If you’ve been wanting to incorporate more raw meals in your plant-based diet, but can’t make it through a big bowl of salad, no worries! There are other wonderful raw recipes that are both tasty and healthy! These recipes push the boundaries of the raw diet, making food fun and enjoyable, without even turning on the oven! Don’t forget to check out these recipes and many others on our Food Monster App!

1. Raw Portobello and Shallot Burger

Source: Raw Portobello and Shallot Burger


These Raw Portobello and Shallot Burger by Valentina Chiappa are a must-make for any mushroom lover. Portobello mushroom caps and shallots are marinated in a simple sauce of tamari, olive oil, and fresh herbs, then dehydrated until they take on color. They’re paired with a simple mustard avocado cream, fresh sliced apples, and greens.

2. Raw Purple Sauerkraut

Source: Raw Purple Sauerkraut

This probiotic-rich Raw Purple Sauerkraut by Julia Winnicki is not only super-healthy, it’s delicious. Shredding the cabbage into the thicker strips and adding grape leaves and salt help make the sauerkraut firm and crunchy, and adding purple cabbage gives it a rich magenta color.

3. Raw Fermented Coconut Yogurt

Source: Raw Fermented Coconut Yogurt


This gluten-free Raw Fermented Coconut Yogurt by Nikki and Zuzana with just 3 ingredients. It’s a thick and creamy treat to enjoy on its own, with fruit or topped with some raw granola. Great for Gut-Health.

4. Raw Breaded Eggplant Meatballs With Marinara Sauce

Source: Raw Breaded Eggplant Meatballs With Marinara Sauce

If you’re trying to eat more raw foods, but you still need your pasta fix, then this recipe is a must-try. Eggplants are blended with fresh basil and other ingredients, then coated in crunchy almond “breading,” and finally, dehydrated until they reach a meaty texture. These Raw Breaded Eggplant Meatballs With Marinara Sauce by Lena Ksantiwith are best when served on a bed of zucchini noodles.

5. Cauliflower and Kale Fried Rice

Source: Cauliflower and Kale Fried Rice


This Cauliflower and Kale Fried Rice by Rachel Carr is so simple, lovely and fast to throw together. Cauliflower makes a brilliant and healthy, grain free raw vegan substitute for rice. And it’s so easy to make, you won’t believe it. Cauliflower is a powerhouse of nutrition, and one of the best vegetables to include in your diet on a regular basis.

6. Raw Zucchini Tomato Lasagna With Cashew Herb Cheese

Source: Raw Zucchini Tomato Lasagna With Cashew Herb Cheese


Yum yum yum! Healthy and delicious! Try this creamy lasagna, its so easy to make! This Raw Zucchini Tomato Lasagna With Cashew Herb Cheese by Emily von Euw makes an excellent dinner for you and your friends.

7. Walnut Taco Meat

Source: Walnut Taco Meat

100% Raw, Gluten-Free Tacos! In this Walnut Taco Meat by Christa Clark “meat” is made from a walnut base and is absolutely incredible. Put it on tortillas with some homemade salsa, cashew sour cream and guacamole or make it an entirely raw meal and serve it on leave of cabbage or lettuce.

8. Raw Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Source: Raw Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes


These Raw Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes by Olivia Budgen makes a perfect and healthy side dish to dollop onto your plate of fresh food. Enjoy at your holiday festivities, or at any other time cause they’re just that good!

9. Raw Brownies With Avocado Frosting

Source: Raw Brownies With Avocado Frosting

Incredibly delicious and nutritious raw, vegan brownies! These Brownies With Avocado Frosting by Amanda Froelich are raw and still delicious, packing in the natural flavor of chocolate. You won’t even know there’s avocado in the frosting.

10. Raw Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts

Source: Raw Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts

This Raw Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts by Claire Ragozzino is gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and processed sugar-free, but still incredibly flavorful! Figs and apple give the dough a touch of sweetness and the moistness it needs to create a moist, cake-like dough, topped raw cacao glaze and colorful quinoa sprinkles to finish it off!

11. Raw Taco Gorilla Wraps

Source: Raw Taco Gorilla Wraps

This Raw Taco Gorilla Wraps by Akshata Sheelvant is rich in amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes, omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, iron, amino acids, folic acid and lots of other nutrients—it is a total body beauty recipe, meaning it’s great for your hair, skin, eyes, balancing weight and more!

12. Kelp Noodle Chili Salad

Source: Kelp Noodle Chili Salad

This raw Kelp Noodle Chili Salad by Nikki Stokes is a quick, easy and delicious way to start using kelp noodles. It takes barely 10 minutes to pull together, and you can be soaking any remaining “sea” taste out of your kelp noodles while you chop your veggies, so it’s efficient as well.

13. Creamy Beetroot and Avocado Soup

Source: Creamy Beetroot and Avocado Soup

This vibrant Creamy Beetroot and Avocado Soup by Olivia Budgen is naturally silky, creamy and extremely fulfilling and satisfying. The deep rich color represents the high content of antioxidants that the beetroot contains. This dish is raw which means that all these antioxidants (along with the enzymes, vitamins and minerals) haven’t been destroyed by heat and your body will be able to efficiently recognize, absorb and utilize them.

14. Raw Candy-Striped Beet Ravioli

Source: Raw Candy-Striped Beet Ravioli

This early spring vegan recipe is fresh, savory and satisfying. Serve this Raw Candy-Striped Beet Ravioli by Rachel Hanawalt up as an entrée or an appetizer at your next party!

15. Raw Cauliflower ‘Popcorn’

Source: Raw Cauliflower ‘Popcorn’

Craving something crunchy and salty? This raw vegan Raw Cauliflower ‘Popcorn’ by Jodi Burke is for those days you want to switch it up a bit. Now, raw popcorn really isn’t the same as just popcorn but it is good and if you are wanting to have more raw foods or love cauliflower, then here is your answer. This recipe is simple, easy, fast and tasty – no measuring required!

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