Whether you’re watching The Devil Wears Prada or The Conjuring (again), a good movie night isn’t complete without a plethora of snack options. You don’t have to be limited to tortilla chips and salsa, although we adore both, as a vegan when it comes to movie night snacks. There are plenty of delicious recipes that can be used when gathering with your friends, family or significant other.

Whether it’s creating a batch of coated popcorn, laying out a tray of buffalo bites, or crafting a platter of tasty dips, we have you covered with these 5 vegan movie night hacks from our Food Monster App. Sit back and enjoy the show.


1. How to Make Your Favorite Dip Platter.10 Ways to Make Awesome Vegan Dips and Spreads

When you picture a movie night gathering in your head, you picture a pile of chips and pita slices and a variety of dips and sauces to plunk them in. What you dip the chips into, or what spreads you create, is totally up to you. You can easily cut up raw vegetables like celery, baby carrots, zucchini and bell peppers. You can also use homemade crackers, flatbreads, or whole wheat pita bread. Dip them into an artichoke dip or a hearty red pepper hummus for the ultimate, flavorful scoop. If you need more ideas, check out 10 Ways to Make Awesome Vegan Dips and Spreads.

2. Take Your Popcorn To the Next Levelpopcorn movie night hacks

Beside delicious dipping platters, movie night cannot possibly be completed without popcorn. This is a classic movie favorite; perfect for sharing and easy to make. Popcorn is also light enough to eat throughout an entire movie (or two!) without feeling full. We like to think of that as a good thing. But you don’t have to settle for regular popcorn. There are plenty of Exciting Hacks To Upgrade Your Popcorn game, including spicy flavors and sweet caramel. Don’t forget to pile on the homemade vegan butter! Popcorn wouldn’t be popcorn without the yum factor of non-dairy butter.

3. Make your own sweet-as-can-be candy!

So far, we have dips, we have chips, we have popcorn and now for the sweetest part of a vegan movie night: homemade candy. Making candy at home assures one hundred percent plant-based ingredients are being used, and that there isn’t an overload of sugar and salt included. It’s also fun to create with your friends, as you can personalize each bowl. From Raw Snickers Truffles to White Chocolate Pumpkin Bark With Candied Pecans, and Rose Gummies the homemade candy options are truly endless. You can even make your own Chocolate Sauce to drizzle on top!

4. Make your homemade pizza the healthy way!The Ultimate Guide to Making Homemade Pizza The Healthy Way

Ah, pizza. It’s hard to go wrong with a tasty, homemade vegan pizza. Making pizza yourself is a great way to design a pizza exactly how you like it. It’s also the easiest way to turn your typical fatty pie into a healthy, plant-based meal suitable for anyone’s diet. Whether you skip the cheese entirely or make it totally raw, pizza is always a good idea. If you want a fun and easy idea for your movie night, opt for making a Yeast-Free Pizza Crust, or a Wholewheat Sourdough Pizza Crust for added nutrition and deliciousness. There are a lot of vegan cheese options to top your pizza with, like parmesan and any of these 10 Out of This World Vegan Cheeses! You may want to also check out our Ultimate Guide to Making Homemade Pizza The Healthy Way!


5. Ice cream for everyone!Roasted Strawberry Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Last but certainly not least is ice cream. With its variety of flavors, ingredients, recipes, and bright colors, it’s no wonder ice cream ends up being a main source of fun at any overnight gathering. I mean, who doesn’t want to scoop delicious, creamy goodness into their mouths as they watch their favorite movies with their favorite people? Luckily, the vegan ice cream options are a dime a dozen. Make it sweet with a Roasted Strawberry Coconut flavor or a Simple No Churn Lemon Balm Ice Cream. There is also a great way for you to learn How to Make Vegan Ice Cream Rich and Creamy without dairy. You can include delicious ingredients like strawberries, mango chunks, vegan cookie dough or pecans. Ice cream is a movie night must have.

Now that you have everything you need for a successful night of Netflix-binging, you can fully enjoy your company as they, and you, enjoy the plethora of vegan goodies provided.


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