Looking for ways to save a few dollars at the grocery store without sacrificing yourself to toxic chemicals such as pesticides? Shop the Environmental Working Group’s “Clean 15” veggie and fruit list!

First off, who is the Environmental Working Group and why should we trust them?


The Environmental Working Group is “a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.” They work tirelessly to “empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment” by providing research and education regarding your consumer choices.

Every year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) provides a public and free list of what has been dubbed the “Clean 15,” based upon “annual reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Data Program.” The “Clean 15” for 2019 include avocado, sweet corn, pineapple, sweet peas (frozen), onions, papayas, eggplant, asparagus, kiwis, cabbage, cauliflower, cantaloupe, broccoli, mushrooms, and honeydew melons. These are fruits and veggies with a tough skin that is not penetrated by harsh pesticides making them a safer option to buy non-organic.

Here are the clean 15 veggie and fruits in super tasty and vegan-friendly recipes from the Food Monster App!

1. Pistachio Avocado Ice CreamPistachio Avocado Ice Cream

Source: Pistachio Avocado Ice Cream


Avocados are known for their tough skin and creamy filling, making them one of the long-standing foods on the “Clean 15” list! This Pistachio Avocado Ice Cream recipe by Karielyn Tillman combines the mild-flavor and smooth-texture of avocado with incredibly flavor-filled pistachios for a healthy-fat filled and nutty ice cream alternative.

2. Sweet Corn Potato Mexican Summer SaladSweet Corn Potato Mexican Summer Salad

Source: Sweet Corn Potato Mexican Summer Salad

This veggie may have surprised you on this list, yet the hardy husk that protects sweet corn for the elements also protects it from pesticides. This Sweet Corn Potato Mexican Summer Salad recipe by Amy Height combines this “Clean 15” food with fresh and light ingredients including tomatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, caramelized onion, greens, and fiber-rich quinoa all slathered in an avocado-kale dressing.

3. Thai Pineapple Yellow Curry With VegetablesThai Pineapple Yellow Curry With Vegetables

Source: Thai Pineapple Yellow Curry With Vegetables


Pineapple is a long-standing “Clean 15” survivor due to its incredibly durable skin. Pineapple is a fruit that brings to mind warm weather and sunny beaches! This Thai Pineapple Yellow Curry With Vegetables recipe by Laura Nockett will bring that image directly to your dinner table.

4. Green Pea Avocado SpreadGreen Pea Avocado Spread

Source: Green Pea Avocado Spread

When it comes to peas, you’ll want to stick with frozen sweet peas (also called green peas). While the fresh variety did not make the “Clean 15” list, frozen peas are the safer option! This Green Pea Avocado Spread recipe by Julie Van de Kerchove incorporates frozen green peas with another “Clean 15” winner, avocado, for a super-healthy and delicious spread perfect to replace mayonnaise.

5. Spicy Sweetcorn and Onion FrittersSpicy Sweetcorn and Onion Fritters

Source: Spicy Sweetcorn and Onion Fritters

This Spicy Sweetcorn and Onion Fritters recipe by Holly Jade contains both sweetcorn and onion, another “Clean 15” winner! Easy to make and slathered in vegan-friendly, spicy, coriander-infused soy-yogurt, this is the perfect appetizer for your next dinner party.

6. Papaya and Coconut Yogurt BreakfastPapaya and Coconut Yogurt Breakfast

Source: Papaya and Coconut Yogurt Breakfast


Start your day with a super-healthy, filling, and pesticide-free breakfast recipe! This Papaya and Coconut Yogurt Breakfast recipe by Kelly Fielding meets all of these desires and more with healthy-fat filled coconut yogurt mixed into “Clean 15” papaya.

