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There are numerous ways to make a smoothie and a variety of ingredients you can use. If you’ve been drinking all your smoothies up until now, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite way to make a smoothie and how I insist on making all of mine.

Who doesn’t love to sit down to a thick, frosty bowl of sorbet or a thick, creamy bowl of vegan ice cream, right? Well, my philosophy is, why not take that same enjoyment and add it to your smoothies? I’ve been eating my smoothies since the first day I started making them, and the trick to making your smoothies “eatable” is to make them incredibly thick, so there’s no way possible you could get them through a straw or drink them out of a glass, even if you wanted to.

Not only is it more enjoyable to eat thick, frosty smoothies, but it’s also better for your digestion. Think about it: digestion starts in the mouth when we chew our food, which is when salivary enzymes are produced and released to break down nutrients, fiber, fats,  proteins, and carbohydrates. If we’re drinking all of those precious items, then we miss out on the most crucial part of the digestive process. Many people find they don’t digest smoothies well and this is one reason why.

Health aside, eating smoothies is nothing like drinking them. Take 20 minutes and sit down each morning or afternoon and enjoy a thick, frosty smoothie that won’t only satisfy you more but will optimize your digestion too.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Don’t Add Too Much Liquid

Raspberry and blue spirulina smoothie

Source: Raspberry and Blue Spirulina Smoothie

If you normally use three cups of liquid, I suggest only using two cups instead, but don’t add them all at one time. I like to add half my liquid first and the last half at the end. So if you were using almond milk, you would add one cup to your blender, then the rest of the ingredients, and then add another cup at the very end. This creates a creamier, thicker smoothie instead of a liquid, watery mess.

2. Freeze Your Greens

Kale Honeydew Melon Smoothie [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

Source: Kale Honeydew Melon Smoothie

I freeze all my fresh leafy greens outside of romaine lettuce, which doesn’t freeze well. I do this because after they freeze, they help your smoothies become thicker and a bit frostier in texture. So if I buy a container of fresh spinach or fresh kale, I toss the container or bag in my freezer when I get home or transfer it to a large, freezer-safe baggie. Then when I go to make a smoothie,  I use three cups of greens for a typical recipe. You can also use frozen greens, and I’d suggest using a maximum of two cups since they’re more condensed. I also use these sometimes if I’m out of fresh greens.

3. Try Almond Milk Ice Cubes

Superfood Raspberry Smoothie

Source: Superfood Raspberry Smoothie

Instead of using ice cubes, I use unsweetened almond milk ice cubes. I like to pour an entire carton into ice cube trays when I buy my milk each week and let them freeze overnight. Then, I use around one cup of almond milk ice cubes with the rest of my liquid. This keeps your smoothies from getting watered down and increases the creamy factor.

4. Don’t Forget the Frozen Fruit

Tropical Turmeric Smoothie

Source: Tropical Turmeric Smoothie

I like to use low-sugar frozen fruits such as cucumber, berries,  zucchini, and pumpkin. However, you can also use bananas, mangoes, melons, and papaya. Whichever you choose, frozen fruit increases the thick, frosty factor in your smoothies. Use about one cup per recipe.

5. Add Thickening Superfoods

Mango Lassi Smoothie

Source: Mango Lassi Smoothie

Lastly, don’t forget the best tip yet: add superfoods that have thickening properties. My favorites that go in all my smoothies are:

  • a tablespoon of ground flax
  • a tablespoon of chia seeds
  • six ounces of yogurt
  • one tablespoon of coconut flour (or oats would work)
  • one scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • one tablespoon of cacao powder.

Any superfoods beyond that are fantastic, but those are my top recommendations for adding a thicker texture.

Blending Tips:

Nutty Cherry Smoothie [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

Source: Nutty Cherry Smoothie

Always add half your liquid first, then your superfoods, leafy greens, frozen fruit, almond milk ice cubes, stevia if you like, and lastly, the rest of your liquid. That specific order will give you a terrific, thick frosty smoothie that you can eat with a spoon out of a large cup, glass, bowl, or whatever else you like. I’ve even thrown mine in a Blender Bottle, froze it for an hour to keep it from watering down, and then took it to work with me to eat later on.

Bonus Tip:

Chocolate and Peanut Banana Smoothie

Source: Chocolate and Peanut Banana Smoothie

This is my favorite tip that will take your smoothies up a few notches: freeze your smoothie for one hour covered in a glass, bowl, etc., before you sit down to eat it. I make mine before my workout, and when I’m done, it’s ready to enjoy without me having to wait impatiently. Then, come back and eat your delicious, thick, and frosty smoothie with a spoon! It gets slightly frozen around the edges, just like ice cream, but it is still soft and creamy in the middle. Use your spoon to pull the edges down into the middle and enjoy the most delectable, dessert-like smoothie you can imagine!

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Avocado Seed Smoothie

Source: Avocado Seed Smoothie

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Check out my tips in The Best Order of Ingredients to Make a Superfood Smoothie, and be sure to let me know if you try them!

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