House Democrats just passed President Joe Biden’s $1.75 trillion social policy and climate bill, which includes the largest climate investment in US history. Now the Build Back Better bill will move onto the Senate.

Part of the bill’s job is to combat climate change and drive down greenhouse gas emissions that are a looming threat to the planet. This will help position the US so that it can slash emissions in half by 2030.

If enacted, these measures would instill climate change action into law, making it harder for future administrations to change the policies. This puts the US’s goals in regards to reducing climate change in a more secure position for the future.

At the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, the President said, “The Build Back Better World is going to show that we can grow our economies, fight climate change, and leave a better, cleaner, more livable planet for all of our children.”

The climate bill is now heading to the Senate where it must also be backed in order to move forwards – a goal that might prove to be challenging as two key Democratic centrists have not shown support for the idea.

Senate Democrats hope to publish the bill this year before Christmas in order to shift their focus to other important matters on the table.

This bill could prove to be a massive step forward in getting the US to lead by example and tackle climate change head-on.

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