A cup of coffee is a great way to wake up in the morning, but that doesn’t mean breakfast is the only time to enjoy the awesome flavor of coffee! These java-flavored treats will help you satisfy your coffee craving and get a tasty snack all in one. The best part? You can find them all on our Food Monster App!

1. Aquafaba Chocolate Coffee Mousse

Image Source: Aquafaba Chocolate Coffee Mousse


This Aquafaba Chocolate Coffee Mousse from Kirsten Kaminski just might be your new favorite dessert! This delicious fluffy dessert is not only completely vegan, gluten-free, oil-free and refined sugar-free but also super easy to make! All you’ll need is 3-4 basic ingredients and you’re ready to go!

2. Peanut Butter Coffee Snowball Cookies

Image Source: Peanut Butter Coffee Snowball Cookies

Filled with peanut butter and coffee, these Peanut Butter Coffee Snowball Cookies from Jessica Bose are such a delicious treat! They are great for dessert or even breakfast for when you wake up with a sweet tooth.

3. Coffee Glazed Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Coffee Glaze Chocolate Hazelnut Cake 1

Image Source: Coffee Glazed Chocolate Hazelnut Cake


This Coffee Glazed Chocolate Hazelnut Cake from Maya Sozer is deliciously moist and decadent, all while being 100 percent whole wheat and refined sugar-free. The sponge itself is made with whole wheat flour, cocoa powder, and hazelnuts and flavored with almond milk, peanut butter, maple syrup, and vanilla. Topped with a gooey coffee cream spiked with espresso, this treat is perfect for pairing with a hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning.

4. Banana Coffee Muffins

Image Source: Banana Coffee Muffins


Soft and fluffy banana muffins get a caffeine boost from coffee in these gluten-free and Vegan Banana Coffee Muffins from Kat Condon!

5. Blueberry Coffee Cake Loaf

Blueberry Coffee Cake Loaf [Vegan]

Image Source: Blueberry Coffee Cake Loaf


This easy vegan Blueberry Coffee Cake Loaf from Nicole Dunai is moist, fruity, and extremely delicious – it’s the perfect breakfast or snack loaf!

6. Mocha Granola

Image Source: Mocha Granola

This Mocha Granola from Kristen Genton is a special kind of breakfast! The surprisingly best part about this granola is drinking the milk after it’s been soaking in it! It’s literally a cold mocha latte. Win win for breakfast all around.

7. Decadent Raw Tiramisu With Coffee Ladyfingers

Raw vegan Tiramisu with Vanilla cream Coffee ladyfingers

Image Source: Decadent Raw Tiramisu With Coffee Ladyfingers

Raw desserts typically can wow even the skeptics, and this Decadent Raw Tiramisu With Coffee Ladyfingers from Emily von Euw is no exception. Try this take on a classic, elegant dessert.

8. Espresso and White Chocolate Cashew Mousse

Image Source: Espresso and White Chocolate Cashew Mousse


All the creaminess of a classic mousse, without any of the dairy! Light, sweet, and full of espresso and white chocolate flavor, you won’t be able to get enough of this Espresso and White Chocolate Cashew Mousse from The Vegan Reset.

9. Creamy Raw Chocolate Espresso Pie

Vegan Creamy Raw Chocolate Espresso Pie

Image Source: Creamy Raw Chocolate Espresso Pie

Your guests will never believe this Creamy Raw Chocolate Espresso Pie from Erin Druga is healthy! The crust is made from almonds and dates and the filling is made from soaked cashews, brewed coffee and espresso beans — it’s a coffee lover’s dream!

10. Caramel, Hazelnut, and Coffee Tartlets With Chocolate Ganache

Caramel, Hazelnut and Coffee Tartlets With Chocolate Ganache

Image Source: Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Coffee Tartlets With Chocolate Ganache

These Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Coffee Tartlets With Chocolate Ganache from Pamela Higgins may be small but they are packed full of a more flavor than most full sized tarts. The crust is made with coconut oil and hazelnut and then topped with a creamy date caramel and finished off with a rich, chocolate ganache. This recipe makes enough to share… though you probably won’t want to.

11. Chocolate Coffee Cake

Image Source: Chocolate Coffee Cake

Calling all coffee + choc fans everywhere! This Chocolate Coffee Cake recipe from Holly Jade combines coffee and chocolate to create a decadent chocolate coffee cake with a light coffee buttercream frosting, a latte cream filling, and a dark chocolate drizzle. The chocolate cake is light, crumbly, moist, and just perfect!

12. Cardamom Coffee Cake Muffins

Image Source: Cardamom Coffee Cake Muffins

Be prepared to become obsessed with these Cardamom Coffee Cake Muffins from Molly Patrick! These scrumptious muffins blend together some of the best sweet ingredients and it produces an outstanding result. Bake these and share with your friends and family to put a smile on their face.

13. Salted Caramel Espresso Cake

Salted Caramel Espresso Cake 1

Image Source: Salted Caramel Espresso Cake

This dessert is pretty much Heaven in cake form. Picture this: creamy cashew filling, rich espresso, salted caramel, and dark, decadent chocolate all on a crunchy walnut base. Yum! Save this recipe for a special occasion because this Salted Caramel Espresso Cake from Jessica Precott is not only delicious, it’s beautiful!

14. Coffee Ice Cream With Salted Caramel

Image Source: Coffee Ice Cream With Salted Caramel

Need your caffeine fix in a dessert? This decadent Coffee Ice Cream With Salted Caramel from Kimberley Espinel is made from cashews, dates, strong-brewed coffee, and a secret ingredient — sweet potatoes. But you (nor anyone else) would be able to tell. It has a rich salted caramel swirl within, but be sure to save some for drizzling on top, along with crunchy coffee beans.

15. Chocolate Coffee Cream Cups

Image Source: Chocolate Coffee Cream Cups

These edible Chocolate Coffee Cream Cups with a filling of coffee cream and vanilla cream from Holly Jade look like adorable mini cappuccinos! Coffee and chocolate is a dream pair, and these mocha desserts are proof of their undeniable flavor chemistry. Plus, they are easy to make and would be perfect for any coffee lover or for an event or special occasion.

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