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You can use a simple block of tofu to make the very best addition to any brunch or breakfast – the famous tofu scramble! But who knew you could make so different variations of it? To boost your inspiration for the next time you’re making a killer brunch, here are 15 ways to make tofu scramble from the Food Monster App!

1. ‘Eggy’ Tofu Scramble Weganska Jajeczna Pasta Z Tofu Bez Jajek 2

The magic ingredient in this ‘Eggy’ Tofu Scramble is black salt, which really makes this scramble taste like the real deal! Perfect for long weekend mornings when you’re craving something savory on your bread.

2. Mexican-Spiced Tofu Scramble Mexican Tofu Scramble

Change up your regular tofu scramble with the recipe for this Mexican-Spiced Tofu Scramble! Spices like cumin, coriander, oregano, and garlic make this dish flavorful and unique!

3. Potato Hash and Tofu Scramble Skillet Vegan Breakfast Skillet

When the whole house is really hungry, make this Potato Hash and Tofu Scramble Skillet! How cool to serve everything from a huge skillet? Especially when it’s a yummy, comforting dish made from potatoes, tofu, and delicious toppings!

4. Tofu Scramble With Roasted Beet Fries 009 1

Here’s a yummy, savory tofu scramble, paired with rice, beans, and roasted beet fries for a complete meal! This Tofu Scramble With Roasted Beet Fries is perfect both for breakfast or dinner.

5. Breakfast Nachos With Tofu Scramble and Tempeh BaconNachos

Breakfast nachos? Whoever said you couldn’t apparently didn’t know about these Breakfast Nachos With Tofu Scramble and Tempeh Bacon!

6. Spicy Tofu Scramble and Avocado Breakfast BurritoSpicy Tofu Scramble and Avocado Breakfast Burrito

When life gives you limes, squeeze them over this Spicy Tofu Scramble and Avocado Breakfast Burrito and eat it! The burrito is stuffed with scrambled tofu, fresh jalapeño peppers, fresh greens, avocado, and hot sauce!

7. Tandoori Tofu Scramble Tacos Tandoori Tofu Scramble Tacos

Make it a next level brunch with these Tandoori Tofu Scramble Tacos! The tandoori tofu is packed with a lot of flavors and spice, and placed on a corn tortilla with arugula, avocado, red cabbage, and red onions!

8. ‘Cheesy’ Tofu Scramble "Cheesy" Tofu Scramble

Get a perfect start on your day with some ‘Cheesy’ Tofu Scramble! Tender onions and garlic are mixed into the tofu scramble and blended with nutritional yeast to bring out the cheesy flavor.

9. Harissa Tofu Scramble Harissa Tofu Scramble

This is a savory take on the traditional tofu scramble! This Harissa Tofu Scramble has harissa sauce to make it spicy and adds umami.

10. Breakfast Bowl With Tofu Scramble and Baked Hash BrownsFarmers Market Breakfast Bowl With Tofu Scramble Baked Hash Browns B

A filling breakfast bowl with scrambled tofu, baked hash browns, and quinoa to really get you the fuel you need to get through the day! Add all your favorite veggies to this Breakfast Bowl With Tofu Scramble and Baked Hash Browns to make it your own.

11. Jamaican Tofu Scramble Jamaican Tofu Scramble

This Jamaican Tofu Scramble is a fusion dish that uses Caribbean ingredients like ackee and callaloo together with regular seasonings for tofu scramble, such as turmeric, garlic, and coriander. A truly flavorful and unique scramble that you just have to try!

12. Mushroom Tofu Scramble With Roasted Paprika Potatoes Mushroom Tofu Scramble With Roasted Paprika Potatoes

Two types of different mushrooms, plenty of good greens, and of course, tofu, is used to make this delicious and hearty Mushroom Tofu Scramble With Roasted Paprika Potatoes! Eat it just as it is, or serve it on a bread!

13. Xi Jong Shi Chao ‘Jidan’ (Chinese Tofu Scramble)Tofu1

This dish is inspired by the traditional Chinese dish with the same name, which is usually made with eggs. In this plant-based Xi Jong Shi Chao ‘Jidan’ (Chinese Tofu Scramble) the egg is switched out with tofu, and savory spices are added to give the same familiar flavors!

14. Tofu Scramble With Broccoli NoodlesAdd More Veggies Into Your Family's Diet With These Tasty Dishes

These broccoli noodles perfectly compliment the tofu scramble and make the dish creamy, satisfying, and fluffy! Try this Tofu Scramble With Broccoli Noodles the next time you’re craving a yummy breakfast.

15. Summertime Tofu Scramble summertime scramble vegan recipe

Curried tofu, summer squash, shredded carrots, and onions make this Summertime Tofu Scramble the perfect breakfast for summer! It is vibrant and so flavorful!

If you’re really into long and good breakfasts, check out these 15 Stunning Savory Vegan Breakfasts That Are Perfect For Brunch! All of these and so many more breakfast recipes can be found at the Food Monster App!

Lead image source: Mushroom Tofu Scramble With Roasted Paprika Potatoes

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