Time is money, we say. While we don’t always mean that literally, it always has the same meaning — we value our time. When it comes to cooking, though, some of us just don’t have the time to make homemade meals for ourselves. It can be easier to grab that frozen vegan burrito or that box of vegan mac and cheese for the sake of convenience, but buying pre-made and boxed meals daily can get costly, especially if you’re on a budget. Sometimes, it might seem easier to just grab something from the dollar menu. You know it may not be the best for you, but hey — you’ve gotta eat. Well, don’t worry. We have a solution for you and not only will it save you time and money, you’ll also know exactly what’s going into your food because you made it yourself.

At One Green Planet, we’ve got recipes for everyone, no matter what your budget is, or how much free time you have to cook. One of the best ways to save time (and money) is to your week’s worth of meals ahead of time. If you dedicate a time every week for cooking, then you save yourself the trouble of cooking daily for the rest of the week.

If you really want to get a head start on things, try freezing things! There are a lot of recipes that you can freeze, like soups, pasta sauces, veggie burgers, and baked goods. So, save yourself some time (and money) with this 15 recipes that you can make and freeze!

1. Gnocchi With Lemon Chili Garlic Sauce


This Gnocchi With Lemon Chili Garlic Sauce is tasty and tasty to make. Light and fluffy gnocchi are coated in a tangy and garlicky lemon chili sauce that’s light enough to enjoy in warmer weather. Chopped kale is added to the sauce, bringing some greens to the table, and adding color to your bowl.

2. Lentil Veggie Loaf


If you’re looking for an effortless meal that doesn’t disappoint, then you have to make this Lentil Veggie Loaf. What makes this meaty dish so wonderful is not only its heartiness but also its versatility. You can pack it with whatever vegetables you want and still achieve something delicious. It’s topped with a spicy homemade barbecue sauce for extra flavor.

3. Fat-Free Cinnamon Rolls


If you’re cutting back on oil and sugar, you can still have these Fat-Free Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast! Applesauce takes the place of oil and they’re sweetened with stevia instead of sugar. They’re topped with a cinnamon “sugar” spread and a simple frosting that’s entirely optional. Keep these handy whenever you need a quick and easy breakfast on the go.

4. Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese


Cheeseburgers and mac and cheese are two of the most common comfort foods. On their own, they’re delicious. And together? Well, try out this Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese recipe and you’ll find out! It includes macaroni pasta smothered in rich, creamy, and yes, life-changing, cheese sauce. Not to mention, a hefty portion of ground beef-style crumbles. Indulge away!

5. Seitan Meatballs With Homemade Tomato Sauce


If you’ve always wanted to make vegan meatballs, then today is your lucky day! Not just that, but you also get a simple but yummy tomato sauce that goes really well with these Seitan Meatballs, or with a ginormous plate of spaghetti. So make a big batch and freeze away!

6. Freezable Cheesy Chickpea Burritos


The sautéed onions and seasoned chickpeas in this recipe create the perfect texture to pair with spinach in cheesy cashew sauce. Wrap it all up in a whole grain tortilla that gets crispy and warm when baked – yum! These Cheesy Chickpea Burritos are great for breakfast — and you can freeze them, meaning less hassle!

7. Chickpea ‘Meat’ Sauce Over Pasta Shells


This recipe for Chickpea “Meat” Sauce is the next best thing next to simmered-all-day pasta sauce. You’ll have all your family and friends guessing how you managed to juggle your day while making such a fabulous meaty sauce – hey, we won’t tell them it was super easy if you don’t!

8. Sourdough Spelt Waffles


These Sourdough Spelt Waffles aren’t tough like the bread! They’re light, fluffy, and with that distinct touch of sourness that makes them unique and delicious. While making your own sourdough starter takes time, it’s well worth it for these waffles and for the bread you can make with the leftovers. Top these waffles with cashew or coconut cream and a drizzle of maple syrup.

9. Kale Edamame Dumplings With Simple Dipping Sauce


This recipe for Kale Edamame Dumplings is surprisingly easy, but the results are so impressive. The filling comes together in a snap in the food processor, the dumplings cook through in less than five minutes, and the dipping sauce is just whisked together in a bowl. That’s it! Make them and eat up!

10. Beet Falafel Burger


Made with juicy beets and chickpeas, these Beet Falafel Burgers are crispy on the outside and sweet and spicy on the inside. They’re crispy like falafel, without all the oil because they’re baked, not fried! Top with no shortage of guac and serve on toasted buns at your next cookout.

11. Brown Rice Casserole


This savory Brown Rice Casserole will definitely be a winner in your weeknight recipe rotation. Hearty seasoned brown rice is baked with broccoli and other veggies to create a dish that’s flavorful, filling, and easy to make.

12. Freezable Kheema Rolls


A kheema is a dish traditionally made with ground meat and spices. In this recipe for Kheema Rolls, textured vegetable protein, aka TVP, substitute for the meat with the help of sautéed onion and spices like garam masala, coriander, and chili powder. The rolls are crispy on the outside and soft, meaty, and chewy on the inside. They’re also freezable, making them perfect make-ahead snacks!

13. Black Bean, Corn, and Red Rice Enchiladas


You’re going to love these Black Bean, Corn, and Red Rice Enchiladas just as much as we do. They’re vegan, cheesy enchiladas made with a from scratch enchilada sauce. Easy and full of good for you vegetables! You can freeze them, too, for all those days where you’re just not feeling like cooking.

14. Lasagne Al Ragout


This Lasagne Al Ragout reinvents an Italian classic. Savory, protein-packed ragout is layered in between slices of soft pasta sheets, and then topped with a creamy, cashew béchamel cream. While this decadent dish is incredibly tasty as is, feel free to add some greens into the mix using spinach or basil.

15. 4-Ingredient Pizza Rolls


Making pizza is super fun. Kneading the dough, slathering on tomato sauce, and of course topping it with all of your favorites is a good afternoon spent. If only there was a way to translate the amazingness of pizza into a party snack…oh wait! There is! These 4-Ingredient Pizza Rolls have all the deliciousness of this Italian favorite tucked neatly in a little roll, perfect!

So Green Monsters, what will you be making ahead of time and freezing? Tell us in the comments!

Lead image source: Lasagne Al Ragout