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Jack Harries has launched a series on Youtube focused on the climate crisis and what that means for us and the world around us.

The series is called Seat At The Table and features those most affected by climate change. As well as the voices on the topic that are rarely heard.

Youtuber and climate activist Jack Harries started his career making comedy videos on Youtube. But now, he has a greater purpose.

When talking about his career switch, Harries said, “I think it was a gradual thing it came with growing a platform. We never set out with the ambition of growing a platform. I called it “JacksGap” because I thought it would run on my gap year between school and university, and it grew, and it was amazing – we left university to do it full time, and I look back on those years so fondly. But with a large platform comes a sense of responsibility to use it wisely and to talk about issues that matter. That was bubbling for a long time.”

Harries intends to take the information that he gathers on his series to the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26. Where he will help to spread more awareness about the current climate crisis. And just how serious it really is.

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