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Dehydrating foods has easily become a top trend in the food community. Not only do dehydrated foods offer all the benefits of keeping your food raw, but they also give you the satisfaction of a cooked meal. Plus, you can achieve that perfect crispy texture that we all love! We also appreciate how versatile this method of cooking is. From dried fruit, kale chips, crispy buffalo cauliflower, to rice paper bacon, you’ll wonder why you didn’t hop on this popular food trend earlier!

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1. Cheezy Spiced Kale Chips

Cheezy Spiced Kale Chips

Source: Cheezy Spiced Kale Chips    

This recipe by Selva Wohlgemuth is for raw Cheezy Spiced Kale Chips, using a dehydrator. However, if you do not have a dehydrator there are easy steps to make them in your oven. These chips are so much cheaper than the store-bought version! Make these at home for a cheezy, crispy treat!

2. Raw Dark Chocolate Coconut Chips

Raw Dark Chocolate Coconut Chips

Source: Raw Dark Chocolate Coconut Chips

These raw dark chocolate coconut chips by Crystal Bonnet are pretty good for you and impossible to stop eating. The desiccated coconut is soaked in a mixture of cocoa, Chaga powder, vanilla, and salt. They store well and take very little prep time so you can keep them around the house for whenever you want a snack.

3. Raw Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

Raw Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

Source: Raw Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

Crisp, spicy, sweet … Mmm! These raw spicy buffalo cauliflower tacos by Natalie Yonan are a burst of flavor and texture. The Buffalo sauce is made from dates, sun-dried tomatoes, spices, and tahini for creaminess. Perfect for lunch or a light dinner, you’ll be amazed at how flavorful raw cauliflower can be.

4. Chocolate-Dipped Candied Oranges

Chocolate-Dipped Candied Oranges

Source: Chocolate-Dipped Candied Oranges

Chewy, sweet candied oranges, dipped in rich dark chocolate. Sound tempting? This Chocolate-Dipped Candied Oranges recipe by Sarah Pether calls for a dehydrator, but the good news is, that you can make them even if you don’t have one! These candied oranges make the perfect gift for your sweetheart — or you can gift them to yourself.

5. Raw BBQ Mango Meat

Raw BBQ Mango Meat

Source: Raw BBQ Mango Meat

This raw barbecue mango meat by Amanda Nicole Smith is crisp on the outside, spicy and sweet — you’ll want to snack on it all day long. Mango is mixed with bold spices and dehydrated until a meaty texture is achieved, making it perfect for kebabs with grilled vegetables The trick to the perfect mango meat is to use somewhat unripened mangos, so they are slightly firm to touch, and not as sweet.

6. Rice Paper Bacon

Rice Paper Bacon

Source: Rice Paper Bacon 

Yes, this is real! Smoky, and salty, this rice paper bacon by Laura Peill is made by seasoning rice paper rolls in a smoky paste and dehydrating them until crispy. It’s the perfect addition to your salads, soups, and sandwiches, or for a light snack that’s big on flavor!

7. Raw Granola Bar Crackers

Raw Granola Bar Crackers

Source: Raw Granola Bar Crackers

These yummy raw vegan Granola Bar Crackers by Annie Oliverio are on the sweet side and include some standard granola bar ingredients. Eat them straight up or make a sandwich using homemade coconut milk ice cream.

8. Eggplant Jerky

Eggplant Jerky

Source: Eggplant Jerky

As a vegan, you must find creative ways to make the foods you once loved. When it comes to cooking, you get these ideas that you can’t shake. When something sounds like a good idea, you just have to try it out. This is how the eggplant jerky by Andrea Biethman was born.

9. Italian Herb Onion ‘Cheese’ Crackers

Italian Herb Onion ‘Cheese’ Crackers

Source: Italian Herb Onion ‘Cheese’ Crackers

These Italian Herb Onion ‘Cheese’ crackers by Julie Van den Kerchove are a cheesy, flavor snack you can enjoy alongside a sandwich or on their own. Feel free to experiment with different kinds of herbs such as coriander, fennel, dill, lavender, sage, tarragon, and crushed peppercorn.

10. Raw Hot Cross Buns

Raw Hot Cross Buns

Source: Raw Hot Cross Buns

These delicious, easy, healthy Raw Hot Cross Buns by Emily von Euw are made from mostly nuts and fruit. Magical, ain’t it? These buns will never cease to amaze and show that whole foods taste so damn good. Of course, it’s not a coincidence. We have evolved to be attracted to foods that sustain us. That’s why mangoes are perfect all by themselves.

11. Smoky Tempeh Jerky

Smoky Tempeh Jerky

Source: Smoky Tempeh Jerky

While traditional jerky is usually made with meat, you can make vegan jerky using tofu. This smoky tempeh vegan jerky by Rebecca Coleman, however, is made with tempeh. It’s pretty simple to do. You marinate the tempeh (cut into thin slices) overnight, then dehydrate them the next day. You can use a dehydrator for this, but you could also just as easily do it in your oven at a very low temp.

12. Raw Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Raw Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Source: Raw Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Are you looking for the perfect breakfast cookie that will satisfy your hunger and reduce your cravings for sugary snacks? Try these raw vegan banana oatmeal cookies by Julie Van den Kerchove! They are sweet, slightly crunchy, and very rich in potassium, thanks to the addition of fresh bananas. Did you know that potassium is a natural cellulite buster? It eliminates excess sodium from your cells, which is the number one cause of cellulite. Another great reason to enjoy these raw vegan banana oatmeal cookies!

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