After much consideration, the COP26 delegates will be served an entirely plant-based menu that is locally sourced.

The low-carbon menu relies mainly on seasonal produce, locally sourced from Scotland suppliers. The government said that they put “sustainable measures at the heart” for this year’s event.

A plant-based menu was in high demand from animal and climate activists as animal agriculture drives 18% of global GHG emissions. Celebrities such as Billie Eilish urged the event to serve a plant-based array of meals to go hand in hand with the event’s goals.

PETA also urged the officials to choose a menu that was vegan if they really wanted to practice what they preach.

This isn’t the only measure that the COP26 conference is taking, however. As they will also be using reusable cups and repurposing leftover food for the next day’s meals.

They have also taken care to source suppliers that align with the conference’s views. Buying from companies that use sustainable options and methods.

Kevin Watson, business director of SEC Food, said, “We have worked hard to create low carbon menus that are accessible to all. We hope our sustainable food strategy will shape menus of the future as we all work to protect our planet. As well as providing great-tasting and nutritious food, our menus are focused on local and seasonal sourcing, with a plant-forward approach. We have been delighted to showcase and work with so many local Scottish suppliers, and our teams are looking forward to supporting the event.”

Everyone is very happy that the COP26 conference has decided to use more sustainable and kind methods this year. Setting an example of how much more environmentally friendly plant-based food really is.

Update: More recent information has contradicted that the COP26 conference will be serving 100% plant-based food. Some information has shown that they will be serving an 80% plant-based menu that is locally sourced from Scotland. Well, those attending have contested that fact, saying that the menu is more than 40% to 50% plant-based.

This is very disappointing to hear since animal agriculture is one of the many discussions that will be had at the conference. People are still calling for the COP26 officials to put in place a fully plant-based menu

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