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California has been declared under a drought emergency! Residents are facing fines for watering their lawns, and they are being urged to conserve household water use whenever possible. But did you know that these methods of water Conservation might only be making a dent in the state’s massive water problems?

Turns out there is another thirsty culprit at play drinking up much needed water resources in the state. Yes, that’s right, it’s not the lawns, but the animals being raised for consumption in the state. For the third consecutive year, the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC) has been awarded a grant to help spread the word about the role California’s dairy industry plays in the drought problem.

FFAC has released ads throughout the San Francisco public transit system, the BART. The clever ads inform commuters about the amount of water needed to produce the dairy products they purchase most frequently.

One clever ad states, “You can save the same amount of water by skipping one gallon of milk or 27 showers. Everyone on BART would prefer that you shower.”


Anyone who’s been stuck on a crowded subways with a smelly rider can relate! Check out this other ad that shows you another incredibly important point that will compel commuters to reconsider their dairy choices.

When you know the facts, it seems that there might be a rather simple solution to California’s water troubles. It all starts with ditching dairy!

Just take a look at how HUGE the water footprint of California’s animal agriculture industry really is…


Lead image source: FFAC