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If you’re both gluten-free and trying to eat more plant-based meals, then finding food that satisfies your craving for carbs, plant-based meats, desserts, and other delicious things might seem like an impossible task. Well, guess what? It’s not!

Ultra-dense, rock hard gluten-free bread is a thing of the past. Muffin-like cakes and cupcakes? That’s not a problem you’ll run into any more. Thanks to innovations from chefs and recipe developers who treat their kitchens like a science lab, the art of making gluten-free baked goods has been perfected, from using flour blends, using gums like xanthan and guar, and other tips and tricks, like aerating the flour.

Here are 15 recipes that are 100 percent proof that anything can be made both vegan, gluten-free, and downright delicious.

1. Cookie Crisp Cereal

Cookie Crisp Cereal

Gluten-free cookies for breakfast? You’d better believe it. This crunchy Cookie Crisp Cereal is the ultimate breakfast treat. Itty bitty chocolate chip almond flour cookies, sweetened with dates and a splash of vanilla extract are baked in the oven until golden and crisp. Serve this cereal with your favorite non-dairy milk and savor its sweet flavor.

2. Eggplant Hummus Pizza on a Mixed Grain Crust

Eggplant Hummus Pizza

Don’t let your dietary needs keep you away from pizza. The crust for this Eggplant Hummus Pizza is thin and crispy, making it strong enough to hold all of the delicious toppings. Once it’s topped with sautéed eggplant slices, some sliced mini sweet peppers, olives, and vegan cheese, this hummus pizza is ready for the oven. This pizza is also perfect as an “emergency” food for when you’re short on time because leftovers (if there are any) freeze well.

3. Udon Noodles

Udon Noodles

Let’s just admit it, noodles are the best. They’re fun to eat, most always delicious, and there are so many different types and ways to prepare them. Udon, a type of noodle that is traditionally made with wheat flour, gets a gluten-free makeover so everyone can have a chance to enjoy their slippery, chewy goodness. Whether you avoid gluten or not, you should definitely make these gluten-free Udon Noodles at home and use them in your favorite noodle dishes!

4. Spanish Chorizo With Chickpeas

Spanish Chorizo With Chickpeas

Looking for a meal that’s easy to prepare but tastes like it’s been simmering on the stove all day? Look no further than this simple Spanish Chorizo With Chickpeas. A lot of plant-based meats may use vital wheat gluten, but this chorizo can be made from walnuts! It’s flavorful and full of protein that will keep you satisfied, plus you can make a large batch and keep it in the refrigerator to eat all week!

5. Easy Yeast-Free Bread

Easy Yeast-Free Bread

Presenting gluten-free, Easy Yeast-Free Bread! There’s no compromise in flavor and texture in this fabulous bread loaf. Serve a slice of this bread toasted and topped with mashed avocado or try it as sandwich bread. You can’t go wrong!

6. Chunky Monkey Doughnuts

Chunky Monkey Doughnuts

These Chunky Monkey Doughnuts are pure gluten-free gorgeousness. Placing chewy banana slices at the bottom of the pan gives them a distinct appearance that’ll catch everybody’s eye. And they don’t just look good — they taste just like a doughnut version of that beloved ice cream flavor. The leftover batter can also be made into muffins, or into more doughnuts!

7. Buckwheat and Quinoa Flour Waffles

Buckwheat and Quinoa Flour Waffles

Without a doubt, waffles always make a perfect breakfast, brunch, or brinner. These fluffy Buckwheat and Quinoa Flour Waffles are gluten-free and they’re also free from refined sugar, save the toppings. Serve these delicious multi-grain waffles with a sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar, fresh berries, and plenty of maple syrup.

8.  Lentil and Mustard Green Breadsticks

Lentil and Mustard Greens Breadsticks

These Lentil and Mustard Green Breadsticks aren’t like anything you’ll find in a restaurant — they’re better. In this recipe, protein-rich lentils are mashed with tofu and spices, with the surprise addition of mustard greens. These breadsticks are crispier than what you may be used to, but they will leave you wanting more. These are best served fresh with a rich tomato sauce for dipping.

9.  Cashew Ricotta Chocolate Sponge Cake

Cashew Ricotta Sponge Cake

Between the three layers of this oil-free and gluten-free Cashew Ricotta Chocolate Sponge Cake, a buckwheat-cashew ricotta is alternated with a rich and chocolatey cream frosting. The layers are made of soaked buckwheat and millet, thus making the sponge cake gluten-free. The green layer is colored with matcha powder and the yellow one with turmeric, but don’t worry, you won’t taste them. Top with berries to make it even more fabulous.

10. Plant-Based Meat

Plant-Based Meat

Eureka! This Plant-Based Meat is meaty, gluten-free and can be made soy-free by swapping our the soy flour for quinoa or rice flour.  It’s savory, tender, and perfect for slathering on your favorite sauce and serving with vegetables.

11. Lentil Veggie Loaf

Lentil Veggie Loaf

If you’re looking for an effortless meal that doesn’t disappoint, then you have to make this Lentil Veggie Loaf. What makes this meaty dish so wonderful is not only its heartiness but also its versatility. You can pack it with whatever vegetables you want and still achieve something delicious. It’s topped with a spicy homemade barbecue sauce for extra flavor.

12. Chia Oat Banana Pancakes

Chia Oat Banana Pancakes

If you have bananas that are too ripe to eat, don’t throw them away! Make gluten-free Chia Oat Banana Pancakes instead. Puréed bananas and maple syrup help sweeten these pancakes that are so light and fluffy, you’ll never want to make anything else.

13. Raw Breaded Eggplant Meatballs With Marinara Sauce

Breaded Eggplant Meatballs

If you’re trying to eat more raw foods, but you still need your pasta fix, then these Raw Breaded Eggplant Meatballs are a must-try. Eggplants are blended with fresh basil and other ingredients, then coated in crunchy almond “breading,” and finally, dehydrated until they reach a meaty texture. These raw eggplant meatballs pair perfectly with the accompanying marinara sauce when served on a bed of zucchini noodles.

14. Blueberry Cake With Coconut Frosting

Blueberry Cake With Coconut Frosting

This Blueberry Cake With Coconut Frosting is gluten-free paradise in disguise. By that, we mean that the texture is so amazing, nobody would ever know that it’s gluten-free unless you told them. Fresh blueberries are stirred into the batter, adding little bursts of fruity flavor into every bite. The frosting is a combination of coconut cream and coconut yogurt that works like a dream. Blueberry powder is used to give it a gorgeous purple color.

15. Crispy Breaded Chickpea Cutlets in Mushroom Gravy

Breaded Chickpea Cutlets

In this recipe, Crispy Breaded Chickpea Cutlets are served with a savory homemade mushroom gravy — and the “breading” is gluten-free! Chickpeas have the perfect flavor and texture for this meal that’ll win over anybody. Serve this alongside some fresh greens or any vegetable of your choosing.

Are you a believer in the awesomeness of gluten-free? We sure are.

Lead image source: Blueberry Cake With Coconut Frosting

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