How much do you love pistachios? These little green nuts have a long history; archaeologists estimate that pistachios may have been cultivated for around 9,000 years. They were one of the staple crops of ancient Babylon and are one of the only two nuts mentioned in the Bible. They are native to the Middle East, where pistachio trees would grow in deserts but eventually, they made their way to Europe. In the United States, pistachios have been consumed since the 1800s, but it wasn’t until 1976 that the very first commercial pistachio crops were harvested. Today, California produced 300 million pounds of pistachios each year, or about 98 percent of the domestic crop.

These little nuts have a high amount of nutrition. They are a good source of dietary fiber, protein, vitamin E, healthy fats, and flavonoids, or heart-healthy nutrients that contain antioxidants. No wonder the world’s love affair with pistachios has lasted for so long. So, get ready because we have 15 dairy-free desserts where pistachios reign supreme.


1. Raw Chocolate Pistachio CookiesChocolate Pistachio Biscuits

These Raw Chocolate Pistachio Cookies are super easy to make but manage to look fancy all the same. This recipe uses a classic flavor combination, chocolate, and pistachio, to make simple, elegant, and tasty cookies that will have everyone asking for more.

2. Raw Fig Pistachio Barsfig

Looking for the perfect way to put those ripe figs to good use? Then give these fruity, refreshing, and nutty Raw Fig Pistachio Bars a try. Fig and pistachio are a perfect flavor combo — you get crunchy pistachios from the crust, a layer of creamy cashew cheesecake with pistachios mixed in, and then a topping of fresh sliced figs. Finish your day with a slice of this dessert bar and a cup of hot tea.

3. Pistachio Mars BarsPistachio Mars Bars 2

Chocolate covered candy bars made with crushed pistachios and salted caramel … need we say more? These Pistachio Mars Bars copycats taste just as good as the original but are healthier since they contain zero refined sugars or additives. Each layer takes only a few minutes to whip up and then simply need to be combined and coated in chocolate. Easy and delicious!

4. Pistachio Bostock: Toast With Pistachio Cream and StreuselToasts With Pistachio Cream and Streusel

A bostock is a French delicacy that consists of almond frangipane served on top of days-old bread. This Pistachio Bostock puts a spin on the traditional recipe by replacing the almond frangipane with pistachio cream to make a decadent breakfast or dessert. Crunchy on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside, it tastes like baked French toast would. Top with strawberry coulis or jam for an amazing flavor combo.


5. Chocolate Pistachio and Zucchini Doughnuts Chocolate Pistachio Zucchini Doughnut 3

Fear doughnuts no more! These gluten-free Chocolate Pistachio and Zucchini Doughnuts are super healthy, delicious, rich, and moist. Each doughnut made with fresh zucchini, spinach (yep, you won’t see it or taste it but know it’s there), pistachios, gluten-free flour, and homemade apple sauce and is sweetened with agave. Grab-and-go food never tasted so good!

6. Pistachio Rice Chocolate BarsPistachio Rice Chocolate Bars

These Pistachio Rice Chocolate Bars have all the flavor and deliciousness of a store-bought candy bar but are much healthier. They are made with cacao powder, peanut butter, coconut oil, pistachios, and a few other ingredients. Together they make a delicious, textured, dense, and satisfying treat that will nip those chocolate cravings easily.


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pistachio pancakes with cherry syrup

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7. Strawberry Pistachio Chia-Oat BarsStrawberry Pistachio Chia Oat Bars 3

These Strawberry Pistachio Chia-Oat Bars are naturally sweetened, slightly-zesty, and have the perfect amount of fruit-to-oat ratio. This particular recipe calls for strawberries, but they’re easy to adapt with whatever fresh fruit you have on hand. Serve these crumbly, juicy bars as is or with a big scoop of dairy-free vanilla ice cream.

8. Pistachio Cake pistachio cake

This Pistachio Cake is amazing in every way. It has good-for-you ingredients like pistachios and spinach, is easy-to-make, doesn’t require any fancy devices, and looks absolutely beautiful! Despite the short list of ingredients and minimal sugar, this cake bursts with flavor.

9. Raw Chocolate Pistachio TartRaw Pistachio Tart c

This Raw Chocolate Pistachio Tart is made with only six ingredients! It’s a healthy and gluten-free dessert that is perfect for entertaining guests. The creamy, pistachio filling contrasts beautifully with the dark chocolate crust in both aesthetic and flavor.

10. Pistachio Whoopie Piespistachio

Pistachios have a somewhat buttery flavor, which makes them perfect as the creamy whipped filling in these Pistachio Whoopie Pies. Sandwiched between two soft, chocolatey, cardamom-spiced cookies is a decadent, nutty green pistachio frosting with texture like buttercream. You might be tempted to eat just the frosting but trust us, it’s perfect with chocolate.

11. Raw Pistachio Rose CakeRaw Pistachio Rose Cake 2

Who says you need to turn on the oven to make a beautiful cake? Pistachios, coconut butter, and coconut milk form the velvety base of this Raw Pistachio Rose Cake, which is then topped with sticky-sweet chia jam, and then finally a white chocolate-flavored coconut layer with delicate notes of rose water. Delicious!

12. Cardamom Pistachio Rose Energy Bites Cardamom Pistachio Rose Energy Bites

These Cardamom Pistachio Rose Energy Bites are an amazing pick-me-up throughout the day. They also function wonderfully as a sweets-craving-killer, for those after dinner hours when you’re puttering around the kitchen, hoping that the chocolate fairy has magically granted your cabinets a visit. The flavor draws on that of the Middle East where pistachio baklava and rose Turkish delights are often found in pastry shops and markets. Their exotic, sweet and satisfying flavor comes from just a few simple ingredients: pistachios, cardamom, and rose water.


13. Matcha Pistachio Tres Leches Cake Matcha Pistachio Tres Leches Cake

This Matcha Pistachio Tres Leches Cake is four layers of pure decadence. The light, fluffy vanilla cakes are flavored with earthy matcha and homemade pistachio milk. It’s coated with a rich frosting made from coconut yogurt and homemade vegan condensed milk. Make this show-stopping cake for your next big event.

14. Pistachio Creme Brûléecreme brulee

No matter how you make it, creme brûlée always makes dessert feel like a high-end affair. If you have always been a fan, then you will love this Pistachio Creme Brûlée. Even though there are just a few simple ingredients and steps, the complexity in flavor with its burnt sugar and pistachio vanilla bean custard make this deserving of any table.

15. Pistachio, Sea Salt, and Carob Chip CookiesVegan Pistachio, Sea Salt and Carob Chip Cookies [Vegan]

Sometimes the simplest uses of ingredients is best, like in these Pistachio, Sea Salt, and Carob Chip Cookies. Carob and pistachio are perfectly paired in these cookies. Carob kind of tastes like a combination of chocolate and caramel. Not as strong as dark chocolate or cacao, but definitely sweet while nutty pistachios add a buttery flavor and a little bit of texture. The finishing touch, a pinch of sea salt, is the perfect addition!

Need more pistachio in your life? Then, hop on over to our vegan pistachio recipes page for more ideas and inspiration!

Lead image source: Pistachio Cake