Saving water is something that every Green Monster tries to do. We love to minimize our impact on the planet in any way that we can, and lowering our water usage is an easy way to do this. For people in California, however, saving water is more than just a courteous action, it is a necessity given the state’s current drought emergency. To save water, most Californians have stopped watering their lawns and some are even skipping showers!

But what if we told you there is a much simpler way to drastically slash your water footprint?

As this quick animation shows, we can all reduce our water footprints by eliminating meat and dairy from our diets. Most people don’t realize how much water is used by the animal agriculture industry, but considering the fact that dairy production alone sucks up 45 percent of California’s water, we can see how huge the impact really is.

While swapping cheeseburgers for veggie burgers might be a smart move for Californians, it is also something that people across the U.S. (and beyond!) should consider to help minimize their water footprints.

So, would you rather skip one gallon of milk or not shower for a month? The choice is up to you!