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Do you love tofu as much as we do? Tofu is a powerhouse of protein that has the potential to carry so much flavor, and one of the best ways to cook it is in these delicious styles. These little nuggets and bites are going to be your new favorite thing to munch on!

Check out these 10 ideas from our Food Monster App to get you started on the tofu snack train.

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1. Crispy Turmeric Tofu Nuggets

Crispy Tofu Nuggets

Image Source: Crispy Turmeric Tofu Nuggets

All that’s between you and these Crispy Turmeric Tofu Nuggets from Priscilla Soler are a few ingredients! When you need to make a dish that’s guaranteed to please everyone, go for these crispy delights. These are great served on a bed of lettuce, or with a few simple sides and some dipping sauce.

2. Crispy Air Fryer Tofu

Crispy Air Fryer Tofu b

Image Source: Crispy Air Fryer Tofu

We’re all a little guilty of loving fried food. Well, if you use an air fryer, you get the delicious taste of deep fried things without as much oil (or guilt)! This simple recipe for Crispy Air Fryer Tofu from Kimmy Murphy is a perfect introduction into the world of using an air fryer. It’s marinated in a cheesy, umami sauce, then sprinkled with brown rice flour and air fried until perfectly crispy. Serve this dish with whatever veggies and grains you like best.

3. Buffalo Tofu Bites With Ranch

Buffalo Tofu Bites With Ranch

Image Source: Buffalo Tofu Bites With Ranch

Ready for happy hour in your home?! These Buffalo Tofu Bites With Ranch from The Surznick Common Room are packed with flavor — not too hot, not too spicy. They’re fried, but not deep-fried like their counterparts are and perfect when paired with the cooling vegan ranch sauce. These Buffalo bites are a great snack for weekends, movie-watching, or just hanging with friends and family.

4. ‘Chicken’ Tofu Strips and Waffles

‘Chicken’ Tofu Strips and Waffles

Image Source: ‘Chicken’ Tofu Strips and Waffles

Think its impossible to emulate the crispy fried deliciousness of chicken strips using only plant-based ingredients? Think again. These breaded tofu strips are warm and textured, flavorful thanks to basil and thyme, and very dip-able, just like your typical chicken strip. Serve these with waffles for a vegan version of the comfort favorite or with fries for a classic diner dish. You’ll love these ‘Chicken’ Tofu Strips and Waffles from Kiran Shahbaz.

5. Buffalo-Style Tofu

Slack Imgs

Image Source: Buffalo-Style Tofu

This Buffalo-Style Tofu recipe from Dawn Kriss is not for the weak-of-heart. It’s a true spicy Buffalo sauce, but you can choose to calm it down a little if you want to!

6. Parmesan Tofu Bites

Vegan Parmesan Tofu Bites with marinara and vegan mozzarella cheese

Image Source: Parmesan Tofu Bites

This is the ideal bite-sized, finger-food for parties! These little bite-sized Parmesan Tofu Bites from Gretchen Price are cheesy and crisp! Here is a quick easy recipe for crispy tofu breaded with Parmesan crust and topped with tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella cheese!

7. Crispy Agave-Ginger Tofu Wings

Vegan Crispy Agave-Ginger Tofu Wings

Image Source: Crispy Agave-Ginger Tofu Wings

If you decide to try these Crispy Agave-Ginger Tofu Wings from Dawn Hutchins, you won’t be disappointed. The pressed tofu soaks up the marinade making it crispy on the outside and tender and flavorful inside!

8. Popcorn Tofu

Healthy Popcorn Chicken Recipe 1200x750

Image Source: Popcorn Tofu

This veganized version of popcorn chicken is indistinguishable for “real” popcorn chicken and absolutely impossible to stop eating.The tofu and vital wheat gluten work well together in creating the perfect texture for the vegan chicken and then these nuggets are coated in the delicious breadcrumb mix and fried – it doesn’t get much better than this Popcorn Tofu from Laila Bowman!

9. Easy Spicy Peanut Tofu Bites


Image Source: Easy Spicy Peanut Tofu Bites

People who don’t like tofu have never tried these tofu bites. Seriously, these Easy Spicy Peanut Tofu Bites from Robin Runner are addictive in the best way possible. You can throw these in pretty much any dish and make it ten times better. Or eat them alone! Whatever suits your fancy. Nothing is wrong when it comes to eating these – crispy on the outside, softer on the inside, and exploding with melting peanut flavor.

10. Crispy Tofu Nuggets

Vegan For Fun Crispy Tofunuggets

Image Source: Crispy Tofu Nuggets

These Crispy Tofu Nuggets from Attila Hildmann are a vegan twist on a traditional favorite and beat the fast food variety any day. If you don’t want to deep fry them, you can also fry them in a skillet until golden brown. The curry ketchup is a unique dipping sauce that packs a punch and perfectly complements the dish. It also goes great with your morning tofu scramble!

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