As each week goes by, the #veganfood, #veganmeals, and #bestofvegan hashtags grow, which makes it even harder for us to choose our favorite vegan Instagram pictures of the week! Although it’s difficult to decide which tasty dishes to feature, we can manage.

We’re rounding up the 10 prettiest meals we found on Instagram and adding homemade recipes from our Food Monster App so you can enjoy something similar, too!


1. Chickpea Stuffed Sweet Potatoeschickpea sweet potato vegan instagram 

@practicallyplantbasedgirl posted a beautiful photo with a unique concept; chickpea stuffed sweet potatoes. Chickpeas can taste like a variety of things when mashed, roasted, or used in desserts. If you want to try a stuffed sweet potato right now, go for our Mediterranean Chickpea Stuffed Sweet Potatoes With Hummus Sauce.

2. ‘Chicken’ Burgerschicken less vegan burger

Obviously, we’ve all had a burger before. But have you ever had a vegan ‘chicken’ burger? @sj_vegan had it at @V Rev Vegan Diner and she truly enjoyed it. This photo was left with tons of surprised adoration. For your own chicken burger, try our Spicy Fried ‘Chicken’ Sandwich or these Chicken-less Burgers.

3. Lentil Pastavegan pasta posted an absolutely delicious-looking shot of a lentil pasta dinner over some spinach leaves. What could we better? Try our Creamy Red Lentil Pasta and Homemade Lentil Pasta for a similar effect!

4. Summer Saladsummer salad recipe

Summer salads are a joy and are usually filled with fresh seasonal fruits and tasty veggies like avocado and olives or spinach. @coco161098 posted a fancy-looking and delicious dish, perfect for the new season. Try a summer salad at home with these 15 Fresh Salads Ideas Using Summer Fruits!


5. Breakfast Burritosvegan breakfast burrito

Burritos are necessary for a vegan diet, especially hearty and filling breakfast burritos like the one @veganfatkid posted from @Monte 052! Make your own delicious breakfast with our Spicy Tofu Scramble and Avocado Breakfast Burrito or this Spicy Sausage and Tofu Breakfast Burrito.

6. Garlic Noodlesvegan garlic noodles

@sweetlifeofavegan posted an eat-out meal at @yasotangbao of delicious and plentiful Asian garlic noodles. Now we really, really want some of our own for dinner tonight. If you do too, try our Garlic Asparagus Artichoke Pasta or this Sweet Potato Noodles with Garlic Cashew Cream recipe.

7. Veggie Flautasflautas-vegan-burrito

Flautas are similar to burritos, but a bit healthier. @xoxo5mealsaday posted a seriously stunning shot of one, covered with vegan jack cheese and filled with black beans and more. You can find them at the restaurant @Black Flamingo! Try our Baked Samosa Flautas.

8. Jackfruit Tacosjackfruit tacos

@ericjsegall fully enjoyed his vegan meal of bright and beautiful jackfruit tacos at @rosalindarestaurant. How could something this delicious NOT taste good? Try some of our Buffalo Jackfruit Tacos and Mexican Pulled Jackfruit Tacos.


9. Spaghetti And Meatballsvegan spaghetti

Did you know you can have spaghetti as a vegan? Well, you can! Enjoy some spaghetti with kidney bean meatballs like @tashy_gonegreen! Try our Spaghetti With a Chunky Lentil-Pecan ‘Meat’ Sauce!

10. Seitan ‘Cheese’ Burgervegan seitan burger

@jesuisvegan ate an eye-catching and awe-inducing seitan burger with vegan cheese at @cinnamonsnail. This will keep you full for hours on end, and very satisfied. Try our Crispy Seitan Burgers! You won’t be disappointed.


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Lead image source: Shutterstock