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Nothing says summer quite like fresh corn on the cob. Classic sweet corn is a staple food for BBQs, camping, the beach and outdoor parties. Corn on the cob makes the perfect dish to feed a crowd or a family because it is inexpensive and readily accessible during the warm months. It is also super manageable to cook, fun to eat, and is a refreshing and cooling food. There are incredible advantages to eating local foods, and corn is the perfect food to get from local farms.

Plus, corn is also a wonderful food to incorporate into nearly any dish. Try some breakfast for dinner and make some Mexican Corn Pancakes, or go sweet and make these Berry Ice Cream and Sweet Corn Sandwiches. Whichever way you choose to use your corn, there’s no doubt that fresh corn right off the cob is the most delicious way. Here are some fun tips and flavor ideas to enjoy the last of your summer corn on the cob! 

Get Grillin’

Fresh Ways to Spruce Up Your Summer Corn on the CobFlickr

The easiest way to totally switch up your corn game is to try a different way of cooking. Corn on the cob is typically cooked by boiling. This technique is extremely easy and only takes about five minutes to make. While boiling is the classic way to cook sweet corn, opt for new cooking techniques to get unique flavors. Grilling your corn on the cob is an awesome way to get smokey flavors that scream summertime. Grilling will give you juicy and tender bites that are sure to impress.

To grill your corn, first peel back the husks and remove the silk from your cobs. Cover them back up with their husks and soak in water for 10 minutes. This will prevent burning from happening. After soaking, shake off excess water and then grill for 15 minutes on medium-high heat. You can also completely shuck your corn and grill them naked for a super-charred flavor.

Add Some Flavor

Sure, butter is a delicious counterpart to corn on the cob. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most plant-based or healthiest way to eat this summertime treat. There are so many other options for decorating your corn to be the most delicious and wholesome. From cheesy goodness, to light and zesty herbs, here are four different ideas for making flavor-packed corn on the cob:


EASY ELOTE (WITH A TWIST) [Vegan, Gluten-Free]


Mexican corn on the cob, better known as Elote, is irresistible. This corn is normally slathered in a mixture of crumbled Cotija cheese, crema, mayonnaise, garlic and chili powder. Doesn’t sound very plant-based, but have no fear, a vegan version is totally delicious and possible! This Easy Elote is the simplest way to veganize this classic recipe. For a completely plant-based, homemade version, opt for making Homemade Vegan Mayo, Brazil Nut Vegan Parmesan, and this Coconut Sour Cream. Use corn that has been grilled so you can get smokey flavors. Last but not least, squeeze some fresh lime juice on top to finish your Elote off.

Garlic Roasted

White Wine Garlic Butter [Vegan]


This one’s for all you garlic lovers. Garlic has so many positive health properties such as super food vitamins, flu-fighting powers and brain-boosting antioxidants. So why not add some fresh garlic to your even fresher corn on the cob? Garlic can easily be added to a plant-based butter to make creamy spreads such as this White Wine Garlic Butter. For quick flavors added to your corn, put fresh garlic cloves in the husks of your corn and roast the corn this way. This technique will infuse your corn kernels with garlicky tastes, but not be overly creamy like a butter.

Ginger Coconut

Recipe: Vegan Charred Corn on the Cob with Thai Chili-Lime Mayo


Sweet and spicy and totally delicious. This ginger coconut corn on the cob doubles as a savory dish or dessert. Ginger and coconut are a killer flavor combination as tasted in this Coconut Ginger Smoothie and this Ginger-Coconut Kale Zucchini Spaghetti. For corn on the cob, simply infuse some coconut milk with ginger to create a rich and tangy sauce. Simmer for around 30 minutes a cup of coconut milk with roughly a two-inch chunk of fresh ginger. Strain this mixture, drizzle over your corn, and top with fresh cilantro. Although using home-grown ginger is ideal, you can also use ground ginger powder for an easy fix. For sweeter corn on the cob, top with coconut flakes.

Lemon Pepper

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Go fresh with your flavors and use lemon and pepper on your corn on the cob. Citrus, like lemon, is essential for your lymphatic system and for keeping your body balanced. For easy seasoning, simply squeeze fresh lemon over your corn on the cob and dust with ground pepper. Boiled corn on the cob will taste the lightest with this flavor combination, however, any cooking technique can be used. To shake things up a bit, try this Lemon-Olive Sauce. Ground black pepper is a vital kitchen spice and will add just the right amount of bite to your corn on the cob.

What are you waiting for?! Corn on the cob is practically calling your name to be eaten. At an inexpensive price and super easy to cook, corn on the cob makes the perfect, flavor-packed summer side dish. For other corn ideas check out this Charred Corn on the Cob with Thai Chili-Lime Mayo or these 7 Ways to Make Vegan Cornbread. We would love to hear your ideas! What’s your favorite way to eat corn on the cob this summer?

Lead image source: Charred Corn on the Cob with Thai Chili-Lime Mayo