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There are so many delicious vegan recipes on the internet, in books, and floating around by word of mouth. It’s a little funny that with all the amazing benefits of a plant-based diet becoming more apparent every single day, people are still a little scared (or just not into) trying vegan food. One of the best ways to enhance your health is just to start eating more plant-based foods whenever you get the chance. It’s also a great way to experiment with new flavors and dishes in the kitchen. If you’re already vegan, you’re already enjoying the many delicious foods a vegan diet has, but we’re always up to showing you new delicious vegan recipes to try to prevent the hum-drum that can come with weekly routines many of us fall into.

Vegan food also isn’t all tofu, salads, and raw vegetables; it’s actually so much more thanks to the huge variety of foods available to us today. Worried about time and money? Vegan food also doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or terribly time consuming either.

Here’s 15 delicious vegan recipes to change everything you thought you knew about vegan food — forever.

1. Chunky Monkey Breakfast Ice Cream

Chunky Monkey Breakfast Ice Cream

What a breakfast! Talk about easy, delicious and healthy … this breakfast ice cream is worth waking up to, wouldn’t you agree? Full of complex carbs, fiber, healthy fats, and obviously plenty of flavor, it makes for a perfect Saturday or Sunday morning treat!

2. Yam Enchiladas

Yam Enchiladas

Now really, how could anyone miss the meat-based enchiladas with a plate of these!? Not only are these vegan, but they’re also pretty easy to put together. Give them a try on a night your Mexican food craving starts to come on strong — you won’t regret it!

3. Easy Cheesy Broccoli and Brown Rice Bake

Easy Cheesy Broccoli and Brown Rice Bake

This dish is a great way to satisfy your cheese cravings in a healthy way thanks to the nutritional yeast used, and helps you get in plenty of fiber from the broccoli and rice included. It’s also easy to put together and only requires a few simple steps. You could even make it ahead and freeze it for easy thawing on busy weeknights. What a dinner to come home to!

4. Super Easy Raw Spicy Bon Bons

Spicy Bon Bons

Remember those milk-chocolate covered bon-bons you ate way too many of as a kid? Thesse raw vegan bon-bons will put those to shame! Not only are these free of chemicals, hard-to-digest dairy milk protein, and unhealthy oils and fats, but they’re also easy to make! Filled with nuts, natural sweetness, and plenty of antioxidants, candy has never looked so good!

5. Mocha Teff Muffins

Mocha Teff Muffins

Breakfast, brunch, snacks — even dessert — these muffins take care of it all! Filled with wholesome teff, a seed that’s as beneficial as whole grains but with more calcium, iron, and protein than most, these muffins shine with nutritional stardom and sweet, nutty flavors. Combined with coffee, which is hard to go wrong with, mocha flavors are developed with a little heart-healthy chocolate added. Forget the traditional blueberry and banana every once and awhile, and give these muffins a shot!

6. Seriously Good Veggie Burgers

Veggie Burgers

Every negative thought you may have ever had about veggie burgers can be put to rest with this recipe, made with 100 percent whole foods and incredibly nutrient-dense ones at that! And hold the mayo — you don’t need it! This burger features a hearty, thick sauce that actually has heart-healthy fats and fiber. Your arteries and your taste buds will thank you dearly!

7. Big ‘Ol Texas Bowl With Nut-Free Nacho Cheese

Texas Bowl With Nut-Free Nacho Cheese

For a hearty meal sure to please, this dish does it all. From providing flavor, fiber, protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats, it’s really a no brainer to make when you’re extra hungry but still want to eat healthy. The sauce in this bowl can even be made in larger servings to use on any burger, salad, or as a dip for raw veggies. Even if you don’t live in the good ‘ol state of Texas, this bowl will benefit you just the same!

8. Cinnamon Banana Walnut Bars

Cinnamon Banana Walnut Bars

Cinnamon. Banana. Walnuts. Peanut Butter. Need we say more? What a great breakfast or even dessert flavor combination! These bars are actually so healthy, they’d make great snacks to put in lunch boxes or to keep at home. Make a big batch of these ahead for healthy eats all week — you’ll wish you’d try them sooner!

