Surviving Thanksgiving dinner when you’re trying to eat plant-based can be toughtough. Traditional Thanksgiving dishes, even veggie-based dishes like our beloved mashed potatoes, are typically loaded with meat and dairy products. However, if you bring your own hearty side dish to the table, you have something to eat and pass around.

While we love nothing more than a big plate of mashed potatoes, why not try putting a new spin on the classic dish this year? Here are 15 tasty, vegan mashed vegetable recipes we found in the Food Monster App that are loaded with seasonal flavors!


1. Sweet Potato Mash With Cashew CreamSweet Potato Mash With Roasted Garlic and Cashew Cream b

This simple Sweet Potato Mash has the deep flavors of roasted sweet potato, onion, and a whole head of garlic. The cashew cream makes this dish feel like a guilty pleasure, with its unsurpassed creaminess. It’s perfectly warming served as a side.

2. Slow Cooker Rosemary Carrot Parsnip Mash

This Rosemary Carrot Parsnip Mash makes a great alternative for those who eat vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, or paleo. The nutty flavor of the root vegetables mixed with the creamy almond milk and coconut cream creates a satisfying dish to add to any menu. This is an easy-to-make, comfort-food style dish that is perfect for any family party.

3. Mashed Cauliflower Green Bean Casserole Mashed Cauliflower Green Bean Casserole b

This is definitely a dish for everyone — even the pickiest of eaters. Fresh green beans are tossed with coconut milk, nutritional yeast, and onion, all topped with a creamy layer of cauliflower mash plus a crunchy, garlicky bread crumb topping. It’s comforting, warming, creamy, and cheesy. In short, this Mashed Cauliflower Green Bean Casserole is comfort food approved. Plus, since it’s prepared with minimal ingredients in just 35 minutes, you just can’t go wrong.

4. Hearty Lentil, Mushroom, And Barley Mash 

This mash will really do the trick if you need to warm up – comfort food at its tastiest, folks. This Hearty Lentil, Mushroom, And Barley Mash is incredibly delicious and filling. If you are a mushroom fan, this recipe is dedicated to you. It is full of flavor and it takes under a half hour to make!


5. South Indian Mashed Pumpkin South Indian Mashed Pumpkin

In this South Indian Mashed Pumpkin, yellow pumpkin is cooked until tender in a pot tempered with curry leaves and spicy mustard seeds. As it cooks, onions, spicy chilis, and turmeric are added to the pot and cooked until the pumpkin is tender enough to be mashed.

6. Sweet Potato Mash With Maple-Pecans ToppingSweet Potato Mash With Maple-Pecans and Brussels Sprouts

In this recipe, the flavors of roasted Brussels sprouts and maple pecans pair perfectly with creamy mashed sweet potato. This Sweet Potato Mash With Maple-Pecan Topping is warm, comforting, and earthy, yet so simple to make. The taste of each component on its own is delicious enough, but when combined, it becomes something special.

7. Lentil, Sweet Potato, And Carrot Mash Lentil Stew With Sweet Potato and Carrot Mash [Vegan]

If you haven’t cooked with lentils before, this is a great place to start! This Lentil, Sweet Potato, And Carrot Mash is super easy to make, really hearty, and beautiful on top of the bright orange mash. Top the whole thing off with some coconut yogurt and avocado and enjoy!

8. Perfect Pea Mash 

This Perfect Pea Mash may just make you sing. Serve this purée as a side dish, as a spread on toast or crackers, atop a salad, or as a creamy pesto over other vegetables. This is a unique and simple dish to jazz up your table.


9. Celery Root, Pumpkin, And Carrot Mash

A mix of root veggies creates a wonderful little side dish that pairs well with practically anything! This Celery Root, Pumpkin, And Carrot Mash brings traditional seasonal flavors to the next level!

10. Lentils Over White Bean Mash 

If you’re looking for a versatile recipe that’s packed with protein, look no further than these Lentils Over White Bean Mash. A heart stew made from lentils, mushrooms, carrots, and spices is served on top of a filling mash made from white beans and creamy Yukon Gold potatoes. Serve this with a side salad or some vegetables with crusty bread and you have yourself a hearty meal.


11. Mashed Casserole With Broccoli And Cauliflower Gravy Mashed Potato Casserole With Broccoli and a Cauliflower Gravy

This Casserole has a layer of mashed potatoes, then a layer of cauliflower gravy, then a final layer of minced broccoli. The mashed potato layer has an undetectable can of white beans mixed in for protein. The gravy is made of puréed cauliflower as well as mushrooms. This ultimate comfort food of a casserole is creamy, dreamy, and a must-make for dinner.

12.Mashed Sweet Potatoes With Apples And Bourbon 

This is a simple but delicious twist on regular old mashed sweet potatoes. The small amount of bourbon gives them a kick, but the cinnamon and brown sugar will make these sweet ‘taters appealing to the more traditional types at your Thanksgiving table. Bring these Mashed Sweet Potatoes With Apples And Bourbon to dinner and your company might not even realize they’re eating way less sugar and fat than usual!

13. Potato and Celery Root Mash

The typical holiday mashed potato recipe contains nearly a stick of butter. But of course, you can make great mashed potatoes without any dairy at all. The celery root in this Potato Celery Root Mash gives the dish a buttery flavor that is just as good as the real thing.

14. Fennel and Carrot Mash Fennel and Carrot Puree 1

This rich and creamy Fennel And Carrot Mash is the perfect recipe to add to your Thanksgiving table! Chopped carrots and fennel are blended together, along with creamy coconut milk, olive oil, and a bit of lemon.


15. Macrobiotic Millet Cauliflower Mash With Shiitake Gravy 

Millet with cauliflower, a classic macrobiotic dish, cooks up soft and creamy and even tastes like mashed potatoes. The Shiitake gravy makes it especially tasty. This Macrobiotic Millet Cauliflower Mash With Shiitake Gravy is a delicious and hearty dish that will keep everyone wanting seconds.

For more ideas for Thanksgiving Day side dishes check out 30 Vegan Thanksgiving Sides And Soups! If you need advice on popular Thanksgiving Meat Alternatives, Eating Gluten-Free On Thanksgiving, Fully Vegan Thanksgiving Menu Plans, or even Thanksgiving Desserts, we have all the resources you need to get through Thanksgiving Dinner like a champ!

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Lead image source: Sweet Potato Mash With Roasted Garlic And Cashew Cream