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Indian food is known for its spices and creamy, buttery sauces for the perfect comfort food! Especially when you pair the dishes with a side of bread, like one of these 10 Garlic Bread Recipes For A Hearty Side Dish – or a naan bread, if you love the traditional Indian bread to side your dish with! Here are 15 recipes for starters, dinners, and desserts a complete Indian dining!


1. Baked Sabudana Vada: Indian Tapioca FrittersImg 2322

This deep-fried snack is very popular in India, and they have a combination of sweet and spicy flavors! Basically these Baked Sabudana Vada: Indian Tapioca Fritters are everything you need in one snack!

2. Murukku: Crispy Indian Rice and Lentil Flour SnackJanthikalu With Urad and Rice Flower

Maybe not what you would expect, but this Murukku: Crispy Indian Rice and Lentil Flour Snack are actually perfect with a cup of coffee! This recipe makes a bunch of the snacks, so they are perfect to serve when you have guests over.

3. Indian-Spiced Chickpea and Vegetable CakesIndian Spiced Vegetable Cakes With Chickpeas

Indian spices are used to make these Indian-Spiced Chickpea and Vegetable Cakes! Dip them in a vegan yogurt mint sauce, and you won’t be able to just eat one!

4. Air Fryer Indian Potato Bread RollsFinal 28

These Air Fryer Indian Potato Bread Rolls are quite healthy, as they are air-fried instead of deep-fried like the traditional snack normally is. A delicious treat with a spicy potato mixture!

5. Mushroom Paniyaram: Indian Steamed Savory Cakes Mushroompaniyaramfeature

A lentil and rice batter is used to make these Mushroom Paniyaram: Indian Steamed Savory Cakes, along with mushrooms, your choice of vegetables, and of course spices! A perfect lunch to bring with you, or as a little snack in-between meals.


1. Indian Spiced Pumpkin and Jackfruit ChiliVegan grain-free ndian Spiced Pumpkin and Jackfruit Chili topped with vegan cream

This Indian Spiced Pumpkin and Jackfruit Chili are hearty and delicious, and the jackfruit helps to make the texture perfect. This dish is quite spicy, and is perfect to balance with a dash of vegan yogurt!

2. Aloo Matar Tacos: Indian Potato and Peas TacosAloo Matar Tacos

If you have 20 minutes, you have exactly enough time to make these Aloo Matar Tacos: Indian Potato and Peas Tacos! Potatoes and peas are mixed with a spiced tomato sauce and of course, flavored with all the Indian spices!

3. Punjabi Kadhi Pakora: Indian Chickpea Flour FrittersImg 3935

Totally comforting, totally addictive! These Punjabi Kadhi Pakora: Indian Chickpea Flour Fritters consists of deep fried chickpeas fritters that are simmered in a creamy and spiced yogurt gravy. Is it dinnertime yet?

4. Gatta Curry: Indian Chickpea Flour Dumpling Curry Besan Gatte Ki Sabzi/Gatta Curry

When you want to please the whole family, this Gatta Curry: Indian Chickpea Flour Dumpling Curry is perfect! A tangy and spicy curry, who will be able to resist?

5. Creamy Indian Black BeansCreamy Indian Black Beans 1

This Creamy Indian Black Beans recipe is inspired by the traditional Indian dish called Dal Makhani. Black beans give you all the protein you need and slow-cooked with delicious spices and creaminess, this recipe is a true winner!


1. Figs and Date Burfi: Indian ‘Fudge’Anjeer Burfiogp1

These Figs and Date Burfi: Indian ‘Fudge’ is a plant-based take on the traditional Indian burfi candy. They are nutty, caramelly, and a perfect to-go snack as they also are pretty healthy!

2. Mango Phirni: Indian Rice PuddingMango Phirni With Flattened Rice

A simple, creamy, and flavorful dessert! This Mango Phirni: Indian Rice Pudding is a popular dessert from India, and here’s the perfect recipe to make it totally plant-based!

3. Sooji Halwa: Indian Semolina Dessert Sooji Halwa: Indian Semolina Dessert b

In this recipe, semolina, melted vegan butter, sugar, nuts, and cardamom to make this Sooji Halwa: Indian Semolina Dessert! It’s all topped with a mixture of raisins, walnuts, and almonds, for the perfect crunchiness!

4. Date and Peanut Laddu: Indian Date and Peanut Balls Date And Peanut Laddu Front

These small treats are sweet, buttery, and so addictive! To make these Date and Peanut Laddu: Indian Date and Peanut Balls, you need some roasted peanuts, soft dates, and a little splash of vegetable oil – in other words, simple and perfect when you have a sweet tooth!

5. Peach Jalebi: Indian Funnel CakeJalebi

Peachy on the inside, peachy on the outside – everything is peachy in this Peach Jalebi: Indian Funnel Cake! A sweet, traditional Indian dish that’s typically made for special occasions.

After you’ve dived deeply into all of these recipes, you might be so tired of Indian food that you’re craving something totally different. Don’t worry, we got you covered! Why not try one of these 15 Creative Twists To Seasonal Spring Recipes? And when you’re done with those recipes too, the Food Monster App have even more recipes for you!

Lead image source: Gatta Curry: Indian Chickpea Flour Dumpling Curry

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