9. Chili Coated Plantain Crisps With Lime Ketchup

Chili Coated Plantain Crisps With Lime Ketchup

Chili and lime are great together, and they make an especially terrific pair in a sauce or as a spice blend. If you haven’t tried cooking with plantains yet, add chili and spice to these starchy pieces of produce for an alternative to white potatoes, such as in these Chili Coated Plantain Crisps With Lime Ketchup. This dynamic hit is tangy, spicy, and downright delicious!

10. Mint Cacao Kiss Smoothie

Mint Cacao Smoothie

Forget the unhealthy Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s to satisfy your minty cravings — go with this delicious delight instead! If you want a simple recipe that you can make without much fuss, this Mint Cacao Kiss smoothie recipe is it. Raw cacao is great for enhancing your beauty, energy, and your mood, while the plant-based milk used here is also easy to digest. Just look at that natural green color — no chemicals needed!

11. Cinnamon Bun Scones With Vanilla Almond Cream

Cinnamon Bun Scones With Vanilla Almond Cream

Scones make a great alternative breakfast to muffins, and they are just as portable and delicious. Don’t let scones intimidate you if you don’t have a scone pan either. Scones can be made by simply cutting the dough with a knife or a large pastry blade and baking them on a pan in the oven. Try these cinnamon-flavored scones that will fill you up, satisfy your sweet tooth, and are made with all natural ingredients — no butter needed!

12. Tomato, Chive and Chickpea Pancakes

Tomato, Chive and Chickpea Pancakes

Forget the eggs and try using chickpea flour instead for your morning omelets. Why? Because chickpea flour cooks up all nice and fluffy like eggs, but with more fiber, no cholesterol or saturated fats, yet plenty of satiating protein! Here’s some tips to use chickpea flour if you need some help. Now, go make these yummy chickpea pancakes!

12. Ice Cream Tarts With Chocolate Sauce and Pecans

Ice Cream Tarts With Chocolate Sauce and Pecans

Regular-sized or mini tarts both make great desserts to either keep on hand, or make in a flash when you just need something sweet. While cakes and cupcakes are nice, sometimes variety really is the spice of life. Try these yummy chocolate pecan tarts that are an incredibly easy dish to make that will satisfy your sweet tooth and are easy to prepare. As a bonus, they’re raw and made from natural, clean and wholesome foods. No one will miss the dairy ice cream when you have a batch of these on hand!

13. Healthier Oven-Baked Green Tomatoes

Oven-Baked Green Tomatoes

If you’re from the South, or just familiar with southern fare, you already know that fried green tomatoes are a staple dish that are enjoyed on special occasions and even weeknight dinners. Well, you can easily make these treats vegan if you enjoy them and forget the refined flour used too. You can even bake them to make them more hearty-healthy too. Can we let you in on a secret? The ingredients in this recipe are so satiating and hearty, they’re actually much better than the original!

14. 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge

Peanut Butter Fudge

Okay, so we probably don’t have to convince you that this recipe is reason enough alone to choose vegan fudge, but still, we couldn’t help but share them with you anyway. The best part about this fudge recipe is it requires no heating milk, butter, processed chocolate, and all that nonsense on the stove. Just mix the three ingredients called for here together, press in a pan, and there you go!

15. Easy Veggie Pot Pie

Veggie Pot Pie

Craving a comfort classic? Veggie pot pie is it! Easy to make, filled with healthy veggies (no pre-packaged stuff here), and plenty of spices for good flavor, this recipe will please anyone wanting a classic dish that even beats out the original. Give it a try for Sunday dinner, or perhaps make and freeze ahead for easy weeknight meals too!

For more delicious vegan recipes like salads, ice cream, soups, tacos, burgers, fries, cakes, breakfast dishes, smoothies shakes, brownies, bars, and just about everything you can imagine, see all of our recipes for more vegan delights! What’s your favorite you’re going to make next?

Lead Image Source: 5 Ingredient Vegan Quinoa Fudge