7. Eggplant Roll Ups with Hemp Basil PestoEggplant Roll Ups with Hemp Basil Pesto

Source: Eggplant Roll Ups with Hemp Basil Pesto

Vegans rejoice! Eggplants have made the “Clean 15” list meaning you can continue to purchase these meaty textured and nutrient-rich veggies at the lower non-organic prices. This Eggplant Roll Ups with Hemp Basil Pesto recipe by Amy Height is a super unique way to enjoy eggplant, along with hemp seed — filled with healthy omega fatty acids — and aromatic basil.

8. Asparagus Potato Salad With Tomato Caper SalsaAsparagus Potato Salad With Tomato Caper Salsa

Source: Asparagus Potato Salad With Tomato Caper Salsa

Asparagus is a long-standing “Clean 15” veteran. This Asparagus Potato Salad With Tomato Caper Salsa recipe by Kristen Genton integrates asparagus with satiating potato and a savory caper and tomato-based salsa.

9. Kiwi Spinach PopsiclesKiwi Spinach Popsicles 

Source: Kiwi Spinach Popsicles

Kiwis are a long-standing champion for smoothing an irritable digestive system and — due to their famous furry skin — also make the “Clean 15” list. These Kiwi Spinach Popsicles by Gunjan Dudani not only incorporate fiber-rich kiwis, but they are also a great way to sneak spinach into yours or your children’s diet.

10. Cacao-Rubbed Cabbage with Citrus SaladCacao-Rubbed Cabbage with Citrus Salad

Source: Cacao-Rubbed Cabbage with Citrus Salad

Vibrantly colorful and incredibly nutrient-rich, this Cacao-Rubbed Cabbage with Citrus Salad recipe by Quelcy Kogel uses “Clean 15” cabbage along with adaptogenic cacao, vitamin-rich oranges and grapefruit, and a slew of spices.

11. CauliRice Tabbouleh BowlCauliRice Tabbouleh Bowl

Source: CauliRice Tabbouleh Bowl

Cauliflower is an incredibly diverse ingredient that is hailed in the plant-based world as a staple and it also happens to be one of the “Clean 15”! This CauliRice Tabbouleh Bowl recipe by Taryn Fitz-Gerald uses wildly popular cauliflower rice — food processed cauliflower — and incorporates a variety of middle east-inspired flavors including garlic, onion, red chili, cucumber, tomatoes, coriander, and a bit of salt and pepper.

12. Cantaloupe Cashew Cream Mini SmoothiesCantaloupe Cashew Cream Mini Smoothies

Source: Cantaloupe Cashew Cream Mini Smoothies

Cantaloupe is yet another long-standing “Clean 15” survivor due to its incredibly protective skin. This Cantaloupe Cashew Cream Mini Smoothies recipe by Annie Oliviero is a unique way to integrate both cantaloupe and healthy-fat filled cashew into your diet. Plus, they are great for kids!

13. Zucchini and Broccoli SoupZucchini and Broccoli Soup

Source: Zucchini and Broccoli Soup

This Zucchini and Broccoli Soup recipe by Maryke Wylde is a classic and easy to make soup perfect for boosting your immune system and getting your daily dose of cruciferous veggies. Plus, this recipe calls for “Clean 15” friendly broccoli, which also happens to be filled with wonderful body-friendly nutrients.

14. Oyster Mushroom Po’ BoyOyster Mushroom Po' Boy

Source: Oyster Mushroom Po’ Boy

One of the most unique recipes I’ve run across, this Oyster Mushroom Po’ Boy recipe by Hot For Food subs out meat for “Clean 15” mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms are a favorite when it comes to meatless recipes and they also happen to be nutrient-rich and mildly flavored.

15. Kale Honeydew Melon SmoothieKale Honeydew Melon Smoothie

Source: Kale Honeydew Melon Smoothie

Last, but definitely not least, honeydew makes the “Clean 15” list! This Kale Honeydew Melon Smoothie recipe by Gunjan Dudani provides a naturally sweet daily dose of nutrient-dense kale balanced out with honeydew melon, banana, fiber-filled chia, and frothy almond milk!

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