemon juice, and fresh herbs. They’re topped with an herby green dressing made from coriander, mint, creamy tahini, garlic, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Serve on toasted sourdough buns with plenty of the green dressing, lettuce, hummus, avocado, and sauerkraut. Don’t forget the fries!

10. Beet and Black Bean Burgers

Beet and Black Bean Burgers

Get ready for warmer weather with these hearty Beet and Black Bean Burgers. Beets give them their gorgeous pink color and earthy flavor while freshly cooked black beans add a meaty texture. Serve these topped with sprouts, fried onion, mushrooms, and sweet potato fries on the side.

11. Cauliflower Bean Burger With Horseradish Slaw

Burger Feature Image

If you have some cauliflower and a can of kidney beans in your kitchen, you can have this Cauliflower Bean Burger With Horseradish Slaw in no time. Mash the cauliflower florets and pulses together to form patties, sear them lightly on each side, and then get creative with burger condiments. Cabbage and carrot horseradish slaw adds a tangy creaminess to this burger, and can double as a side dish as well.

12. Wild Rice Burgers With Grilled Avocado and Heirloom Tomato Salsa

Wild Rice Burgers with Grilled Avocado and Heirloom Tomatoes

Take a walk on the wild side with these Wild Rice Burgers With Grilled Avocado and Heirloom Tomato Salsa. Wild rice and chickpeas are mashed into hearty patties and topped with grilled avocado and a salsa made from roasted heirloom tomatoes infused with jalapeño. The result is a tangy and slightly spicy burger with tons of flavor. Serve these burgers with a sweet and creamy coleslaw.

13. Kidney Bean and Pumpkin Seed Sliders

Kidney Bean and Pumpkin Seed Sliders

Make these hearty and flavorful Kidney Bean and Pumpkin Seed Sliders the stars of your cookout. These little burgers are slightly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, just like a good veggie burger should be. Dress them up for a fancy party or keep them simple for your casual cookout.

14. Spicy Quinoa Burgers

Spicy Quinoa Burgers

Spice up your cookout with these Spicy Quinoa Burgers. Quinoa, spinach, and bread crumbs create these hearty burgers that will leave you satisfied. Top with your favorite condiments or for an extra spicy kick, smear on some zesty Ssam sauce.

15. Curried Rice and Sweet Potato Burgers

Curried Rice and Sweet Potato Burgers

Made with sweet potatoes, rice, mushrooms, and onion, along with curry spices, these Curried Rice and Sweet Potato Burgers are flavorful and delicious. They’re accompanied by a creamy, tangy avocado-lime sauce that perfectly complements the spicy flavors of the burgers. Make a big batch ahead of time and freeze the rest for busy days!

16. Smoky Marinated Portobello Burgers

Smoky Marinated Portobello Burgers

These Smoky Marinated Portobello Burgers are marinated in Lapsang Souchong, a Chinese black tea that adds smokiness. The marinade also has paprika, tamari, maple syrup and tomato which gives the burgers a barbecue-style flavor. Top these burgers with spinach, pickled beets, and Dijon mustard, or your favorite condiments.

17. Bean Burger With Herb Aioli

Bean Burger With Herb Aioli

Everybody needs a reliable go-to burger recipe that tastes fantastic, just like this Bean Burger With Herb Aioli. Pinto beans and tofu make up the meaty burger that’s flavored with bold spices. The star, however, is the cashew-based aioli that’s creamy, refreshing and bright with fresh herbs. Serve these on toasted buns with leafy greens, sweet potato fries, and extra sauce on the side, for dipping.

18. Mushroom Lentil Burger

Mushroom Lentil Burger

This Mushroom Lentil Burger is meaty and delicious. Made with two protein-packed ingredients, these burgers also contain sautéed onion, dry herbs, and liquid smoke. Serve these burgers on your favorite toasted hamburger buns with vegan cheese, greens, and other trimmings. Don’t forget the fries.

19. Avocado Black Bean Burger

Avocado Black Bean Burger

Black beans and avocado are a perfect pairing but skip the tacos and make these Avocado Black Bean Burgers for your next cookout. They’re delicious, easy to make, and this recipe will feed eight hungry people. The avocado is creamy while the black beans add lots of protein. Load these up with your favorite condiments and dig in!

20. Red Quinoa Burger

Red Quinoa Burger

If you’re tired of veggie burgers that fall apart, you have to make this Red Quinoa Burger. These burgers, made with red quinoa, onion, and bold spices, will hold together beautifully whether you bake or fry them. They’re also gluten-free so serve these burgers on gluten-free buns with whatever toppings you’re craving.

All of these veggie burger recipes are big, juicy and delicious. Try one or try them all, but make sure you have lots of napkins because these burgers are all drool-worthy!

 Lead image source: Vegetable Samosa Burger