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Condiments add that extra zing to your dishes. Hot sauce is considered a staple in some households while others stock up on ketchup, mustard, or soy sauce. What if you could whip your favorite condiments up right in your own kitchen? We browsed the Food Monster App and found 15 interesting condiments to add some flavor to your dishes. Let’s get to dipping!

1. Smoky Apricot-Tomato Barbecue Sauce
Sauce 1.jpg?zoom=0

Yes, you can make your own barbecue sauce easily at home! This Smoky Apricot-Tomato Barbecue Sauce recipe makes a sauce better than any you will ever find in a store. The sweetness of the apricots balances the smoky flavors of the fire roasted tomatoes and the heat of the dried chili pepper.

2. Korean Barbecue Sauce
Vegan Korean BBQ Sauce

This recipe for Korean Barbecue Sauce is a lifesaver because it’s very easy to throw together and the sauce is astoundingly versatile. The thick BBQ sauce is equal parts sweet, salty, savory, and delicious. Plus, you can whip up a batch and store it in your refrigerator for a quick addition to almost any dish.

3. Slow Cooker Barbecue Sauce
vegan Slow-Cooker BBQ Sauce

Unlike conventional, store-bought BBQ sauces that use sugar or high fructose corn syrup, this Slow Cooker Barbecue Sauce utilizes the natural sweetness of tomatoes and a touch of molasses. It can also be given a smoky flavor using either liquid smoke or a hefty amount of chili powder and smoky paprika. This recipe is great because you literally throw everything in the crockpot, give is a quick stir, and leave it to percolate into thick, saucy goodness.

4. Rhubarb Barbecue Sauce
Rhubarb Bbq Sauce.jpg?zoom=0

Half of what makes a great dish is an excellent sauce. This Rhubarb Barbecue Sauce is tart, savory, and can be applied to a range of dishes. Marinate jackfruit in this sauce for a super flavorful, vegan pulled pork sandwich.

5. Tangy Chili Sauce
vegan Tangy Chili Sauce

The flavor medley in this Tangy Chili Sauce is tricky to describe with words. There really is a lot going on in there. Think of an orchestra at the very climax of a symphony. All the instruments are playing with intensity but they still blend together in harmony. That’s what the tang, heat, sweetness, acidity, and smokiness are doing in this. Every note is loud, but complimenting the rest. “Tangy chili sauce” may be a slight understatement.

6. Raw Purple Sriracha
vegan Raw Purple Sriracha

Raw Purple Sriracha? And what’s up with the color? Two questions you might get when you bust out a jar of this stuff — but once people get a taste of it, the only question they’ll be asking is “how did you make it?” This spicy sauce is made by combining cashews, chili peppers, and purple cabbage (don’t worry, you won’t taste it). It’s perfect for wherever you would add Sriracha, but it’s especially gorgeous on colorful salads.

7. Sambal Kecang: Peanut Satay Sauce
Vegan Sambal Kecang: Peanut Satay Sauce

Sambal Kecang, also known as satay sauce, is a staple in Indonesian cuisine. This creamy, slightly spicy sauce is made by combining ground fried peanuts with shallots, garlic, and brown sugar. This pairs well with vegetable or tofu satay, Indonesian fried rice, and gado gado, an Indonesian vegetable dish. While you can find satay sauce in most stores, nothing beats homemade!

8. Pad Thai Sauce
Vegan Gluten-Free Pad Thai Sauce

Pad Thai is one of the most popular street food dishes in the world and obviously you can’t make a pad Thai at home without a good pad Thai sauce recipe. This Pad Thai Sauce is easy and quick to make so you’ll have more time the important things – eating pad Thai.

9. Three-Ingredient Ssam Sauce
vegan Three-Ingredient Ssam Sauce

For a super easy-to-make Three-Ingredient Ssam Sauce that contains no highly-processed ingredients or artificial flavors, try out this three-ingredient recipe. This healthy and nutrient-rich sauce is delicious with tempeh, veggies, tofu, and chips. It can even be used as a base for sandwiches or pizza.

10. Spicy “Honey” Mustard
Vegan Spicy Honey Mustard

This recipe could technically be called Spicy Brown Rice Syrup Mustard, but that really doesn’t have much of a ring to it. This is the perfect condiment for an assortment of things, tofu, sandwiches, salads, potatoes… the possibilities are endless.

11. Blue Cheez Dressing
Vegan Blue Cheez Dressing

This Blue Cheez Dressing is a crowd-pleaser because it’s very rich, but you don’t need much! Perfect for dipping, this dressing is also a great addition to any salad or burger.

12. Dandelion Greens Dressing
Creamy Dandelion Greens Dressing.jpg?zoom=0

Dandelion leaves are an excellent food for detoxification and liver health. But instead of juicing them, adding them to smoothies, or making a salad with them, how about using them in a creamy Dandelion Greens Dressing?

13. Sweet and Tangy Green Chile-Chipotle-Cilantro Dressing
Vegan Sweet and Tangy Green Chile-Chipotle-Cilantro Dressing

There’s nothing like a Sweet and Tangy Green Chile-Chipotle-Cilantro Dressing to go with your greens. Oil-free and packed with flavor, take your lunch up a notch with this yummy condiment.

14. Oil-Free Tomato, Kalamata, and Miso Salad Dressing
Vegan Oil-Free Tomato, Kalamata, and Miso Salad Dressing

This Oil-Free Tomato, Kalamata, and Miso Salad Dressing is amazing! The dates temper the tangy acid and the vegetable broth lends richness.

15. Poppy Seed Ramp Dressing
Vegan Poppy Seed Ramp Dressing

Ramps are a seasonal spring delicacy: a wild-foraged allium that only grows for a few weeks out of the year in our North Eastern region. This Poppy Seed Ramp Dressing utilizes this special ingredient to bring something really unique to your dish.

Grab your salads, fries, noodles, sandwiches, and anything else you smother is sauce and get going! Here are some sandwich ideas to get you started. Lunch will never be boring again thanks to the Food Monster App. We have over 10,000 plant-based recipes, from breakfast to dessert. Subscribers gain access to new recipes every day. Download it today!

Lead image source: Slow Cooker Barbecue Sauce

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