Summertime heat is hard to beat no matter which way you look at it. Most of us are more than ready to dust off the old flip-flops, content, and beyond for the hot weather and outside activities that ensue, all those picnics at the park and the dips in the swimming holes. Otherwise, to put it out there, sometimes it’s just really hot. Let’s not say too hot, but rather that there is sound cause for something cold and sweet and a very valid reason for a frozen treat.

Imagine though, if those frozen treats were whipped up at home as opposed to overly processed and laced with sugar, additives, and whatever else. Homemade versions are easy, delicious, and also legitimately healthy, affordable and fun to make. Popsicles, ice cream, sorbets and all sorts of delightful, homemade frozen treats are but a few hours away. What’s more, they can be providing our bodies with real nutrition, to boot, no dairy required!

1. Ice Cream

vegan-cherry-garcia-21 (1)

The classic frozen treat loses no frost when it comes to doing it dairy-free. Rich and delicious all the same, there are DIY plant-based versions of ice cream that are smooth and creamy to suit all cravings and desires. Simply choose the right base, (coconut milk and bananas both work great to provide creaminess), and mix in your favorite flavors. They can be made with real ingredients, and the possibilities are insane.

2. Popsicles


Typically a sugary disaster for the teeth and body, processed popsicles have little to offer in the way of a positive impact on our health. They are full of artificial colors and flavors while largely lacking real, whole foods. But it doesn’t have to be this way; a blender and some fresh fruit can create homespun popsicles that are 100 percent whole food-based and full of vitamins.

3. Fruity Ice Cubes


Who says ice water has to be just, well, water? Sure, the ingredients of run-of-the-mill ice cubes are classically a list of one: water. However, things can get funky and flavorful very quickly by filling those trays with fruit, flowers, herbs, and all sorts of delightful digs that will melt into beverages for a boost. Think of a minty ice cube melting into lemonade—that’s chillin’. Easily-done, infused ice cubes.

4. Sorbet

rhubarbrosewaterandlimesorbetIMG_5649-1200x800 (1)

Somewhere between ice cream and ice pop, there lies the wonderfully simple sorbet. Sorbet is sweetened water flavored with frozen fruit—berries work fantastically, raw cacao is absolutely amazing—and it’s traditionally dairy free. But, don’t just settle for fruit; sorbet can be funked up with flowers, herbs, and a slurry of crazy flavors. Check out Rhubarb, Rosewater and Lime Sorbet, Pineapple Sorbet, Strawberry Banana Sorbet, or Berry Mango Sorbet With Banana and Pineapple.

5. Frozen Coffee Drinks and Treats


There is no need to drop a freaking bomb on getting a syrupy concoction from the local coffeehouse. A homemade mocha frappucino only takes a few ingredients. Either save the leftover of the morning’s pot rather than dumping it away and freeze into ice cubes before blending it all up, or get some instant coffee to add to non-dairy milk, sweetener, and ice in a blender. Bananas will thicken things up too or you can freeze plant-based milk into ice cube trays to make it creamier. Go with raw cacao powder and spices for additional health benefits. Or, turn it all into frozen coffee ice cream—your choice.

6. Choco-Anything


You can dip anything into chocolate and freeze it for a treat, but more often than not, this is done with bananas, which is probably the one to stick with (or even put a stick in), but strawberries and pineapples are great options as well. Cover them in dark chocolate, and freeze them for later. Don’t forget that these treats can be kicked up yet again with a little sprinkle of cinnamon or spice or even crushed nuts.

7. A Super Smoothie


Frozen smoothies are a sweet, swanky way for simmering down the sweltering heat of summer. Buy seasonal fruit in bulk from the market and keep them in the freezer for the right time, and then it’s as simple as combining the tastes that suit the moment. They can be even healthier when boosted up with superfood powders such as maca or moringa.

8. Frozen Cake


Think raw ingredients, fresh and full of nutrients. Combine them in unique and interesting ways, whipping and blending, shredding and coating, and in the end, without so much as an oven fired, there can be delicious cake. Frozen cake! How decadent life can be on sultry summer day, a piece of cake melting away in your mouth and on the plate.

So, there they are: Eight more reasons, with hundreds of interpretations, to get super excited about summer. It is here! It is here! Strike up the freezer—no dairy required!

Lead Image Source: Raw Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches