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The COP26 conference put a great deal of importance on government leaders stopping deforestation, as well as restoring forests and trees.

While many other plans were put into place, such as phasing out coal and stopping the funding of fossil fuels, the importance of trees for the environment was hit on the most. The world needs to remove all of the excess greenhouse gases quickly and the best way to do that is with trees.

Many heads of state readily agreed to this plan of limiting deforestation and restoring forests, but not everyone believes them. These governments have gone back on many promises made in the past, leading activists to doubt their sincerity and commitment.

Scientists also worry about this plan to cut deforestation completely by 2030 as they doubt the effectiveness of trees against climate change. Historically trees have done a great deal by storing greenhouse gases and reducing air Pollution. However, scientists doubt that they will continue to do so at their historical rates as forests are extremely stressed by pollution and deforestation.

This brings into question whether or not this plan will work at all, even if the heads of state keep their word and enforce forest preservation.

Restoring forests and reducing deforestation is a good plan, but at this point, will it be enough? Protecting and replenishing our forests is vital, but, it isn’t the only thing that can or should be done. World leaders also have to take other significant steps to drastically cut greenhouse gases and regulate polluters to help save our planet. 

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