Ice cubes are a mainstay in most households. After all, they’re useful for chilling water, cooling off soup, and adding great texture to smoothies. When ice cubes are made with flavorful and colorful ingredients, they turn into stunning enhancers for your favorite refreshments. Flavored ice cubes are easy to make, and you may find that getting the kids to drink more water is a cinch with their help.

It takes just a couple of extra minutes to put together even the most elaborate of ice cube concoctions, and the investment is aesthetically and flavorfully well worth it. You’ll find that once you get started, there are endless flavor and texture options to experiment with. The only problem you might come across is that your ice trays end up stained after using them for flavorful and colorful ice creation on a regular basis. Here are a few awesome ways recipes to get you started:

Blueberry Ice Bombs




Kids and adults love the color of blueberry ice bombs – named so because when they are plopped into a glass of water, the color starts to immediately bleed and create an explosion-like visual experience. They also happen to be really tasty and refreshing too. To make your own blueberry ice bombs, blend 2 cups of blueberries alone until they become liquid. Then carefully pour the blended blueberries into an ice cube tray and freeze for 24 hours so they get nice and solid. Use them in water, nut milk, vegan hot chocolate, or smoothies!

Field of Flowers Ice Cubes


Barbara Walton/Flickr

Flowers make for beautiful ice cubes, and offer a lightly floral flavor that makes water and tea decadent. When combined with other flavors, you can create a myriad of vibrant ice cubes that brightens up any refreshment. Choose from edible flowers like dandelions, roses, and lavender or a combination of your favorites.

Here are a few flavor options to consider:

  • Vanilla Extract
  • Cherry Juice
  • Fresh Berries
  • Lemon Juice
  • Orange Peel

Pour a couple cups of water into a medium sized bowl and add a handful of your favorite edible flowers. Gently stir in the flavorings of your choice and let the mixture sit for a few minutes to give the flavors a chance to meld. Pour the water, flowers and all, into ice cube trays and freeze overnight.

Fruitastic Dried Ice


Dried fruit adds lots of depth to ice cubes and they’re sweet enough to turn plain water into a juice-like experience. It’s also typically packed with calories, so the little bit you consume from the ice cubes can actually serve as a snack when you need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Making “fruitastic dried ice” is as simple as chopping up your favorite dried fruits and then stirring it into some water. Pour the concoction into ice trays and freeze the ice for at least 24 hours before use.

Herby Cubes of Ice


Zach Bulick/Flick

For a savory take on your refreshments, consider adding herbs to your ice before freezing it. Not only do herbs offer a fanciful take on everything from tea and juice to coffee and soups, but you can benefit from their health benefits while enjoying them too. They serve as an anti-inflammatory, they can boost brain power, and some even help to get rid of nausea. You might be surprised at how much flavor your herb ice cubes pack! Try some of these ideas:

  • Infuse fresh mint in water.
  • Mix basil with water.
  • Chop and add rosemary and oregano to water.

Freeze your ice cubes like normal and enjoy them in anything you like to drink. They also make convenient additions to blended soups and dressings.

Flavored ice cubes are great for parties, fundraisers, and in every day life. The kids will love them too! You’ll find that they make drinking water is fun, tasty, and enjoying.