Get yourself a big cup of coffee or glass of almond milk and get ready for dunking, because June 3rd is National Doughnut Day! This food holiday is celebrated on the first Friday in June each year. Ever since World War I, when a doctor gave a doughnut to each soldier he treated, doughnuts have been making people smile and feel better.

Doughnuts make everyone happy. On National Doughnut Day, many doughnut shops give out free doughnuts. Hopefully, you live near a few vegan doughnut shops, so you won’t feel left out. But if you don’t, don’t worry, because it’s easy to make your own doughnuts at home. There are special doughnut pans you can buy, but you can make your own doughnuts even if you don’t have one.


Whether you prefer your doughnuts baked or fried, glazed or filled with jelly or cream, large or doughnut-hole size, you can make your own and you get to choose the ingredients. Try these 10 Delectable Vegan Doughnuts and these 10 Delicious Autumn-Flavored Doughnuts. Then get that non-dairy milk or coffee ready because these 15 delectable doughnuts are perfect for dunking.

1. Chocolate Flutternutter Doughnuts

Chocolate Flutternutter Doughnuts

Loaded with peanut butter, topped with marshmallow frosting, and drizzled with melted peanut butter and chocolate, these rich Chocolate Flutternutter Doughnuts come together in just 20 minutes from start to finish. These are perfect for decadent weekend brunches, weekday desserts, and because you won’t be able to resist, they also make great mid-day snacks.

2. Baked Coffee Doughnuts With Maple Glaze

Baked Coffee Doughnuts With Maple Glaze 1

If you’re into having your whole house smelling like baked bread and coffee, these Baked Coffee Doughnuts With Maple Glaze are for you! These doughnuts are fluffy, sweet, and moist. They have a nice, robust coffee taste to them that is evened out with the vanilla cinnamon glaze. If you have a deep love for coffee, pair these with a hot cup of your favorite coffee brew.

3. Baked Raspberry Doughnuts With Chocolate Glaze

Baked Doughnuts 2

How decadent do these Baked Raspberry Doughnuts With Chocolate Glaze look?! Studded with fresh raspberries and topped with chocolate glaze, these doughnuts are what doughnut dreams are made of. They’re simple to make, but the raspberries take them to a whole new level of deliciousness. Enjoy these with a tall glass of almond milk.


4. Raw Jelly Doughnuts

Raw Jelly Doughnuts 1

Forget about turning the oven on. These soft and fluffy Raw Jelly Doughnuts are no-bake. They’re made from nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and coconut sweeteners. With a dehydrator, these healthy and decadent treats only take about an hour or two. In fact, the hardest problem you’ll have with this recipe is resisting the urge to eat all the batter while waiting!

5. Orange Walnut Cronut

Orange Walnut Cronut

The cronut trend is still going strong and now you can make it in your own home. These light and fluffy Orange Walnut Cronuts are flavored with fresh orange juice and zest, giving them a bright and citrusy flavor. A sprinkling of chopped walnuts and a drizzle of chocolate sauce adds a finishing touch and makes these cronuts as photo-worthy as they are tasty.

6. Pink-Frosted Doughnuts


Perfect for welcoming summer, these beautiful Pink-Frosted Doughnuts are soft, sweet, and super easy to make. The pretty in pink frosting is made with beets so these doughnuts are not only delicious but all-natural and nutritious.

7. Maple Bacon Doughnuts

Maple Bacon Doughnuts

Say hello to bacon for breakfast — vegan bacon, of course. These light and fluffy Maple Bacon Doughnuts are covered with a sweet maple glaze and topped with smoky vegan bacon. You get all the best flavors of breakfast in one amazing treat. Not only are these fluffy doughnuts flavorful and delicious, they’re practically effortless to make!


8. Mexican Chocolate Doughnuts

Mexican Chocolate Doughnuts

These Mexican Chocolate Doughnuts are fluffy, slightly moist, and have an incredible Mexican chocolate flavor. Mexican chocolate is known for its distinct spicy cinnamon and ginger flavors. Their texture is more like muffins than the typical fried doughnuts, so they’re the perfect excuse to have chocolate for breakfast.

9. Chocolate Stout-Filled Doughnuts

Chocolate Stout Filled Doughnuts

These Chocolate Stout-Filled Doughnuts sound too good to be true, but no one needs to pinch you because you’re not dreaming. Light, fluffy, and sugar-coated doughnuts are filled with a dark, rich chocolate cream that’s flavored with stout. These are the perfect thing to bring along to parties or events.


10. Lemon Poppy Seeds Doughnuts

Lemon Poppy Seed Doughnuts

Doughnuts may not look it, but they are as easy to make as muffins. These Lemon Poppy Seeds Doughnuts are light, refreshing and oh, so good. The only thing better is the light lemony glaze that gets smeared all over them.

11. Chunky Monkey Doughnuts

Chunky Monkey Doughnuts

Yes, you read that right — these are Chunky Monkey Doughnuts. These peanut butter and banana chocolate doughnuts are pure gorgeousness. Placing chewy banana slices at the bottom of the pan gives them a distinct appearance that’ll catch everybody’s eye. And they don’t just look good — they taste just like a doughnut version of that beloved ice cream flavor.

12. Iced Lemon Doughnuts

Iced Lemon Doughnuts

These Iced Lemon Doughnuts are moist, citrus-y, and topped with a sweet lemon icing. As these doughnuts bake, the scent of warm, lemony baked goods will fill your home. These are best served fresh with a cup of coffee, but they also make a great breakfast. If you’re serving these to guests, garnish with lemon zest for some extra zing and for presentation.

13. Spiced Doughnuts With a Cinnamon Chocolate Glaze

Holiday Spiced Doughnuts With a Cinnamon Chocolate Glaze

It doesn’t have to be winter to indulge in these Spiced Doughnuts With a Cinnamon Chocolate Glaze. These cake doughnuts are filled with a blend of warm spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. They’re then topped with a cinnamon chocolate glaze to add a little more sweetness. These doughnuts are perfect for the holiday — National Doughnut Day!


14. Buckwheat Breakfast Doughnuts

Buckwheat Breakfast Doughnuts

These Buckwheat Breakfast Doughnuts aren’t your traditional, pillowy doughnuts. Thanks to the buckwheat flour, they’re dense, which is what you need for a breakfast that’ll fuel you when you’re on the go. Don’t just stop at eating them plain — these are fantastic as a breakfast sandwich with peanut butter, banana, and dried fruit!

15. Baked Elvis Doughnuts

Baked Elvis Doughnuts [Vegan]

These Baked Elvis Doughnuts will have you all shook up! Elvis Presley was famous for loving the awesome combo of banana and peanut butter. Combined with chocolate and bourbon, these vegan baked doughnuts are something Elvis would be proud of. Thank you, thank you very much.

Doughnuts are one of the most beloved desserts. They come in an infinite variety of shapes and flavors and you can eat them for breakfast! No wonder we celebrate these treats on National Doughnut Day!

Lead image source: Chocolate Flutternutter Doughnuts