Maybe you’ve tried some classic Thai recipes before and found your favorites that you stick to every time. It’s easy to fall into the same pattern, so here’s a list of Thai dishes to feed you with inspiration! Next time you’re craving some exciting Thai flavors, try one of these recipes! Or find another amazing recipe on our Food Monster App!

1. Sweet Meatballs With Peanut Rice Noodles 

Meatless meatballs and peanut rice noodles makes this dish a little different from the traditional Thai dishes you’re used to. These Sweet Meatballs With Peanut Rice Noodles by Jacinthe Vigneault will give you all the sweet and savory flavors you’re craving!


2. Creamy Thai Pumpkin Coconut Lo Mein

Coconut and peanuts are traditional ingredients in Thai dishes, but this one is a quite unique one as it has pumpkin in it! A creamy and rich dish that is full of flavors, this Creamy Thai Pumpkin Coconut Lo Mein by Zoe and Mia Lau will surely satisfy your taste buds!

3. Thai Barbecue Cauliflower 

Barbecued cauliflower has been a hit for a long time, and it tastes even better with some added Thai spices! This Thai Barbecue Cauliflower by Zsu Dever gives you an extra crispiness, and served with a cooled and creamy dip it will be like a taste of heaven!

4. Thai Coconut Curry Soup With Spicy Sesame 

Basically everything you’d ever want from a soup: savory with just the perfect hint of sweetness, packed with flavors and a bunch of toppings! This Thai Coconut Curry Soup With Spicy Sesame by Parsley Vegan will definitely deliver!

5. Nut-Free Thai Noodles

You can still enjoy a delicious dish with all the flavors from Thailand even without the nuts! Make this Nut-Free Thai Noodles by Caroline Ginolfi, where the peanut butter are replaced by sunflower seed butter for a slightly different experience that’s just as tasty!


6. Tempeh Meatballs in Spicy Sweet and Sour Sauce 

Lemongrass and ginger, these Thai-inspired tempeh meatballs will take you to a place far, far away! That’s how good they are. These Tempeh Meatballs in Spicy Sweet and Sour Sauce by Valentina Chiappa are cooked in an aromatic, pineapple sauce, and are spiced with coriander seeds and smoky cumin.

7. Pad Thai Nachos

Skip the regular nachos, these ones can just as easily become your new favorite! With all the spicy tangy goodness of pad Thai combined with the salty, crunchy flavors of nachos, these Pad Thai Nachos by Conscious Chris are the perfect treat to serve when you’re having a party, or just when you’re having a party of one!

8. Almond Ginger Pad Thai

A smooth and creamy sauce gives this Thai dish a perfect little twist. Instead of peanuts, top this Almond Ginger Pad Thai by Molly Patrick with some chopped almonds to make it even more creative!

9. Thai Coconut Soup

This soup has everything you’re looking for in a Thai dish: a perfect balance of sour, sweet, salty, and spicy! Make this Thai Coconut Soup by Lindsey Auerbach, and have leftovers for the rest of the week.


10. Asparagus Risotto With Lemongrass and Thai Basil 

A super creamy risotto packed with healthy vegetables. The asparagus tips are sautéed golden and crispy, while the rest is cooked with Thai basil, fresh mint leaves, shallots and seasoned with chopped garlic and a spicy serrano pepper for heat. Make sure to try this Asparagus Risotto With Lemongrass and Thai Basil by Adam Merrin and Ryan Alvarez on a cold day when you’re in desperate need of some warm flavors!

11. Crispy Thai Roasted Cauliflower Tacos

Get your Taco Tuesday game going strong with these Thai-inspired tacos! These Crispy Thai Roasted Cauliflower Tacos by Angela Simpson presents you with exciting Thai flavors, roasted cauliflower, and a delicious avocado-lime sauce.


12. Creamy Thai Pesto Linguine 

A green goddess! This is comfort food at its best, with a combination of chewy soft rice noodles, thick creamy coconut milk, and Thai basil pesto to lift it all. This Creamy Thai Pesto Linguini by Jess Hoffman is the perfect mix of Italian and Thai!

13. Squash and Asparagus Autumn Rolls With Maple Peanut Sauce 

You don’t have to wait until autumn to make these Squash and Asparagus Autumn Rolls With Maple Peanut Sauce by Liz Martone, they can be enjoyed the year around! Infused with maple flavor and peanut crunch, these rolls make a delightful side dish or appetizer!

14. Thai Green Curry Cauliflower Rice 

So simple, yet so creative! Perfect as a side dish or as a quick weeknight meal, this Thai Green Curry Cauliflower Rice by Florian Nouh loads you with fresh and sweet flavors! Add some peanuts on top for some extra crunch, and start enjoying!

15. Thai Salad and Cauliflower Rice Wrap 

The perfect lunch to bring with you to school, work, or anywhere you’re going! These Thai Salad and Cauliflower Rice Wraps by Taylor Kiser give you an explosion of taste and texture. They’re filled with sweet and spicy peanut sauce, and a yummy Thai salad. Healthy, filling, and flavorful at the same time!


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Lead image source: Crispy Thai Roasted Cauliflower Tacos